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Everyone on the screen started laughing hysterically, with Wei Chaoren wheezing like a duck.

Huo Ran was baffled but he couldn’t really do anything, since there were still those Uncles and the cops around them.

But he still had to say what needed to be said.

He pushed Kou Chen away and scrubbed his face furiously: “Are you **ing hungry! Happy now” 

“Very.” Kou Chen said.

“Bye!” Huo Ran pointed at the phone, “Come on, we’re leaving soon.”



“Huo Ran!” Jiang Lei yelled, “Call us when you’re home, we’re hanging out tomorrow!”

“What hang out, we hang out every day at school.

We’re with each other twenty eight hours a day, hang out my ass.” Huo Ran kept rubbing his face, even taking out a wet wipe to clean it. 

“Come on, I don’t wanna stay at home all day.” Hu Yi said.

“And Xu Zhifan just made the reservation.”


“…What a friend.” Huo Ran sighed as he hung up the call and continued wiping his face.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Kou Chen looked at him.

“I’m wounded.”

Huo Ran stuffed the wet wipe into his pocket.


“Just throw it.” Kou Chen said.

The whole way he had put his trash in his pockets or bag, only throwing it out at the river mouth campsite where there was a trash can.

They even had to run away with pockets full of trash, so now he’s a bit against accumulating trash.

“Where” Huo Ran asked, “There’s no trash cans.”

“Throw it on the ground, it’ll just decompose, right” Kou Chen said.

“You’re gonna take it all the way home”


“Decompose my ass.

Don’t make excuses for littering.” Huo Ran said.

“You’re not gonna think that if you go on a trail full of newbies.” 

“Okay, okay, we listen to you.” Kou Chen nodded and looked at him, “You’ve suddenly become a lot more reliable in my eyes.”

Huo Ran glanced at him.

“I’m serious!” Kou Chen said.

“No joke.”

“That easily” Huo Ran sighed.

“It’s hard out there in Lilliput.” 

“Fuck off.” Kou Chen laughed.

Who knows if it was from the earlier nervousness or not, but now he felt like he just returned to the land of mortals.

After the video call, he felt a bit tired.


Huo Ran sat in one of the cars, and called his mom to let her know he was safe. 

His mom was pretty calm about it, saying that she made his favourite foods for him.

After that, Huo Ran began to feel sleepy, struggling to keep his eyes open.

So he rested his head against the seat and closed his eyes.


Kou Chen was probably in the same boat, but it manifested differently.

After the nervousness, all he felt was excitement as he bounced around like a dog.

First he called his mom and chatted for ten minutes, then he talked to the cops, and then to those uncles, before finally collapsing in the seat beside him.

“I’m… hungry…” Kou Chen drew out the syllables tiredly. 

“Don’t you have chocolate” Huo Ran said.

“Ate them all.” Kou Chen said.

“I’m not Doraemon.”

“I have some hardtack.” Huo Ran said.

“Look for it in my bag if you want.”

“Don’t wanna move.” Kou Chen sighed and leaned on him.

He touched his own mouth a moment later, “Hey, Huo Ran.” 


“Your face is really soft.” Kou Chen said.

“…Am I supposed to thank you” Huo Ran asked.

He could even hear the craving in his voice.

“Want another bite”

“No thanks, just a taste is fine.

I was only stating the facts.” Kou Chen laughed.

“Softer than a girl’s face.” 

“Are you done yet” Huo Ran looked at him, before suddenly realizing, “Holy **, you’ve kissed a girl”

“Nope, what are you thinking Where would I get the time to kiss girls” Kou Chen said.

“That’s just what I think, your face didn’t feel that soft when I touched it.”

“It’s all natural.” Huo Ran closed his eyes, “Stop talking, I wanna sleep.”

Right as he said that, Kou Chen’s phone rang. 

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“Ktja kjrc’a wf,” Bbe Jtfc ugjyyfv tlr qtbcf, “Pa’r ws vjv.”

“P uefrr atfs’gf jiwbra yjmx” Leb Ejc bqfcfv tlr fsfr.

“P’ii jrx.” Bbe Jtfc qlmxfv eq atf qtbcf.


“We passed Baipi Hill an hour ago, we’re almost there.” His dad said. 

“Djlwjb Llii! Ktf tfii lr Djlql Llii” Bbe Jtfc rjlv.

“Tbe atlcx sbe’gf rb lwqgfrrlnf cbk joafg j vjs bo tlxlcu” Llr vjv rjlv.

“Po sbe uesr jgf tecugs sbe mjc ub ab atf nliijuf, atfgf’r j abeglra ojgw atfgf.”


“Don’t wanna,” Kou Chen said.

“I don’t wanna move, how much longer until you’re back”

“I just said almost, but it’ll probably be sundown by then.” His dad said.

“We can’t really see the roads now, so Uncle Huo can’t drive that fast.” 

“We’ll eat when you guys are back, I want dumplings at home.” Kou Chen said.

“You’re the same as your sister, she also said she wanted to eat dumplings at home.” His dad said.

