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Chapter 23: Wild Fruit

Mother Yao had been in a good mood recently.

Her daughter had actually made many friends in high school, like Fu Chuan from next door and some other classmates who were about to come to Lugu Mountain to play.

Since she was happy and content, she allowed Yao Yi to bury herself in the world of math.

“Yi Yi, your phone is ringing.” Mother Yao went upstairs to get some things.

When she passed by Yao Yi’s room, she heard it ringing for a long time, and it didn’t stop.

No one responded to her.

Mother Yao frowned and pushed open the door that was not fully closed.

The constantly ringing phone was placed on the desk, but Yao Yi was nowhere to be seen.

Mother Yao was not surprised.

She went up to pick up the phone, but kicked a fur slipper.

With a sigh, Mother Yao picked up the slipper and walked around the room.

Sure enough, she found Yao Yi in a corner.


There were a few books and pieces of scrap paper in the corner.

Yao Yi sat facing the wall with her back to the door.

She was concentrating on writing, and there was only one slipper on her foot.

Mother Yao squatted down and put the slipper back on Yao Yi’s foot.

The phone stopped ringing at that moment.

She glanced at the screen that was still lit up and saw that the caller ID on it was Jiao Jiao.

Placing the phone next to Yao Yi’s hand, Mother Yao rubbed her daughter’s head, took the coat off the bed and draped it on Yao Yi before going back downstairs.

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The two discussed the agreed date and finally decided to stay over at the Yao family’s house for three days.


There were about three to four kilometers to the north and south, and there were not many vehicles along the way.

Tourists didn’t come to this area, and most of the homeowners in the south were here for health care, so they liked to go on walks.

Thus, the scenery along this road was also well maintained, and the road was easy to walk on.

After Han Jiaojiao and the others took the taxi up the mountain, Yao Yi was already waiting at the gathering place.

“Yao Yi!” Zhao Qian was tall and saw Yao Yi holding up a small flag at a glance.

The three hurried in the direction of Yao Yi.

“You actually even have a flag” Li Ge looked up at the flag with ‘xx travel agency’ written on it and asked curiously.

“It was not wanted by others, so I just picked it up.” Yao Yi handed it to Li Ge, “Let’s go quickly, there will be a group of tourists coming later.

It’ll become very crowded.”

The group of four were reunited once again, and the atmosphere was very good.

Especially when Li Ge looked around, he felt so happy that even his round body actually looked a little light.

“It’s so fresh!” Li Ge took in a sharp breath and sighed, “The air here is still so good!”

Yao Yi looked at him strangely: “This is a gathering place for tourists.

Cars come and go every day.

All you can smell is car exhaust.

How is it fresh”

“…” Li Ge thought about it carefully, and found that his nose was indeed full of the smell of gasoline exhaust.

He had expressed amazement before he even had time to experience it.

Zhao Qian took it in with delight and said, “Fresh, this exhaust is very fresh and refreshing.”

Han Jiaojiao also bowed her head and laughed.

Li Ge was embarrassed and stopped his attitude of flying like a bird.


As they got closer to the villa area, the surrounding air was indeed a lot fresher, and the houses were all beautiful.

“It is estimated that living here will give you a long life.” Han Jiaojiao sighed.

As soon as she finished speaking, Han Jiaojiao suddenly stopped and pointed to a person’s back in front of her: “Do I have blurred vision, or is that Fu Chuan from the neighboring class”

“No blurred vision.” Zhao Qian said firmly.

“Why did he come here Could it be that he was visiting Lugu Mountain” Li Ge expressed that he couldn’t figure it out.

Probably because their voices were too loud, the person in front of them suddenly turned around.

It indeed turned out to be Fu Chuan.

Zhao Qian and the others were all taken aback, and their footsteps had halted.

However, Yao Yi was still walking forward without noticing them.

“Let’s go.” For fear of any conflict between the two, Li Ge hurriedly followed.

What if there was a fight He didn’t understand the world of geniuses.

“Good morning.” Fu Chuan nodded towards Yao Yi, who walked over with a very natural expression.

After Yao Yi also greeted him, she naturally walked forward side by side with Fu Chuan, leaving the other three dumbfounded.

What made it even more difficult for them to accept was that Fu Chuan actually lived opposite the Yao family.

“…He, classmate Fu Chuan, and you are neighbors” Li Ge quickly updated the gossip database in his mind, causing his brain to short circuit.


“Yeah.” Yao Yi pushed the door open and motioned for the three of them to sit down.

Han Jiaojiao and Zhao Qian glanced at each other and said, “But you didn’t know Fu Chuan before.”

“I also only met him in high school.” Yao Yi bent down and poured water for the three of them.

Mother Yao had already placed all kinds of snacks on the table.

“When Classmate Fu Chuan was still studying in the capital, he would come here during summer break.”

“And you two didn’t know each other then” Han Jiaojiao whispered, “I really don’t know if you two have fate or not.”

Mother Yao and Father Yao were cleaning the guest rooms upstairs.

When they came down, Li Ge and Zhao Qian had already eaten a round of snacks.

These three people were not introverted, and they all politely greeted them and made small talk, making Mother Yao and Father Yao smile.

