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“I’m singing with my department colleagues at KTV,” Su Yunluo replied.


“About what time will it end Do you need me to pick you up” Gu Yiyin asked her.


“I don’t know.

You can pick me up later at 9:30.

The address is XXX Changsheng Road.” Su Yunluo gave him the address.



I will pick you up on time later.

Do not drink too much,” Gu Yiyin instructed her.


After Su Yunluo returned to the room after answering the phone, women surrounded her and gossiped.


“Luoluo, you look like you’re happy.

Was that your boyfriend”


“Is he handsome How old is he What does he do”


“How long have you been dating Have you met the parents”


Su Yunluo looked at them amusingly.

“You do not have to be so excited, and I will answer your questions one by one.” After a pause, Su Yunluo slowly spoke, “Yes, the one who called me just now is indeed my boyfriend.

He is handsome, three years older than me, and has a construction company with a friend.

We have been dating for three years and have not met the parents yet.”


“Wow, you actually hid a boyfriend from us that long.

Besides, it’s been three years already.

How mean.” One of the women had a face that looked at her with accusation.


“Well, well, it’s all my fault, and I shouldn’t have hidden it from you guys.” Su Yunluo spoke somewhat sheepishly.

To show her apology, she punished herself with three glasses of wine before the group of women let her go.


Next, a group of people played a conversation game.

Using a timer on the phone, they set a time ranging from 1 minute to 3 minutes.

The person holding the phone had to answer the previous one’s question before throwing a question to the next person and passing the phone.

On whose hand the phone rang, that person had to drink a glass of wine to himself.


The game officially began.

A group of people nervously passed the phone to one another.

When it reached Su Yunluo, the previous person took the opportunity to confess to her, “This beautiful lady, I like you for a long time.

Will you be my girlfriend” Saying that he also threw a wink at her.


The others looked at the two from their gossipy eyes while wondering how Su Yunluo would answer.


They only saw her smile a little, “Sorry, I already have a boyfriend.”


The man smiled and had a somewhat regretful expression on his face.

Other men also looked regretful.

Many of them were still single and more or less interested in Su Yunluo.

They did not expect that the person already had a boyfriend, and they did not know which man had won Su Yunluo’s heart.


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