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    They sat down in the living room.

At this time, Mother Su heard the commotion and came out of the kitchen.


    “Luo Luo is back,” Mother Su spoke happily.


    “Mom.” Su Yunluo ran over and took her mother’s hand affectionately.


    “Hello, auntie.” Gu Yiyin took the initiative to stand and greet Mother Su.


    “This is Yiyin, right He’s really handsome.” Mother Su looked at Gu Yiyin with satisfaction.


    For the first time, the daughter brought back a boyfriend.

The parents were pleased, and after chatting, they were satisfied with Gu Yiyin.

Not only was he young and promising, but more importantly, he was a good person.

He was also very caring to Su Yunluo, so the parents were relieved.


    A few people were chatting happily when they heard footsteps from the doorway.

Immediately after, Su Yunting walked in, followed by a clean-looking woman.


    “Dad, mom,” Su Yunting spoke indifferently.


    “Uncle and aunt, how are you My name is Yang Peishan.

I am Yunting’s friend.” Yang Peishan smiled and spoke.


    The parents were stunned, but the mother reacted first, “It’s a coincidence that Luo Luo has also brought her boyfriend back.”


    “Brother, Miss Yang .” Su Yunluo’s tone was cold, and Gu Yiyin followed suit and greeted them.


    Yang Peishan naturally walked to Su Yunluo’s side and affectionately held her hand.

“So this is Luo Luo.

I’ve always heard that Yunting has a younger sister, and I finally met her today.

Let’s get along well from now on .”


    For her, this kind of act of familiarity, Su Yunluo, was a little uncomfortable.

“Miss Yang is polite.”


    Yang Peishan followed Su Yunting back this time for a trip over here, under a friend’s name.

Before, she asked him to go out many times, but Su Yunting disagreed.

It was not easy to have a short vacation, and Yang Peishan naturally would not let go of this opportunity to cultivate feelings with him.

She sought the help of Father Yang.

Under pressure from Father Yang, Su Yunting agreed.

Yang Peishan planned to take advantage of this time to please Father, Mother Su, and Su Yunluo.


    Su Yunting returned with his friend, so his mother went to the kitchen and stir-fried two more dishes.

Yang Peishan wanted to help, but she was a guest, and mother Su couldn’t let her do it; Yang Peishan’s cooking skills were not good, so she just paid lip service.


    At the dinner table, several people were talking and laughing.

Yang Peishan was very good at keeping the mood, properly throwing out topics without making people unable to answer.

So after the meal, Yang Peishan got a lot of good impressions from Father Su and Mother Su.

Su Yunluo did not treat her warmly, which made Yang Peishan feel helpless.



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