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“Eat your noodles.” Kou Chen said.

“Look at your face.

Is my dad gonna let me starve My sister wouldn’t let me starve either.”

“By your logic.” Huo Ran picked up a piece of meat.

Finding a piece of meat big enough to pick up in the gravy was a very wonderful thing.

“Nobody’s gonna let you starve.” 

“Then what were you so shocked for when I said I was gonna use your card” Kou Chen’s chopsticks shot out and stole the piece of meat on his chopsticks with precision.

“You…” Huo Ran watched as he ate it.

“It looks like you’re about to starve right now”



“It’s mushroom, not meat.” Kou Chen said.

“Yeah right.” Huo Ran said. 

“I’m serious.” Kou Chen poked around in his bowl and gave him a bit of mushroom, “Here you go, you’re so stingy.”


“I really, really, want to hit you right now.” Huo Ran looked at him.

“But you feel like you can’t beat me,” Kou Chen said.

“So you’ve decided to resist the urge.”

“Fuck off.” Huo Ran was really speechless.

He threw his chopsticks down and leaned back.

He kinda felt like laughing too, and he sighed.


“Hurry on up, Captain.” Kou Chen said.

“Gotta take me to practice later.”

Huo Ran took a couple more bites and paused: “Who did you call just now”

“The mafia.” Kou Chen raised an eyebrow.


“…Let’s be realistic here, okay” Huo Ran told himself to not get used to all of Kou Chen’s **. 

“Fine by me.” Kou Chen looked at the time.

“It’ll probably take them another two hours.”

“Can you not do this ** again” Huo Ran almost forgot that the mafia didn’t exist.

“If nobody shows up then we’ll get made fun of until we graduate and they’ll still be laughing at all of their class reunions.

Even if they do show up, who’s gonna be waiting around for two hours”

“That you don’t understand.” Kou Chen poked at the last bit of noodles in his bowl.

“So they can continue to laugh at us in all their class reunions, they will wait.”

Huo Ran didn’t say anything, slurping up the rest of his noodles. 

But although Kou Chen was too cocky, the logic was there.

After they finished, Liu Yu gathered up all the money and came over.

He fanned it in his hands and said: “Where’s your people”

Huo Ran felt that their main reason for taking Kou Chen’s money was to piss him off, but at that moment, any respect that he still had for these people was completely gone.

“Through wind and rain,” Kou Chen said.

“I’ll wait for you after self-study.” 

“Kou Chen.” Li Jiaying walked over.

“It’s not that easy to call a bunch of people to help you.

Don’t think that we’re scared off after just one fight.

There’s still a year left, I’ll play with you.”

“I’d rather not.” Kou Chen said.

“My mom told me not to play with bad guys.”


“Don’t waste your breath.” Zhou Haichao looked at Kou Chen again, “Kid, if nobody comes tonight, you’re dead.”

After trash talking them, they walked out. 

He Hua glanced at them when she passed by, looking like she wanted to say something, but Kou Chen interrupted her: “Don’t flatter yourself.”

He Hua lowered her head and left.


Huo Ran sighed. 

“Look at that.” Kou Chen rapped the table.

“He’s even worse than me, ‘if nobody comes tonight you’re dead’, how does he plan to kill me”

“How about this,” Huo Ran furrowed his brows and thought for a second, taking out his phone.

He grit his teeth, if he has to lose this face then so be it.

“I’ll call a couple of my middle school classmates over.”

“What for” Kou Chen looked at him.

“To play the role of the mafia, dude!” Huo Ran said. 

“Are your middle school classmates in the mafia” Kou Chen laughed.

“No, but they look the part.” Huo Ran said.

“You think mafia members are so easy to find There’s no way you can just call a bunch of people to fight for you in today’s society.”

“Then what are you calling them for” Kou Chen said.

“How are you planning to deal with it then We’d be fine if you never did that.” Huo Ran said.

“You think I’m happy about this” 

“Then why are you still helping me” Kou Chen kept asking.

“Didn’t you transfer from out of town” Huo Ran said.

“You’ve only been here a semester, how many people can you know”

Kou Chen only laughed.

Huo Ran looked at him, before waving him off: “Fuck off, forget it.

I must be sick in the head to be caring about you.” 

“Thank you.” Kou Chen said.

