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Chapter 863: Deputy Hospital Director Liu


Along the corridor.

When Dong Xuebing stepped away to make the phone call, Mrs.

Zhan begged the doctor again.

She hoped Professor Ci could save Rourou.

Zhan Guiping had put aside his Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee Deputy Secretarys status to beg that doctor.

He is a father trying his best to seek treatment for his daughter.

They might give up if they dont know someone could let Rourou stand again, but after learning about Professor Ci, they will never give up.

The doctor waved his hand.

“Please stop this.

I still have to attend to other patients.”


Zhan cried.


Please save her.”

Zhan Guiping pleaded.

“Doctor, can I meet your Leader”

The doctor sighed.

“I am the head of the Orthopedics department.

I understand how you all feel, but we cant do this surgery.”


“Im sorry.

Please leave.”

Zhan Rourou pleaded with the doctor with her eyes.

Although she asked her parents to return, she still hoped to walk again.

She wanted to go because she did not want to see her parents beg the doctor.

The commotion attracted other patients and family members.

A nurse walked over and told that doctor.

“Chief Sun, the outpatient….”

The doctor nodded.

“Ask them to wait for a while.

I am going over now.”

At this moment, Dong Xuebing returned after ending his call with Aunt Liu.

He saw what had happened, and his eyes became teary.

He is a father now and can emphasize with them.

He would go crazy if his daughter became paralyzed.

“Secretary Zhan.” Dong Xuebing replied.

“I had contacted someone.

Please wait for a minute.”

Zhan Guiping looked at Dong Xuebing calmly.

“Xiao Dong.

Thank you for your help.”

“No problem.” Dong Xuebing replied and patted Rourous shoulder.

He smiled.

“Dont worry.

You will be treated when she is here.”

Zhan Rourou sniffled.


Dong Xuebing nodded.


You will be fine.”


Zhan ignored Dong Xuebing.

She did not believe he had the influence or power.

Zhan Guiping also did not treat Dong Xuebings words seriously.

Dong Xuebing could use REVERSE to treat Zhan Rourou, but he could not take the risk.

During the air crash, he survived on the open seas for one month and claimed he had survived by fishing.

During the earthquake, he claimed to have food when buried under the collapsed hospital for more than a week.

He had also given Geng Yuehua 2,000 ml of blood, which was more than twice the limit for a human being.

It was a miracle, and her cancer was not diagnosed at that hospital then.

He used misdiagnosis as an excuse when he treated her.

He could not find any excuses to explain how Zhan Rourou recovered suddenly.

She had been paralyzed for more than one month, which was recorded in her medical records.

It would raise suspicions if she could stand and walk overnight.

People might associate her recovery with him, and his powers might be exposed.

Since surgery can treat Zhan Rourou, Dong Xuebing would not use REVERSE.

He would only use it as the final resort.

The doctor said.

“I still have patients waiting for me.

I got to leave.”

Suddenly, a middle-aged woman in an army uniform appeared at the end of the corridor.

She turned and walked towards Dong Xuebing swiftly.

The doctor was surprised.

“Director Liu.”

PLA General Hospital Deputy Director Liu.

Zhan Guiping saw the rank on the womans shoulder and was shocked.

She is a Major General.

He knew the PLA General Hospital was the top hospital in the country, and the Deputy Hospital Director had to hold a Major General at least.

The Deputy Director must also be a medical expert.

This woman must also have strong background and connections to become a General at her age.

From how she walks and stands, anyone can tell Director Liu is a soldier.

Her shoulders were pulled back, and her back was straight.

The doctor thought Director Liu was here for an inspection and stood at attention.

All the nurses and doctors nearby were also surprised.

Deputy Director Liu did not look at them and walked straight to Dong Xuebing with a smile.

Dong Xuebing greeted Director Liu politely.

“Aunt Liu.”

Liu Xuemei nodded.

“Its only a few days since we met.

How come you lost so much weight”

Dong Xuebing smiled.

“I have a rare blood type, and I had given someone in critical condition my blood a few days ago.

I still have not recovered from it.”

Liu Xuemei was surprised.

