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Chapter 923: Dong Xuebings wealth


Inside the hotel room.

Xie Huilan gave Dong Xuebing a stare after they entered the room and ignored him.

She sat on the sofa and crossed her legs.

Dong Xuebing smiled.

“Whats wrong, Huilan”

Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing.

“Who asked you to give the key to Xiao Jing and Xiao Sun”

Dong Xuebing replied.

“Xiao Jing is already twenty-seven years old, and she is two years older than me.

She knows what she is doing.

Why are you interfering with her”

“She is my younger sister.

I must look after her.”

“You are too domineering and always want to control others.”

“Oh, say that again.

I did not hear what you said.”

“Hmph! You dont want to admit it You have always been like this.”

“Whats wrong You sounded like you have lots of grievances.

Tell me, who is controlling who”

Dong Xuebing knew Xie Huilan would never admit she was controlling and did not continue.

He went over and poured a glass of water.


My wife is not controlling or domineering.

She is gentle and virtuous at home and a good leader at work.”

“Haha… thats more like it.”

“Huh You are so thick-skin.”

“What did you say”


Lets bath together and freshen up.”

“Sure, but you must carry me over.”

“Why are you so lazy I had been carrying you around these two days.”

“I am pregnant, and I am lazy to walk.

Are you going to carry me or not!”

“Yes… I will carry you.

Hmph! You are using our baby to make me your slave.”

Dong Xuebing complained and grumbled, but he was feeling blessed in his heart.

He went over, scooped up Xie Huilan across his arms, and entered the bathroom.

They continued bickering at the bathed.

Its not a surprise, as Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan are constantly bickering when they are together.

He would feel uncomfortable if they did not argue.

Soaking in the tub filled with warm water felt good.

Dong Xuebing hugged Xie Huilan from her back and relaxed.

It always feels good to be on vacation.

Dong Xuebing hoped he could enjoy himself in Taiwan.

Xie Jing, Sun Kai, Xie Ran, and Xie Hao had left the hotel.

They went shopping in a shopping street near the hotel.

“Ah, look! A clothing store!” Xie Hao shouted.

Xie Jing smacked her lips.

“Whats there to be surprised Clothing stores are everywhere.”

Xie Hao laughed.

“This is a top international clothing brand.

Lets go and buy some clothes.”

Xie Ran replied.

“A shirt or a small bag from a top clothing label cost tens of thousands.”

Xie Hao patted his pocket.

“Brother-in-law had given each of us a bank card.

500,000 TWD.

We can buy anything we want.

Lets go.”

A staff walked over to serve them when they entered.

The staff had a Taiwanese accent, but they could understand.

Sun Kai had wanted to buy something for Xie Jing, and he froze when he saw the prices of the clothes in the store.

The clothes cost at least ten thousand.

Although teachers salaries had increased, he was only an ordinary teacher.

His salary was only around 4,000 RMB, and he could never afford anything in this store.

Xie Hao did not care so much.

He walked around the store and saw a Rolex watch.

It cost around 50,000 RMB after conversion, and he waved to the staff.

“I want this piece.”

The staff behind the counter immediately took out the watch to let him try it.

Xie Hao was pleased with it and gave the staff his bank card.

After paying, Xie Hao waved his wrist.

“Bro, Second Sis, how do I look with this watch”

Xie Jing gave Xie Hao a stare.

“You are not holding back.”

Xie Ran laughed.

“Your Mom and Dad will surely give you a beating when they see it.”

“Its only a watch.

I will tell you that it was a gift from Brother-in-law.” Xie Hao replied.

“Why would they hit me”

Sun Kai took out the bank card given by Dong Xuebing and passed it to Xie Jing.

“Jingjing, I could not reject your Brother-in-law earlier.

I will leave this card with you and help me return it to him later.” He had no intention of using it.

500,000 TWD was around 100,000 RMB.

It was more than two years salary.

Xiao Jings family had paid for this trip, and he felt uncomfortable as they were not married yet.

They did not even meet each others parents.

Xie Jing did not accept.

“Brother-in-law had given it to us.

Why are you giving it to me Just return it to him if you want.

I dont care.”


How can I use your Brother-in-laws money” Sun Kai pushed the card to Xie Jing.

“Just hold on to it.”

Xie Hao pushed the card back into Sun Kais hands.

“Brother Sun, you dont need to feel uncomfortable or bad when using my Brother-in-laws money.