“What!” Huo Ran was alarmed.


“I knew from the day you told Liang Mulan I didn’t step through the floor on purpose.” Kou Chen patted him on the shoulder.

“You’re loyal.”

“Enough of that.” Huo Ran said.

“I’m not planning on calling them anymore.” 

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“Tbe vbc’a tjnf ab.” Bbe Jtfc rjlv.


Gbc’a kbggs.”


Djmx lc atf usw, atfs wbnfv jgbecv j yla ab vlufra atf obbv.

Ktf mbjmt jgglnfv jcv mjiifv Leb Ejc bnfg ab vlrmerr atf qijc obg abcluta.

Bbe Jtfc rabbv boo ab atf rlvf, kjamtlcu Itbe Ljlmtjb jcv Ole Te bc atf batfg rlvf.

Po la kfgfc’a obg atf ojma atja la kjr qgjmalmf alwf jcv atja atfgf kfgf abb wjcs qfbqif jgbecv, tf qgbyjyis kbeiv tjnf ubcf ab yfja atfw eq jigfjvs. 

Huo Ran talked to the coach for a bit.

After he turned to leave, Huo Ran walked over and took off his jacket.

“Gather up.”

Everyone stopped what they were doing and gathered up in three rows.

Kou Chen joined them obediently.

Huo Ran glanced at everyone, his gaze stopping for a few milliseconds on the opposite side of the court.

“First years, basic training.

Shuttle runs and frog jumps.”

“Got it.” The few first years nodded. 

“For the old members, five on five games and quick pass drills.” Huo Ran said.

“Kou Chen will play with me one on one, and the third years can rest today.”

“Got it.” Everyone nodded and went to warm up.

“What do you mean by this” Liu Yu walked over.

“I mean that you and Zhou Haichao can rest today.” Huo Ran replied.

“You can go back to self-study and prepare for your exams.” 

“Abusing your authority, are you” Zhou Haichao said.

“I have nothing against anyone, I just don’t like people who are better than me on the court.” Huo Ran glanced at them.

“You two aren’t.”

Liu Yu lunged at him.

A couple people immediately went to hold him back: “Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing It’s practice time, don’t be rash.” 

“Can’t you see that he’s targeting us!” Zhou Haichao was annoyed, but since he was being held back, he could only yell.

“The coach is in his office.

If you have a problem you can go take it up with him.” Huo Ran clapped his hands, “Start practicing! Kou Chen!”


“Here!” Kou Chen called out.

Huo Ran passed him a ball, and headed towards the empty space between the courts.

“Come on.” 

“Got it!” Kou Chen happily followed him with the ball.

“Try to get past me.” Huo Ran started the practice in all seriousness.

“Are they going to complain about you” Kou Chen held the ball and moved to his left.

“They will.” Huo Ran moved quickly, cutting off his path. 

“What are you gonna do then” Kou Chen moved the ball behind him to his left, and moved to Huo Ran’s right as his center of gravity was still on his left, but Huo Ran’s right hand had already shot out towards the ball, smacking it away.

“What do you think I told them to go complain so that means I have a way to deal with it.” Huo Ran said.

“Go get the ball.”

“What will you do if they complain” Kou Chen was stubborn, asking the question again as he picked up the ball and tried to get past him.

“The coach will take my side.” Huo Ran immediately stole the ball from him and raised his voice, “Focus!” 

“Fuck.” That startled Kou Chen and he took a step back, but still didn’t give up.

“Why would he take your side”

Huo Ran smiled, “He begged me to become the captain.”

“…Were you waiting for that moment” Kou Chen laughed.

“So you can stop trying to show off in front of me.” Huo Ran shot the basketball towards the hoop. 

At the same time, Kou Chen’s hand shot out and slapped the ball away.

“Nice.” Huo Ran said.

“This is nothing, I…” Huo Ran cut him off.

“Keep going.

You can start bragging when you can get the ball past me.” Huo Ran said. 

“Fucking hell.” Kou Chen cursed quietly and darted forward.

Kou Chen didn’t really take anything seriously.

If you asked him about his hobbies, he would probably have to take a while to think about it.

He had played basketball before transferring here, but you couldn’t say he really liked it.

He just thought it looked cool.


Since the soccer field was too big, and you couldn’t see the people clearly.