“AB Rn negative blood type”

Dong Xuebing shook his head.


its Type B Rh-negative.”

The doctor was stunned when he saw Dong Xuebing and General Liu chatting.

He immediately remembered him mentioning Director Liu and looked at him.

Zhan Guiping, his wife, and his doctor were shocked.

Liu Xuemei looked around.

“Lets talk about the patient.

Where is the patient”

Dong Xuebing pointed to Zhan Rourou.

“Its her.

Can you see if she can stand again”

Liu Xuemei nodded.

“Do you have the x-rays and other test results Let me see.”

Dong Xuebing saw Zhan Guiping was still in a daze and quickly called him.

“Secretary Zhan, the x-rays and CT scans.”


Zhan quickly passed everything to Director Liu.

“Its all here.”

Liu Xuemei started looking at the x-rays and test results with a frown.

“She had surgery before, and the nerves on her spinal cords were damaged.”

The doctor quickly went over to explain Zhan Rourous condition.

He is a doctor and could explain her condition better than Zhan Guiping.

Liu Xuemei did not say anything and rechecked Zhan Rourous medical records.

Dong Xuebing was worried.

“Does she still have hope”

Liu Xuemei replied.

“It is not looking good.

The previous surgery was not done well and was delayed by almost two months.”


Zhan panicked.


Liu Xuemei continued.

“Luckily, the damage on her nerves and bones was not too severe.

Theres still a high possibility of recovery from this x-ray.”

Zhan Rourou was overjoyed.


I can stand again!”

Liu Xuemei patted Zhan Rourous shoulder and smiled.

“We will do our best since Xuebing had asked me.

Dont worry.” She said and took out her phone.

“Hello, Old Zhang.

I have a patient here who is paralyzed from the waist down.

She must have surgery tomorrow.

Arrange a ward and operating theater for her, and I will get someone to send her to the Western Building.

Oh, ask Professor Ci to check on her condition….

Is he performing surgery now Ok.

Ask him to come over after his surgery.

All other work can wait.

Thats all.”

After hanging up, Liu Xuemei said.

“Professor Ci is our countrys top expert in this field.

He will be performing the surgery, and you should be fine.”

The doctor understood what was going on.

“Director Liu.”

Liu Xuemei replied.

“Arrange for the patient to be warded in the Western building.”

The doctor nodded and quickly called a few nurses to push Zhan Rourous wheelchair.

Zhan Guiping and his wife did not expect Dong Xuebing had solved all their troubles with a phone call.

He had called the Deputy Hospital Director over to look at Zhan Rourous condition.

He got her warded in the Western Building.

The Director even contacted Professor Ci to perform the surgery.

They were speechless.

Zhan Guiping quickly thanked Liu Xuemei.

“Thank you, Director Liu….

Thank you….”

Liu Xuemei smiled and waved her hand.

“Its fine.” She turned to Dong Xuebing.

“I had made all the arrangements for you, and they will handle the rest.

Just call me when anything happens.” She said and pointed to her uniform.

“I am here for a meeting and got to go.”

Dong Xuebing thanked Liu Xuemei.

“Aunt Liu, please carry on with your work.

I appreciate your help today.

Huilan and I will treat you to a meal.”

Liu Xuemei waved her hand.


I am going.” She walked quickly and disappeared at the end of the corridor.

She must have squeezed out a few minutes from her busy schedule to come here.

She had come over because Dong Xuebing was the Xie Familys son-in-law.

She would make the arrangements over the phone if it were someone else.

Dong Xuebing was grateful for her help and was surprised by the Xie Familys power.

It became awkward after Director Liu left.

Zhan Guiping held Dong Xuebings hand.

“Thank you.”

Everyone could tell Director Liu had helped because of Dong Xuebing, and Zhan Guiping did not expect him to be so influential.


Zhan went over.

“Xiao Dong….

I….” She had been rude to Dong Xuebing since they met.

However, he accepted her bad attitude and still helped them.

Dong Xuebing interrupted Mrs.


“Aunty, its alright.

Bring Rourou to the Western building now.

She needs to get ready for tomorrows surgery.”

Zhan Guiping agreed.

“Yes… yes….”

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