You dont know his character.

He is prideful, and we never get to spend a cent when we are with him.

If we used our own money, that would be looking down at him.

He would be mad with you if you did not use his card.

I will not save you when he gets mad.”

Sun Kai continued to reject.

“But this is not right.

Every cent is your Brother-in-laws hard earn money.


“Bull**.” Xie Hao laughed.

“My Brother-in-law does not need to earn cents by cents.

He makes money by the millions.”

“Even so, his money does not drop from the sky.” Sun Kai still felt it was not right.

“I will not use it.”

Xie Hao giggled.

“You are wrong.

Brother Dongs money did drop from the sky.

You can ask my Second Sis if you dont believe me.”

Xie Jing paused for a second.


Its true.”

Xie Hao laughed.


My Sis also agrees with me.”

Sun Kai was stunned.

“Dropped from the sky”

Xie Hao continued.

“My Brother-in-law is a Deputy Division Chief civil servant.

How can he do business to make money Even if he wants, the government will not allow it.

He will not be a Discipline Inspection leader if he has problems with his finances.

The first thing the Discipline Inspection checks is his financial status before he can join.”

Sun Kai was curious.

“Then what happened Did money drop from the sky”

Xie Jing held his arm.

“Thats just a description.

My Brother-in-law had gotten his wealth from buying lotteries.

He won the jackpot more than once.”

Sun Kais jaw dropped.

“Lottery jackpot!”

Xie Hao laughed.

“Since my Brother-in-law entered the government service, he had done many amazing feats.

I cant finish telling you in one day.

He had done things out of your imagination.

Thats why he can be promoted to Deputy Division Chief at his age.

He is the youngest Division Chief in our province.

Lets go back to his wealth.

Although I dont know his current asset, he can spend several million RMB without blinking.

He gave my Second Sis and Brother A8.

When I entered university, he promised to buy me a car worth over a million.


Xie Ran and Xie Hao thought about it and nodded.

Dong Xuebing had impressed them with his capabilities despite being several years younger.

Thats why they acknowledged him as their Brother-in-law and spoke respectfully to him.

His achievements were too outstanding.

Sun Kai was in shock.

Xie Hao patted Sun Kais shoulder and continued.

“Brother Sun, why do you think Wu Er is willing to lend my Brother-in-law his car Just because they chatted and got along well on the plane”

Sun Kai hesitated and guessed.

“Because your Sis and Brother-in-law know the airports leaders”

Xie Hao replied.

“Even if he gets along well with my Brother-in-law or my Sis knows the airport leaders, they had only met for a few hours.

Who would lend a stranger a car worth over a million RMB Mr.

Wu had been doing business in Taiwan for many years.

He is not that silly.”

Sun Kai scratched his head.

“Then why did he….”

Xie Hao laughed.

“He saw the rings on my Brother-in-law and my Siss hands.”

“Rings” Sun Kai had an impression of the rings.

It seemed to be some pink stones, and they looked like diamonds.

Xie Hao explained.

“The rings are their wedding rings.

Those are real diamonds, the worlds most expensive pink diamonds.

My Brother-in-law bought them at an auction.

That pair of rings cost a few hundred million.

Just think about it.

Would someone who wears a few hundred million RMB rings be interested in a Mercedes MPV Thats why Mr.

Wu is not afraid of my brother-in-law driving away his car.”


Pink diamonds!

A few hundred million!

Sun Kai almost fainted.

Spending a few hundred million RMB for a pair of rings!

This was out of his imagination.

Who would spend money like this

“Thats why….” Xie Hao concluded.

“Everyone just buys whatever we want, and dont hold back.


I am going to buy clothes now.”

Xie Hao ran away to pick up the clothes.

Sun Kai looked at Xie Jing.

“Your Brother-in-law is very wealthy.”

Xie Jing smiled wearily.

“Xiao Hao is right about something.

One day is not enough for me to tell you about my Brother-in-laws achievements.

I will tell you another time.”

Sun Kai was speechless.

Xie Jing looked at Xie Ran.

“Bro, are we buying”

Xie Ran decided.

“Brother-in-law had given us his cards, and we will get scolded by him if we dont use them.

Lets buy something.

I am going to pick some clothes.”

Xie Jing laughed.

“Lets go together.

I was thinking of getting a handbag.”

All of them started shopping.

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