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Chu Yi took down the jade pendant and looked at the person inside quietly through the ice coffin.

He was brought to this basement by the previous head of the Chu family when he was an adult.

According to his father, this coffin had been kept in the Chu family for nearly a hundred years.

However, no one knew who was in this ice coffin.

They only knew that there was a huge treasure hidden behind him, as long as they could wake him up.

Chu Yi had never believed in ghosts and gods, but in front of this young man, he overturned his understanding.

It had been eight years since Chu Yi saw this young man, but the man in the ice coffin seemed to never change.

He was still the same as when they first met.

There was a commotion outside.

Chu Yi put away his thoughts, put away his things, and left the basement.

When he walked to the study, Su Yao was standing at the door with tea in her hand.

“Come in.” Chu Yi walked to the desk and sat down.

Su Yao slowly walked in.

Today, she was wearing a bright red dress and thick makeup.

However, the peace in her eyes was incompatible with her entire outfit.

Chu Yi kept staring at her until Su Yao felt a little uncomfortable.

She smiled at Chu Yi like a daisy under the sunlight, looking fresh and moving.

“Young Master, whats wrong”

Seeing Su Yaos smile, Chu Yis eyes flickered.

“Wear it according to your favorite style in the future.”

Su Yao was stunned for a moment.

Her heart tightened, then she nodded.


“Come here.” Chu Yi waved at Su Yao and pulled her into his arms.

Su Yao moved uncomfortably, but Chu Yi held her waist.

“Dont move, unless you dont want to sit here anymore.”

Su Yao looked at Chu Yi in confusion and saw the flames gradually burning in his deep eyes.

Su Yao instantly understood what Chu Yi meant.

Her thin face flushed red.

“Young Master, lets do it here.”

Not only did Chu Yi not let go of her hand, but he also tightened his grip.

“Here What are you doing”

Su Yao was almost forced to cry by Chu Yi.

She lowered her head and wanted to avoid Chu Yis gaze.

Chu Yis meaningful gaze darted around Su Yaos face.

The corners of his lips curled up slightly as he took the document beside him.

“Alright, sit quietly.

Im going to work.”

Only then did Su Yao look up and secretly glance at Chu Yis side profile.

His coldness made Su Yao feel puzzled.

She felt that she had never really understood what Chu Yi was like. He seemed to have many sides.

Which side was the real him 


Long Qi Mountain,

Xia Wanyuan and Jun Shiling quickly came out of the tomb and everyone surrounded them.

“CEO Jun, can we go in”

“Theres no mausoleum opposite.

We dug in the wrong direction.

Lets go somewhere else.” Jun Shiling left with Xia Wanyuan.

Of course, the experts did not believe him and discussed to continue digging.

At this moment, Lin Jing came over with a contract.

“Our Madam has already bought Longqi Mountain.

You have to be responsible for digging without permission.”

The curious onlookers: Sorry to disturb you. 

Back at the resort, Xia Wanyuan placed the things she had brought out of the coffin on the table.

A large pile of cultural relics filled with all sorts of strange patterns stood quietly under the light with the aura of a thousand years ago.

Xia Wanyuan was familiar with these things, but the patterns on them were something she had never seen before.

Xia Wanyuan was not sure if these patterns were designed by the craftsmen or carved because of some special meaning.

“Lets investigate slowly.

Well find out eventually.” Jun Shiling walked over and gently stroked Xia Wanyuans hair.

“Mm.” Xia Wanyuan nodded.

“Since my dynasty really existed, does that mean that the tombs of others might be on Longqi Mountain”

With that, Xia Wanyuan got Shen Qian to secretly send people to the surroundings of Linxi City to investigate and see if they could find similar tombs.

However, she was disappointed.

In the huge Linxi City, only Longqi Mountain had a lonely mausoleum.

There were no other traces around.

Since there was no progress, Xia Wanyuan did not plan to stay here for long.

She left Shen Qian at the resort and returned to Beijing with a pile of cultural relics.

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