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The man’s face looked happy and satisfied as he looked at the soft little woman in his arms.

The lovemaking lasted more than an hour, and Su Yunluo was so tired that she closed her eyes and wanted to fall asleep.


Jiang Hanfei slowly pulled out his not-yet soft sex organ from the woman’s.

A milky white liquid gushed out from her, mixed with a few traces of blood, which was incredibly lascivious.

Looking at the woman’s reddened flower, Jiang Hanfei was heartbroken: It was his fault for tiring her out.


Jiang Hanfei picked her up and carried her towards the bathroom.

The water was warm in the bathtub, and Jiang Hanfei sat in and let Su Yunluo lean in his arms.

He washed her carefully by drawing up the warm water.


The woman’s skin was as smooth as gelatin.

Now it was covered with patchy hickeys, so the man’s washing movements unconsciously became lighter.


Afterward, Jiang Hanfei picked up the bath towel and wrapped Su Yunluo’s petite body on the sofa.

He ripped off the crumpled bed sheet and took out a new one to lay it on before putting Su Yunluo on it carefully.

Su Yunluo did not even know the events that took place, showing that she was exhausted.


Jiang Hanfei then climbed into bed, gathered the woman in his arms, closed his eyes, and went to sleep.


When Su Yunluo woke up, she felt her body was sore.

She froze for a moment before remembering what happened last night and her face turned red.


Jiang Hanfei woke up early in the morning, but he was greedy for the warm fragrance and soft jade, so he stayed in bed until now.

Noticing the woman’s movement in his arms, he spoke softly, “Are you awake Is there any discomfort”


Su Yunluo shook her head, “No, just a little sore.”


The man let her go with a light laugh, “Go to the bathroom and wash up.

I’ll go prepare breakfast for you.” It was noon, and it should be lunch, to be exact.


In the bathroom


Su Yunluo looked at herself in the mirror: pink face and peach cheeks, the corners of her eyes and eyebrows carried her spring.

This look had been ruthlessly nourished.

She patted her face and then started washing up.


Su Yunluo was working in a studio.

Some time ago, the studio took a project that got completed quickly.

Hence, the boss was thrilled and gave all the employees a vacation.

As Jiang Hanfei had nothing to do lately, he wanted to spend time with her.


The two preferred to rest at home rather than travel during their vacation.

As a famous director, Jiang Hanfei’s work was hectic, and he hardly ever stopped to rest.

After dating Su Yunluo, he slowed down his work and stayed home with her more.

As for Su Yunluo, she was a bit of a nerd and refused to go out quickly.


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