The basketball court was better, you could see his handsome face and his stunning moves.

But Huo Ran was different.

Kou Chen felt that Huo Ran played basketball because he loves it. 

He was passionate.

The scariest people were the ones with talent and passion.


All the way to the end of practice, Kou Chen could barely get past Huo Ran’s defenses. 

After briefing everyone about today’s practice, Huo Ran waved them all off: “That’s the end of practice.”

“Ah—” Along with everyone else, Kou Chen moved his arms and sighed.

He picked up his jacket and took out his phone.

Three missed calls from Kou Xiao.

And a bunch of voice messages. 

He played the last one.

“You’re dead! Why are you not picking up any of my calls You’re dead!”

He immediately called Old Yang, and he picked up quickly: “Hello”

“Where’s my sister” Kou Chen asked. 

“Went to find a knife to stab you with.” Old Yang said.

“What’s wrong with you Calling us here and then not picking up.

She thought something happened to you, so she went to talk to security.

Said she’s here to bring you some extra clothes.”

“Did she get in” Kou Chen asked.

“Yeah, she just did.” Old Yang said.

“What happened over there”

“I’ll call her, I was at practice and didn’t look at my phone.” kou Chen glanced over.

Huo Ran was walking over worriedly. 

“Practice” Old Yang was confused.

“I’ll tell you later.” Kou Chen hung up and looked at Huo Ran.


“Those guys must be waiting for us on the way.” Huo Ran said.

“Might I ask where your mafia friends are”

“Come on.” Kou Chen called Kou Xiao as he walked. 

“Kou Chen you’re dead!” Kou Xiao picked up.

“Where are you!”

“Go straight and wait for me at the building on the right, I’ll be right there.” Kou Chen said.

Huo Ran turned to him in shock.

“Go straight and it’s the building on the right.” Kou Xiao had absolutely no sense of direction, so she repeated that to the person with her.


Let me say this first, don’t start any fights, you’re at school.” 

“When have I ever called you to fight for me!” Kou Chen said.

“Yeah right, who was the one that taught those brats a lesson when they were chasing you around in primary school!” Kou Xiao said.

“…Wait for me!” Kou Chen sighed.


The third years’ building wasn’t that far from the gym, it only took two minutes to get there.

He saw them waiting under a tree, just in time for the bell to ring.

“They’re the ones you called” Huo Ran asked.

“Mhm.” Kou Chen nodded, glancing at them.

There were four guys, not including Kou Xiao.

Although Kou Xiao, that woman could count as half a man in terms of fighting strength.

“If I’m not mistaken…” Huo Ran looked over, “There’s a woman” 

“Don’t underestimate women.” Kou Chen said.

“There’s gotta be another woman to deal with Li Jiaying in case she wants to join in.”

“…If I’m also not mistaken,” Huo Ran turned around, “Isn’t that your sister”

Kou Chen walked forward with a serious expression, but he couldn’t help but laugh: “Your vision is pretty good.”

“Are you crazy Why would you call your sister” Huo Ran said.

“Who are the other guys Your brothers” 

“When gangs are involved,” Kou Chen said.

“You have to look serious.”



Kou Xiao stood underneath the tree, watching everyone exit the building.

The teachers left first, followed by the listless students.

Kou Chen didn’t explain anything when he called her, but from what she’s seeing, he probably got into a conflict with a third year. 

“It’s them, right” A guy beside her, Big Mouth, asked.

“The ones that keep looking over here, do they not know your brother called us”

“Probably.” Kou Xiao crossed her arms, looking at the girl that was leading them over.

“What a surprise, isn’t Fuzhong a top school How come there’s such an arrogant little lady”

“It’s easier to stand out in a crowd of good kids.” Big Mouth said.

“That’s true.” Kou Xiao said. 

The girl stopped a meter or two away, glaring at them with the few guys.

“Where’re you from” A guy opened his mouth, “What are you doing here!”

Kou Xiao and the others didn’t say anything, staring at the students.

After a good amount of time, she said: “Fuck off.”

The atmosphere turned tense. 

“Go get security.” The girl said.

“Yeah, call security, and let them know all the ** you’ve been up to while you’re at it.” Big Mouth didn’t really know what they did, but it can’t have been anything good, so saying that was fine.

“You’re the people Kou Chen called” Someone finally realized.