“Then call your mom and tell her to make some.”

“I already did,” Kou Chen couldn’t help but laugh.

“But I told her to make fennel dumplings, all of them, all, of, them! Tell Kou Xiao for me, there won’t be any cabbage dumplings for her tonight!”

“In your dreams,” His dad snorted.

“Is your mom gonna listen to you” 

“…What if she does” Kou Chen said.

“What a miracle that will be.” His dad hung up.

“Damn, what’s my position in this family” Kou Chen threw his phone off to the side.

“Did you hear what my dad said”

“Yeah,” Huo Ran thought about it, “A bit higher than the dog I’d say” 

“Lower than everyone else.” Kou Chen closed his eyes, tugging Huo Ran’s arm onto his shoulders.

“Come on, give your Uncle Kou a massage.”

Huo Ran didn’t move, staring at him.

A while later, Kou Chen opened his eyes and smiled at him: “Camping time is over, Little Ranran.”

“Fuck off!” Huo Ran shoved him over to the car door. 

“Come on, just gimme a massage.” Kou Chen crawled back over.

“I think I got hit by one of those locals, it’s sore as hell, really… Rub it for me, I can’t really do it myself.”

Huo Ran looked at his genuine grimace, and thought that if it weren’t for Kou Chen’s kick today, they might not have had the chance to run away…

He raised his hand and started kneading his shoulder.

“Ah… Yes, right there!” Kou Chen cried out happily. 

Huo Ran didn’t know why his temper seemed to calm down around Kou Chen.

Maybe because there really weren’t many people like him.

One second he was about to blow up and the next he was like a dog rolling around asking for belly rubs.

“Shut up.” He said, continuing to knead his shoulders.


It was like he flicked a switch on Kou Chen’s body.

Kou Chen swayed and fell onto his legs, lying down on the seats.

Then he hummed in pleasure: “Ah… feels good.”

“Dude.” Huo Ran paused, “If you do that again I’m **ing leaving.” 

“No more, I’m deep in sleep right now.” Kou Chen closed his eyes.

Huo Ran hesitated.

He didn’t believe a single word that came out of Kou Chen’s mouth, and he squeezed his shoulder as a test.


“Ah… Mm…” Kou Chen cried out without hesitation, even bracing a leg on the car door and thrusting his hips, “Ah… Ran…” 

“Fucking hell!” Huo Ran didn’t wait for him to finish yelling out his name, smacking his stomach.

He starting punching and kicking right after, “You **ing piece of **! Moan again, I dare you!

Kou Chen laughed hysterically as he dodged his hits: “Too much! Your punches are so **ing hard Huo Ran! Have some self control!”

“Self control my ass!” Huo Ran started laughing too, “Remember to invite me over the next time your dad makes sausages!”

“My god, my waist.” Kou Chen opened the car door and hopped out, “Help, murder!” 

Right after he said that, a Jimny leaped out of the mountains, horns honking.

“Huo Ran,” Kou Chen yelled back at him, “They’re here.”

Huo Ran hopped out of the car as well: “That was pretty fast.”

It was already completely dark, and they didn’t waste any more time.

After confirming everything with the cops, they all headed back home. 

Huo Ran got onto the Jimny with Xu Zhifan, so they could send Xu Zhifan home on the way.

“Is there any more space for me” Kou Chen peered into the passenger seat.

“Yeah,” Xu Zhifan looked at him, “But you’re not going with your dad”

“I wanna go with you guys.” Kou Chen said. 

“Your dad said he wanted to get you guys home as soon as he can, your mom’s getting worried.” Xu Zhifan said.

“You should go back.”

“Ah…” Kou Chen sighed.

“Tomorrow! How about tomorrow night I’m gonna sleep until the afternoon, let’s go out after, you got the reservation, right”


“Yup.” Xu Zhifan nodded.

“I’ll send the room number in the group chat later.”

Kou Chen wanted to say something else, but his dad shouted: “My son! Why don’t you just walk home!” 

“Coming!” Kou Chen yelled back.

He patted the car door, “Uncle Huo, thank you for today.”

“Be on your way now,” Huo Ran’s dad waved.

“If you want to go out again, you can ask Huo Ran to take you on the easier trails.”

“Hear that” Kou Chen raised a brow at Huo Ran, who was in the back seat.

He made a gun with his hand and pointed it at him, “Bang!”

“Fuck off already.” Huo Ran sighed. 


As they drove back to the city, Huo Ran had already fallen asleep.

He even dreamed of the lady running through the woods in Arc’teryx shoes and yelling something unintelligible as he chased behind her.

As he caught up to her, he saw that it was Kou Chen he had grabbed.

“Ah… Ranran…” Kou Chen thrust his hips towards him as he started dancing. 

“Why are you such a **ing tease!” Huo Ran couldn’t help but curse.

He was still absorbed in Kou Chen’s unbelievably teasing dance as he was woken up by Xu Zhifan’s laughter.

“Who did you dream about” Xu Zhifan couldn’t stop laughing.

“Did I say something” Huo Ran was shocked.

“No way, I never sleep talk.” 