“Yes, our Yao Yi is extremely powerful, and she directly crushed the entire school.

Not only does she have good grades, but she is also good at running! She beat everyone at the sports meeting that day, and even almost broke the school record.” Li Ge sat opposite of Mother Yao.

There was a tendency to chat for three days and three nights.

Mother Yao pursed her lips and smiled.

It was the first time she knew that her daughter had such a lively side, and she couldn’t help but want to know more: “Yi Yi only knows how to do math, and it is estimated that many classmates don’t talk to her very much.”

“How come Yao Yi is so popular.

The battle for honor in our class is on her.” Li Ge retorted.

“Yes, Auntie, you don’t know that Fu Chuan is very powerful.

If it weren’t for Yao Yi, our class would have been demolished.” Han Jiaojiao agreed.

“…Xiao Fu” Father Yao heard and came over, hesitantly asking, “Comparing grades”

“He is always second and Yao Yi is the first.” Han Jiaojiao said quickly.

“Oh, so that’s the situation.” Father Yao nodded thoughtfully.


Yao Yi’s parents were very happy to meet their daughter’s friends today.

They hadn’t seen one for so many years, so they hadn’t expected to suddenly have three friends over today.

Not to mention they were all good children.

Zhao Qian and Li Ge each stayed in a room, and Han Jiaojiao and Yao Yi slept together.

After eating, Yao Yi led them to see their own rooms.

“Here…doesn’t Fu Chuan live in the opposite villa” Li Ge walked to the window, and his gossip radar suddenly stood up.

Yao Yi walked over, glanced at the taut curtains, and nodded, “Mhm, classmate Fu Chuan lives there.”

“Then do you two talk when you meet up Like today.” Li Ge wanted to know more.

Yao Yi thought about the recent situation for a while before answering: “Yes, but our schedules are different, so we can hardly meet each other.”

Fu Chuan liked to go out in the morning and at night, and in the afternoon he would sit at the bay window and read a book.

As for Yao Yi, in addition to completing the three meals and three emergencies, the rest of the time was spent on math.

Yao Yi planned to set aside three days to play with them, and the books had already been put away.

“Want to play poker” Li Ge suggested.

“My family doesn’t seem to have any cards.” Yao Yi didn’t know about these things.

Han Jiaojiao raised her hand: “I brought some.”

The four of them immediately sat together in a circle and played poker in the carpeted room.

“A pair of jacks.” Zhao Qian played the card, “Has Lao Han said who is in the class”

“No, my dad has made a big deal about this recently.” Han Jiaojiao threw out a card and said, “He has to pick out the liberal arts students from the volunteer forms of the arts and sciences division, and then choose the top 50 in the science department.”

Then Yao Yi played a card: “Classmate Fu Chuan is probably in our class.” If he was in the same class, it would be more convenient for her to buy books at the Fengyang Road Bookstore.

“That’s for sure!” Looking at his cards, Li Ge couldn’t help but be proud, “He’s the second in the grade, and he’ll go to the best class no matter the choice of liberal arts or sciences.”

Yao Yi silently revealed her cards and became the winner.

The three were stunned for a while, and they didn’t react.

After a while:

“What, you can win like this”

“A burst of luck.”

“Poker is actually a mathematical probability problem.” Yao Yi raised her head and smiled slowly, “You guys still need to strengthen your mathematical skills.”

“This is boring!” These words popped out in their hearts at the same time, and they decided not to play anymore.

Fu Chuan didn’t stay at Lugu Mountain for too long.

Someone from the capital wanted to take him back for the New Year.

He could only pack up immediately and prepare to head down the mountain.

“Young master, this is the fruit sent over by classmate Yao.” Uncle Li came over with a small basket of wild fruits.

There were many unique wild fruits on Lugu Mountain.

When the season came, some local people would always pick them up and sell them.

It sold very well among tourists, and it was basically sold out as soon as it was taken out to be sold.

Yao Yi knew an uncle who sold wild fruits.

She used to help him settle accounts when she was a child.

In order for Han Jiaojiao and the others to eat them, Yao Yi greeted the uncle in advance and asked him to leave some fruits behind for them.

After returning, Yao Yi picked out another basket and sent it to Fu Chuan.

This time, it wasn’t her mother forcing her to do it, but her own thoughts.

Fu Chuan came from the capital.

Although he lived on Lugu Mountain, he has never even tried the most basic wild fruits.

Yao Yi thought about it and felt that as Fu Chuan’s new classmate, she should also express friendship.

“Fruit” Fu Chuan frowned and looked at the basket in his hand.

The fruit inside was full of pits, and it was small.

Can something like this be called fruit

At this time, Fu Chuan received a text message: [The fruit is delicious and has been washed.]

Looking down at the message again, Fu Chuan’s mouth curved slightly, evoking a small arc.

“Uncle Li, you go start up the car first.” Fu Chuan took the small basket and said.

Today they were going to the airport, and Uncle Li had originally come up to tell Fu Chuan to go down.

Watching Uncle Li walk away, Fu Chuan looked down at the basket:

These wild fruits were really ugly, and some even had scars and marks on the back.

Even so, Fu Chuan took a bite and put it in his mouth….

very sweet.


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