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Chapter 51.1


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


The shooting site was set up, and all personnel was already in place before the assistant director spoke up, “The eighth scene for the first time, action!” Su Yunluo was crouched next to Jiang Hanfei, curiously watching the shooting in front of her.


Jiang Hanfei was initially afraid that Su Yunluo would be bored.

But now that he saw her enjoying herself, he let her be and only watched the images inside the camera with single-mindedness.


This scene filmed the heroine and another palace maid going to wash clothes, but they encountered something extraordinary.

The female lead played the role of court lady Shen Qingyi, while the fourth female, who failed to seduce Jiang Hanfei, played another court lady, Shao Yao.


(The following is the plot of the movie)



Finally finished washing.” Shen Qingyi rubbed her sore back and looked at the palace maid beside herself, “Shao Yao, let’s go.”


The two held a bucket of clothes and walked back to the garment station.

At the sight of the palace not far away, the palace maid named Shao Yao spoke, “Qingyi, have you ever heard the story of this palace”


“What” Shen Qingyi looked puzzled.


Shao Yao spoke mysteriously, “I heard that the owner of this palace is the late emperor’s favorite Imperial Consort Hui.

Imperial Consort Hui was the first beauty in the capital, proficient in qin, chess, calligraphy, and painting, and had the good fortune to see the face of heaven.

The late emperor fell in love with her at first sight and immediately welcomed her into the palace.”


“The previous emperor doted on her very much, leaving behind the other three palaces and six courtyards, day after day, only to her palace.

Later, Imperial Consort Hui became pregnant, and the previous emperor was overjoyed.

Everything good was on her, which even the Empress could not compare.

But unfortunately, the good times did not last long.

The late Emperor suddenly fell ill and died not long after.

The Crown Prince reigned, and the Empress became the Empress Dowager.

The Empress Dowager hated Imperial Consort Hui and poisoned her.

She ordered her abdomen cut open to get her son, and the child died.


“After that, this palace was sealed up.

Only the cries of a woman were heard from time to time inside, and people in the palace said that it was the ghost of Imperial Consort Hui who was making mischief.”


Shen Qingyi smiled helplessly, “Well, this is all hearsay.

Forget about it.

How can there be a ghost”


“It is impossible to tell.

The people in the palace say so, proving that the matter is nine times out of ten.

I think we should not come over here in the future.” Shao Yao felt a sense of sympathy.


“Do not say so much.

Let’s go back quickly.

If we are late, the housekeeper will scold us again.” Shen Qingyi spoke.


“Yes, yes, yes.

Go quickly, go quickly.” Shao Yao’s footsteps quickened.


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