“You’re here!” Kou Chen called out to them from a few meters away. 

He didn’t know any of them apart from Kou Xiao.

They didn’t look very proper, but not like typical gangsters either.

If it isn’t for his sister, she’s pretty reliable for this sort of stuff.

“What do you need us for” One of the guys turned to him and spoke like they were familiar, “We were just out drinking.”

“I dunno.” Kou Chen jerked his head in Liu Yu’s direction.

“They told me to do it.” 

“What” Zhou Haichao looked at him in shock.

“Weren’t you the one that said it” Kou Chen laughed, “That if no one comes tonight, I’m dead”


“Damn.” The guy started laughing, walking to Zhou Haichao and patting him on the shoulder.

“Kids these days sure have guts now.”

“Get off!” Zhou Haichao yelled. 

“Shut up!” He grabbed him by the shirt and said, “You think you’re so cool just by wearing some sunglasses Pft!”

His voice was a bit hoarse, but you could hear the force behind it.

The kind that could crush a walnut in one hand, and not the paper thin kind.

Zhou Haichao immediately went quiet.

“Now,” He said.

“I’ll wait for you at the gates.

If I don’t see you in half an hour, you’re **ing dead.

I’ll kill you today, I’ll kill you tomorrow, and I’ll keep it up until you graduate!” 

At that, they all turned and headed towards the main gates.

Kou Xiao glanced at Li Jiaying as she passed by: “What are you looking at”

Li Jiaying obviously didn’t want to admit defeat, but she still looked away with a hmph.

“Come on, let’s go eat.” Kou Chen nudged Huo Ran. 

Huo Ran glanced at Li Jiaying’s group, before walking off with Kou Chen.


Kou Xiao and the others walked quickly in front of them, without turning back to talk to them.

Kou Chen, on the other hand, strolled along leisurely.

“Are we eating with them” Huo Ran asked. 

“Nah, they’ll go off by themselves.” Kou Chen said.

“Let’s go get gravy noodles.”

“…I’m begging you, let’s get something else.” Huo Ran said.

“You can pick then, the cafeteria isn’t open today.” Kou Chen said.

“They’re leaving just like that Didn’t they tell Zhou Haichao to meet them outside” Huo Ran asked. 

“No way,” Kou Chen looked at him, “Are you dumb There’s no way they’re going”

“Huh” Huo Ran was confused.


“Look at them, if they really had the balls to go out then they would’ve left already.” Kou Chen pointed behind him.

“I bet they’ve already gone off to the haunted building, we can probably see them climb over the fence.”

Huo Ran didn’t say anything, and he looked behind him: “Fuck.” 

There really wasn’t anyone behind them.

“You’re such a good student, no experience at all.” Kou Chen sighed.

“I’m not really… Much of a good student.” Huo Ran said.

His grades were always average, and he was in Humanities as well.

If he were in the Sciences, his ranking would’ve dropped by ten places.

“I’m not talking about your grades, your grades aren’t that much better than mine.” Kou Chen said. 

“A lot better than yours actually.” Huo Ran said.

“You’ve lost to me twice now.” Kou Chen said.

“What” Huo Ran didn’t understand what he was talking about.

“One at the haunted building,” Kou Chen said.

“And one right now.

I’m counting.” 

Huo Ran felt a bit helpless, but his attention was still on the guys Kou Xiao brought, so he didn’t fight him on it.

“Who are those people” He asked.

“Dunno.” Kou Chen thought about it.

“Probably waiters or chefs at the hotel she works at”

“What” Huo Ran stopped. 

“I’m just guessing.” Kou Chen said.

“She knows a lot of people.

She’d even called up an internet cafe manager, a technician, a local neighbourhood security squad…”

Huo Ran was speechless.

“Anyways, they don’t have to actually start a fight, it’s mostly just to scare people.” Kou Chen said.

“There’s no need to call them for an actual fight.”

From that point, Kou Chen and Kou Xiao must be real siblings.

The kind that could find each other even in a sea of people. 

Huo Ran watched as Kou Xiao and her gang disappeared around the gates, and he turned to ask Kou Chen: “So you’re just gonna give Liu Yu and them that money”

“Just you wait.” Kou Chen narrowed his eyes, “Watch how I’ll get it back, dollar by dollar.”



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