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Su Yunluo was a fashion designer, so their wedding dresses were designed by herself.

Each stitch and thread never left her hands.

Wen Nanjin, on the other hand, also put down his work.

He was dedicated to preparing for the wedding.

He checked every detail and strived to give Su Yunluo a grand wedding.

As the two of the most prestigious families in high society, their marriage naturally received much attention from the outside world.

All of those noble families were envious of Su Yunluo’s good fortune.

They even decided to get married! After breaking off her engagement with Qi Yunxuan, she was actually favored by Wen Nanjin.

Nevertheless, they were just envious.

After all, Su Yunluo’s power was backed by the Su family.

Her brother was one of the three young men in the capital, and she was still a famous fashion designer.

She was still very famous internationally and worked with many international stars.

Even without the Su family, her strength was enough to beat them.

Those noble sons were envious of Wen Nanjin’s good fortune.

On the other hand, they secretly mocked Qi Yunxuan.

They mocked him for throwing away his precious pearls for the sake of having a fish’s eye.

Su Yunluo was such a good fiancée he didn’t want to but had to be with a commoner girl.

It didn’t matter now.

Su Yunluo was living better without him.

Maybe Qi Yunxuan regretted it somehow.

Speaking of which, Su Yunluo hadn’t seen Qi Yunxuan and Mu Yuqing for a long time.

She had heard all the information about them from others.

Qi Yunxuan had a big fight with Mother Qi over it.

Which led him to move out and live with Mu Yuqing directly afterward! According to the rumors, Mother Qi never agreed to their marriage.

When Mu Yuqing became pregnant, Mother Qi relented and agreed to their marriage for the child’s sake.

However, she made it clear that she had to give birth to the child first.

No wedding could take place until the child’s birth.

Not even the marriage registration could be done until the birth of the child.

This made Mother Qi so angry that she fell ill.

Mother Qi was adamant about this, so Qi Yunxuan could do nothing but let Mu Yuqing be aggrieved for a while.

He promised her that he would compensate her adequately after the child was born.

In this way, Mu Yuqing followed Qi Yunxuan without a title or position.

Qi Yunxuan requested that Mu Yuqing be brought to the Qi residence to properly take care of her.

He also wanted to use this to ease the relationship between Mu Yuqing and Mother Qi.

Mother Qi was very concerned about the child in Mu Yuqing’s belly and asked the maid to make her soup three times a day.

Mu Yuqing didn’t like the soup and didn’t listen to her several times.

Mother Qi often mocked her for being shamelessly pregnant, and so on.

When she was in the same room, Mu Yuqing couldn’t help but argue with her, and Mother Qi snapped at her.

Qi Yunxuan was caught in the middle, having a difficult time with both ends.

Everyone in the upper-class circles, on the other hand, looked at their family’s affairs as a joke.

Because of that, Mother Qi hated Mu Yuqing even more.


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