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Kou Chen smelled pretty good covered in vegetable soup, and Huo Ran felt his stomach grumble.

He could smell the juice of a meat patty, fried cabbage in soy sauce, and pickled veggies.

He decided to get that to eat, and maybe some braised pork too. 

Do they have braised pork They had it for lunch but he wasn’t sure about dinner… He thought about rushing over there for it, those types of dishes usually ran out first…

Huo Ran sat down.

At a time like this, he and Kou Chen weren’t two separate people, they were the class of Humanities 1.

It wouldn’t show much comradeship if he rushed over for food now.



And so, he could only wait.

Even if he didn’t want to care about Kou Chen’s problems.

Kou Chen and the popular girl were at a stalemate, seeing as she wasn’t the one who bumped into Kou Chen, she was at least a meter away from the girl. 

What professional acting.


“How could you be so clumsy,” The popular girl frowned, “You got his clothes dirty.”

That girl had her head down, not saying anything.

“Apologize!” She shoved her.


The girl stumbled.

If Kou Chen didn’t back up, she would’ve bumped into him again.

“I’m-” She started, but Kou Chen cut her off.

“You don’t need to say it again.” Kou Chen’s eyes were still on the popular girl.

He took the girl’s tray and handed it over, “Get her some more food.”


“Alrighty!” Wei Chaoren took the tray. 

What kind of romance drama plot is this!

Good for him, Huo Ran thought.

“It’s okay, I don’t need…” The girl started, even raising her head, “It’s-”

“Stop talking.” Kou Chen waved her off. 

She went quiet, moving off to the side after a moment of hesitation.

“Apologize!” The popular girl was a little awkward just standing there.

She raised her voice and repeated herself.

Kou Chen suddenly raised his hand, taking off his shirt before anyone realized what was going on.

The shirt whipped past the girl’s face.

And then, it landed on the table in front of Huo Ran. 


It made Huo Ran feel like some sauce had splattered on his face.


He rubbed his face, throwing Kou Chen’s shirt off to the side.

And then he immediately turned back to watch the show. 

Everyone started whispering to each other, even pointing at Kou Chen.

“Holy **,” Jiang Lei nudged Huo Ran, “Look at his back.”

Huo Ran glanced at Kou Chen’s back.

He saw a grim reaper, and in its hand was a scythe. 

And half of it was hidden beneath his pants.

Thinking about the half of the grim reaper under his pants, Huo Ran lamented.

He’s actually reached this level.

Looking at that grim reaper, the popular girl was gonna suffer today. 

Huo Ran and Xu Zhifan exchanged glances.

After that absolutely meaningless exchange, with his understanding of Xu Zhifan, he inferred that Xu Zhifan probably wanted him to hold Kou Chen back.

No matter what he does, he can’t hit a girl.

“Time to eat.” Kou Chen tugged at his pants, sitting down in front of Huo Ran.

“Huh” Huo Ran started.

“You,” Kou Chen looked at the girl standing there at a loss, looking so anxious that her head was bowed low enough to pluck off.

He pointed to the seat next to him, “Sit here.” 

The popular girl laughed out loud.

“Thank you.” She said quietly, before running out of the cafeteria.

Kou Chen was completely unfazed by that slightly awkward exchange.

He turned back around and repeated: “Time to eat.”

Huo Ran didn’t say anything, staring at the empty table in front of him. 

“Let’s get our food first.” Kou Chen stood up again.

As he walked towards the trays, everyone moved out of the way for him, before slowing going off to do their own thing.

Huo Ran looked at the popular girl.

She was still standing there with her few ‘best friends’, sneering.


“You…” She raised her chin at Huo Ran.

Huo Ran didn’t know what she wanted to say, but he turned to leave. 

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“What’s up with you” The lunch lady scolded Kou Chen, “Where’s your shirt” 

“It got dirty,” Kou Chen said.

“Come on, Miss, I want two servings of braised pork.”

