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Jiang Hanfei aligned his thick rod towards the narrow crack, sliding it up and down to coat it with her wetness.

Then, inch by inch, he squeezed it inside her.


The woman unconsciously frowned.

The man’s size was too thick, and he could insert a large part of it, which made her a bit unbearable.


Jiang Hanfei stopped in front of the membrane.

The flesh was biting his rod so tightly that he almost wanted to thrust it up regardless.

But he couldn’t yet, and he couldn’t let it hurt.


He lowered his head and grabbed the woman’s red lips, kissing them carefully and intimately.

The woman was gradually distracted, and more water was secreted from her.


The woman became wet enough.

Jiang Hanfei ruthlessly poked his rod through the membrane and went deeper.


“Mmm,” Su Yunluo’s eyes shed crystal tears at the corners.

Even though the man had done enough foreplay, it was hard to avoid the pain of having been broken.


Jiang Hanfei patiently soothed her.

He held her breast and kneaded it gently with his palm while his other hand went to their union and rubbed the bulge back and forth to ease her pain.


Su Yunluo’s pain gradually subsided and was replaced by a strange tingling sensation.

She also unconsciously contracted one after another.

The man noticed the woman’s body change and began stabbing.


Jiang Hanfei at first did not dare too hard and gently penetrated, with nine shallow and one deep in and out of her.

However, the narrow and tight cavity enveloped the man.

He could no longer remain gentle, and his thrusting speed became faster.


The sound of flesh slapping “pop, pop, pop” rang out, mixed with the ambiguous sound of splashing and gasping.

The man cupped the woman’s buttocks and thrust hard between her legs.

The thick, crimson meat rod rose in and out of the woman’s, driving the two pink petals to flip in and out.


“Mmmm ah.


So hard.

Mmm.” Su Yunluo let out a euphonious and delicate moan.

The man’s every entry was so hard and forceful that it was as if he wanted to puncture her.

Even her flat belly bulged in an arc due to the man’s ferocious thrusts.


“Hummmm.” The man gasped in a low tone, muffling a grunt in his throat.

The woman was really tight inside.

The layers of flesh surrounded his rod, kissing and sucking, making him almost lose his mind.


The man’s movements pulled the bright red flesh out of the hole and slammed it back ferociously.

Many juices splashed out nourishingly and muddied the two people’s lower bodies.



Don’t.” Su Yunluo wailed and cried.

The point was sore and swollen, and the vulnerable core was subjected to the man’s ruthless banging.

However, her walls were still greedily contracting desperately, holding on to the man’s rod.


No one knew how long it took before the woman screamed and reached her climax again.

The man did not hold back and finally hit the woman’s chamber with dozens of hard strokes, shooting thick loads.


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