“You were pretty loud too,” Xu Zhifan was still laughing, “Right, Uncle”

“Yup.” His dad laughed with a nod.

“…I dreamed of Kou Chen dancing.” Huo Ran rubbed his head.

“Holy **,” Xu Zhifan choked on his laughter, grabbing his phone as he coughed. 

Huo Ran’s phone dinged and he saw that Xu Zhifan sent a message in the group chat.

-kou Chen what did you do, huo ran said you were a tease in his sleep


Below that was a stream of hahaha’s.

But there was no message from Kou Chen.

He was probably asleep.

Huo Ran threw his phone to the side and pointed at Xu Zhifan: “Traitor, I guess our years of friendship means nothing to you.” 

His dad honked his horn.

The car behind him honked as well.

“Are we separating now” Xu Zhifan asked.

“Yeah, we’re going this way.” His dad said.

“Are they going to the right” 

“Yeah.” Huo Ran nodded, looking out the window.

Two Land Cruisers made a turn.

He didn’t know which one Kou Chen was on.

For some reason, Huo Ran felt a bit reluctant, the kind that he only felt when he had to leave after hanging out with Xu Zhifan and the other guys.

He actually felt that about such a strange creature like Kou Chen 


His mom made a bunch of dishes for dinner, but Huo Ran didn’t have much of an appetite.

Even though he was pretty hungry, he felt full after just a couple bites.

Today was completely different from the other times he’d been camping.

Although Madam Gao’s situation didn’t really bring them any harm, and they might’ve even helped the lady who had been running in the mountains for who knows how long, he was still affected by everything.

Even when these kinds of situations were reported on the news, he had never really looked too deep into them.

After scorning the abuser, it would just pass. 

But today he had been face to face with a living person that may have been abducted, or severely abused at the very least.

It was a completely different situation.

That night, he laid on his bed and listened to his parents talk about the situation.

He finally fell asleep after repeating the “There’s quite a few cops like me, the type that wants to and will tell you to trust us police officers.” that the young officer said in his head.


Kou Chen’s mom walked out of the room as Kou Chen was putting his shoes out at the door: “Going out again” 

“Mhm.” Kou Chen put on his coat and hugged his mom, “I’ll bring some food bag.”

“No way, what kind of crap will you bring back” His mom frowned, “Your dad hasn’t even yelled at you yet for the bull testicles you brought back last time!”


Kou Chen laughed, and then he whistled.

Shuaishuai ran down the stairs and leaped onto him. 

“Gege will bring bull testicles back for you today, okay” Kou Chen hugged Shuaishuai and rubbed him, even burying his face in the thick fur of his neck.

“Mommy doesn’t like them, so you can have them all, and then you can find a nice girlfriend.”

“Hurry up, you’re so annoying.” His mom nudged him.

“Your sister’s gonna kill you when he wakes her up with his howls.”

“She’s gonna have to get up when Old Yang comes over later.” Kou Chen patted Shuaishuai on the head, and then he sent a voice message to Xu Zhifan.

“I’m heading out, I’ll meet Xu Chuan and Chaoren in ten, we’ll be there in twenty.”

Out the door, he started to spit and rub his face, all the way to the neighbourhood gates.

First he got the dog hair off his face and then he spat out the ones in his mouth. 


“Did you tell Huo Ran we’re gonna come” Xu Chuan asked as they met up with Xu Zhifan.

“What if he’s still asleep”

“He didn’t pick up when Jiang Lei called him, he’s definitely still asleep.” Xu Zhifan said.

“It’s fine, we’ll just wake him up.”

“Will he yell at us” Xu Chuan said. 

“Scared” Kou Chen asked.

“I know you’re not scared,” Xu Chuan said.

“But we are, I’ve seen him when he’s mad.”

“Come on, come on,” Kou Chen waved his phone, “The car’s here.”


At Huo Ran’s place, he was indeed still sleeping.

Not even the sound of them chatting with his parents could wake him up.

“I’ll go check.” Kou Chen stood up and headed towards the bedroom.

He paused and looked at Huo Ran’s mom, “Can I”

“Go on, he’s gonna sleep until evening if you don’t wake him up.” Huo Ran’s mom laughed.

Kou Chen nodded and quietly opened Huo Ran’s bedroom door. 

There was a small light on in Huo Ran’s room, probably to ward off ghosts.

But although he was scared of ghosts, his room was still quite manly.

There were a bunch of camping gear, from ropes to locks and all that.

On the floor was a taken apart bike and a bunch of tools.


“Ranran” Kou Chen whispered, walking to his bedside.

Half of Huo Ran’s face was buried in the blankets. 

Kou Chen leaned down and stared at his face for a bit: “Little Cutie”

Still nothing

“I’ll kiss you if you don’t wake up” Kou Chen whispered into his ear.

“Come and beat me up…”

Two seconds later, Kou Chen poked his face with a finger, and after seeing him start to stir, he smacked Huo Ran’s face gently. 

Right after that, he jumped away with the thought of: “Kou Chen, you’re dead!”


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