“Put some clothes on!” The lunch lady was completely unaffected by his attempt at acting cute.

Kou Chen tossed his tray aside, pulling Xu Chuan’s uniform jacket off of him and putting it on.

“Two servings of braised pork.”

“Only one serving per person.” The lunch lady said coldly. 

“I want a serving too, put it on his plate.” Xu Chuan sighed, handing over his card.

Huo Ran gave up on the braised pork.

Xu Zhifan knew he really wanted it, but he didn’t go over because Kou Chen was there.

When Kou Chen left, they had already run out of braised pork.

This young teen’s inexplicable stubbornness costed him his braised pork.

At least they still had meat patties. 


“Miss, can I get two meat patties” Huo Ran peeked through the window.

“I really can’t, stuff like meat patties and braised pork are only one serving per person…” The lunch lady said.

“I really want meat patties,” Huo Ran swallowed.

“There’s no more braised pork, so I can only get meat patties… The ones today smell just like the ones my mom makes…” 

“My, alright alright, no more of that,” The lady whispered, putting two meat patties onto his tray.

“Here you go, don’t let anyone see, or else they’ll all come asking.”

“Thank you, Miss.” Huo Ran turned around, happily holding his tray.


Xu Zhifan tsked: “You have no right to complain about Kou Chen anymore.”

“Huo Ran’s the best at playing the pity card,” Jiang Lei looked at Huo Ran’s retreating figure, putting his tray down at the window.

“Miss, I want a meat patty.” 

The lunch lady smacked a meat patty down on his tray.

Jiang Lei looked at it: “Is this half of one Why is it a semicircle”

“You want me to measure it with a compass when I’m making them” The lunch lady said, “Next! Hurry it up!”

Xu Zhifan laughed as he moved over: “A meat patty, thank you.” 


Because there were no other tables, Huo Ran still ended up sitting in front of Kou Chen.

After they all sat down and opened their drink, it felt like the excitement that came after a battle.

“Is that a temporary tattoo” Jiang Lei asked. 

“What do you think” Kou Chen said.

“It took a whole day to do.

Because of that, my dad hits me every time I have my shirt off.

It’s almost been a year.”

“Are you asking for a beating” Huo Ran said.

“Just get it removed.”

“Are you stupid If I get it removed I would’ve gotten beaten up for a year for nothing!” Kou Chen said.

“Besides, this is the proof of my identity.”

“What identity, Hell’s Captain” Huo Ran said. 

Kou Chen opened his mouth, but didn’t say anything.

The topic soon shifted to that popular girl and the other girl.

“Did Li Jiaying push her” Xu Zhifan asked.

“It’s gotta be,” Xu Chuan said.

“It wasn’t crowded, with her not even daring to raise her head, she would’ve gone around us.” 

“She was just trying to start something, using someone that’s used to being bullied as a scapegoat.” Wei Chaoren said, “Though I thought Kou Chen was about to hit someone.”

“What do you mean by that” Kou Chen spoke as he ate, “Making the first move against a girl How embarrassing is that”


“Have you fought anyone” Huo Ran couldn’t help but ask.

Xu Zhifan sighed. 

“Wanna find out” Kou Chen smiled with teeth.

“Bet.” Huo Ran said.

“I lose.” Kou Chen didn’t even hesitate.

“What’s wrong with you” Huo Ran raised his chopsticks, he was still thinking about it. 

They all laughed.

“After we go camping,” Kou Chen was indifferent, “You’ll be my grandpa, my dad, my uncle, my other uncle…”

Huo Ran clasped his fist in the other hand.

This was his first time experiencing not being able to get mad.


After dinner, those girls had already left.

Huo Ran bought a bun for Hu Yi.

As he walked out of the shop, he turned back around and bought another bun, and some milk.

After thinking about it some more, he went back again and bought a pack of pickled chicken feet.

“It’s better to get some more food,” He said.

