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The hotel’s hot spring pool.


Su Yunluo stripped off the bathrobe wrapped around her body and walked nakedly into the hot spring.

Her small white hands stirred up the hot spring water, playing with it happily.

The man saw the situation and smiled dotingly.

Wen Nanjin took off his clothes, revealing his solid and slender body.

He stepped into the hot spring and hugged the woman’s delicate body from behind.

“Luoluo,” dropping a gentle kiss behind her ear.

Their skin was pressed against each other.

The man’s tiny kiss landed on the back of her neck.

The woman felt a little ticklish and smiled sweetly to avoid his kiss.

He simply brought her body over to face him and watched the woman smile like a flower.

His thin lips aimed at her red lips and kissed her.

The man hugged her waist with one hand and pressed her head towards him with the other, preventing her from having a chance to escape.

Wen Nanjin was just beginning to gently lick Su Yunluo’s soft lips.

Then the action became aggressive.

His flexible tongue invaded her mouth, hooking her soft, luscious tongue and teasing it.

He madly snatched the sweet saliva from the woman’s mouth.

Only when Su Yunluo was on the point of not breathing from his kisses did Wen Nanjin let go of her lips.

“My wife is so sweet.”


My wife.

My baby.”

Wen Nanjin called her by different names, pecking her lips one after another, his voice full of intense affection.

With a little bit of pressure, it made Su Yunluo fall softly into his arms.

His palm moved slowly down her waistline, gently stroking her tailbone.

Not only that, his hand reached down to the crack of her butt.

He was touching there as if he didn’t have a clue.

The woman raised her head and stared at him coquettishly.

The man chuckled and tightened his arms around her slender waist.

Pressing her closer to him, he let her feel the passion he felt for her.

With a gentle thrust of his waist, the c*ck toyed with the opening of the woman’s p*ssy, neither lightly nor heavily.

The glans plunged into the slit and soon left again, just not giving her the satisfaction.

Su Yunluo was so aroused that she couldn’t help but urge him, “Mmm… I want… Give it to me…”

Wen Nanjin slightly raised her waist, and Su Yunluo cooperated by wrapping her legs behind his waist.

With the lubrication of the hot spring water, Wen Nanjin didn’t need to do any foreplay.

The fleshy shaft was aimed at the tightly closed p*ssy as his waist thrust forward.

With a thrust, he squeezed the two labia apart and lost an inch inside her.


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