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It wasn’t until the woman’s breathing quickened and her hips rubbed back lightly that the man knew she was in another state of euphoria.

So he pinned her down and began a new round of pounding.

“Ahhhh…So big…Mmmmm…So deep…”

The woman matched the man’s movements.

When he moved forward, she moved backward, allowing his shaft to go deeper.

Hot, wet lips and tongue licking her white back.

The woman’s body shuddered, making her p*ssy contract even tighter.

His hand went down between their union, gently rubbing and pressing her clit with his rough hand, which made the woman feel all the more excited.

Gasping and moaning, her p*ssy contracted even faster in shock.

With each stroke, the man withdrew his c*ck to her entrance and then slammed it in again, spreading her p*ssy by his powerful stance.

He was about to withdraw when she closed in again to wrap him tightly around her, preventing him from leaving.

The woman’s moans were more than a scream.

A cry that drove the man mad with desire.

He turned her head around and sealed her lips on where those seductive moans came out.

His tongue wantonly stuck into her mouth, and the action of thrusting underneath became increasingly violent.

“Ummm,” Su Yunluo’s mouth was blocked and could only make this sound.

Her two legs were trembling, and she could hardly stand, solely relying on Wen Nanjin to support her waist.

Their bodies were so tightly united that the crimson shaft as thick as a baby’s arm was vaguely visible pumping through the pink slit.

The two pink labia were now red and were relentlessly pushed to the sides by the man’s penis that her p*ssy struggling to swallow!

Each time the man’s huge c*ck was pushed in, her flat belly was bulging.

When the man banged the woman, her body moved forward.

She was then pulled back by the man’s large hands.

He slammed his c*ck mercilessly to the woman’s tender p*ssy, plunging her fully.

His huge tip hit the hypersensitive part of her.

The extreme pleasure brought tears of passion to the woman’s eyes.

“Uhhh…No more…Mmmmm…” Her little red mouth spat out a series of moans.

Su Yunluo was f*cked all over, reacting passively as the man danced with his pounding.

“Ah… Mmmmm… No more… I’m coming…”

The pleasures converged and exploded at the peak, sending waves all over the woman’s body.

The woman shuddered.

Her p*ssy convulsed and spasmed violently, leaking a large amount of warm water.

The man was about to come, speeding up and hitting the woman dozens of times.

Finally, deep against the woman’s was tonight’s first wave of thick seeds shot all over her womb.

It took a while for the man to exit the woman’s body.


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