“What if he’s still hungry Who knows if he’s sick or not.

If he doesn’t go to evening self-study, you guys excuse an absence for me.

I’m gonna beat him up until he tells me why.”

Kou Chen laughed.

Huo Ran’s temper was pretty bad, and he could be rude at times, but Xu Zhifan and the others had been with him for so long, as well as being pretty protective of him.

It can’t just be because he’s cute. 

On their way back to the dorms, someone tugged lightly at Kou Chen’s shirt from behind.

Kou Chen turned around, seeing that it was the girl with her head down.

“What is it” He asked.

“Thank you.” The girl’s voice was barely audible, “I’ll wash your shirt for you.” 

“It’s fine.” He said, “You…”

“What’s your name” Xu Zhifan asked.


“…He Hua.” The girl answered.

“He Hua” Kou Chen paused, “That’s nice.” 

He Hua smiled.

“Are you the one eating sausages in the haunted building” Wei Chaoren suddenly asked the question everyone was wondering but didn’t know how to ask.

And so they all awkwardly waited for her answer.

He Hua raised her head slowly, saying after a moment: “Mhm.” 

Before they could ask anything else, she had already run away.

She ran fast, Kou Chen felt that she could rival Huo Ran’s speed.

“Damn, it really is her.” Jiang Lei said.

“She’ll probably go back tonight.” Huo Ran said, “She didn’t eat anything at dinner, right It all spilled onto Kou Chen.” 

“I offered but she didn’t take it.” Kou Chen said.

“If it were me, I also wouldn’t dare eat beside Mr.

Grim Reaper.” Huo Ran said.

“I’m guessing it doesn’t matter who she’s sitting beside.” Xu Zhifan said.

“She didn’t eat anything when she was sitting with Li Jiaying last time.”

“You saw too” Huo Ran asked. 

“Yeah.” Xu Zhifan nodded.

Jiang Lei smacked his hands together: “Then that’s it, Li Jiaying isn’t letting her eat.”

At that, they all went silent.


Hu Yi was lying down in their dorm, not even opening his eyes after hearing them walk in.

Xu Zhifan walked to his bed and observed him carefully.

He was pretending to sleep.


Turning back around, he saw Huo Ran quietly open Hu Yi’s drawer, looking inside.

Then he looked under Hu Yi’s bed.

What are you doing He mouthed. 

Huo Ran pulled him over to the door: “Kou Chen said he brought a kitchen knife back.”

“Can we trust that” Xu Zhifan whispered.

“Are you dumb Of course not.” Huo Ran said.

“But… What if he has a gun”

“…You have a point.” Xu Zhifan nodded.

Huo Ran’s logic always made sense, he was already used to it. 

“Hu Yi, time to eat!” Huo Ran patted him.

“Eat first then sleep.”

Hu Yi opened his eyes and sat up a few seconds later: “Thanks.”

“A bun and milk, both sweet.

There’s also chicken feet if you want.” Huo Ran said.

“The cafeteria can make something for when you’re sick, I asked.”

“I’m… not sick.” Hu Yi opened the bun’s packaging. 

“I feel like you’re about to die.” Huo Ran said.

Hu Yi laughed, taking a bite.

He chewed it slowly before saying: “My dad wants a divorce.”

They all froze.

“He’s having an affair” Jiang Lei was the first to react. 

“Mhm.” Hu Yi sucked harshly on the straw, the veins on his neck popping slightly.

“Those **ers.

My mom didn’t want a divorce, and he even hit her.”

“Holy **.” Huo Ran frowned, cursing.

“My grandma… No, that scumbag’s mother,” Hu Yi took another bite, “Is on their side.”

“What’s wrong with your grand- That old lady!” Jiang Lei yelled. 

“I’m going to kill them.” Hu Yi shoved the remaining half of the bun into his mouth, taking a long while before finally swallowing.

Xu Zhifan stirred, walking to his side: “Where’s the knife”


Huo Ran and Jiang Lei both turned around in shock.

“…What knife” Hu Yi hesitated slightly. 

“A kitchen knife I’m guessing The one you brought back today.” Xu Zhifan said.

Hu Yi looked up at him.

“If there’s anything going on we can help you,” Xu Zhifan said.

“What are you gonna do with a knife Someone figured it out just from the walk from the school gates to the dorms, and you want to stab someone”

“Actually…” Hu Yi sighed after a long moment, “It’s not a kitchen knife.” 

“Who cares what kind of knife it is!” Huo Ran was worried, “Get it out! What if you end up sleepwalking, what are we supposed to do We’re all squeamish, you’re gonna chop our heads off!”

Hu Yi couldn’t help but laugh, but then he became serious.

He took out a shipping envelope from under his pillow, and inside it was a blade.

Seeing the blade, they were all shocked.

“From my many years of experience eating noodles,” Jiang Lei snatched it, turning it around in his hands.

“This is the thing you slice noodles with, right” 

“Is it” Huo Ran looked at it, “It does look like it.”

“Where did you get this” Xu Zhifan looked at it too, it wasn’t new.

“I took it from the noodle place.” Hu Yi mumbled.

“Hu Yi!” Huo Ran looked at him, “You actually went and stole something to commit murder with” 

Hu Yi didn’t say anything, Huo Ran didn’t know if he got his point or not.”

“Eat first.” Xu Zhifan said.

“You guys go to self-study, I’ll talk to him.”

Huo Ran wanted to talk to Hu Yi, but with Hu Yi’s current problem, Xu Zhifan would probably be more suited to comfort him.

In middle school, one of his classmate’s parents were getting a divorce.

He went to try and calm him down, but somehow the both of them ended up going to his dad’s shop with the intention of teaching that scumbag a lesson. 

It resulted in his dad ended up chasing them down the street, and his classmate’s parents still ended up getting a divorce.



Huo Ran sighed.

Although Hu Yi didn’t actually bring back a kitchen knife, the shape was still really similar. 

Kou Chen actually wasn’t talking nonsense, he actually wasn’t shooting off his mouth, he really could tell

“Master Xu should be able to calm him down.” Inside the classroom, Jiang Lei was still talking.

“Besides, Hu Yi’s not a little kid anymore… But if he really was gonna do something, I think he should beat his dad up first.”

“Mhm.” Huo Ran nodded, glancing at Kou Chen’s seat.

It was empty.

He walked to his own seat, nudging Xu Zhifan: “Let me through.” 

Then he suddenly realized, Xu Zhifan was back in the dorms.

“Come on.” Kou Chen, who was sitting in Xu Zhifan’s seat, leaned his chair forward, looking at him.

“Why are you sitting here” Huo Ran turned to sit in Kou Chen’s spot.

“Hey, hey, hey, uncle,” Kou Chen tugged him back by the wrist, “Sit down first, I need to ask you something.” 

“Hands off!” Huo Ran twisted his wrist, but to no avail.

“Sit down!” Kou Chen hissed, glaring at him and looking fierce.

Everyone around them looked over.

Huo Ran suddenly felt a little awkward, forcing himself to squeeze behind him to his seat.

“Do you have to be like this” 

“Hurry.” Kou Chen raised his phone, whispering, “I’m video calling my sister.”

“Huh” Huo Ran glanced at the screen, seeing his own face staring back confusedly.

He pushed the phone away, “You look at yourself when you call your sister”

“I’ll switch it, I just want to make sure I look good.

Gotta be conscious of my image, you know” Kou Chen switched the views, “Jie, Jie, hey beautiful, Huo Ran’s here.

Let him see if you’ve got the right stuff.”

“Okay,” A long haired woman appeared, “Where is he Let me see the little cutie you’ve been talking about.” 

“Wha…” Huo Ran turned to Kou Chen.

Kou Chen looked away and cleared his throat.



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