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Chapter 29: A Little Hard to Part (4)

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Rong Yan winked at him. “Do you want to guess”

“How should I guess”

“Like this.” The two words were like a whisper and as soon as her voice fell, her lips were already pressed against Liancheng Yazhis.

Rong Yan was very careful-lightly, very lightly...

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She had spent three months with Liancheng Yazhi, but they rarely kissed since he did not like people kissing him.

Rong Yan only did that after pondering about it. As she kissed him, her heart was beating as fast as a drum, and it might be because of her nervousness.

After a slight probe and sensing that Liancheng Yazhi had no intention of pushing her away, Rong Yan boldly proceeded to the next action.

She did not want to make Liancheng Yazhi angry, so she should be quick to please him.

The way to please him was to make him happy.

How to make him happy Rong Yan was not sure for now.

Liancheng Yazhi did not move and had no response. Even though he could no longer contain himself, he let Rong Yan take the initiative.

Finally, Rong Yan slowly got up once she felt that it was enough, and she fluidly leaned against his body as if she had no bones. As she looked at him, the watery gaze in her eyes was enough to charm people.

Liancheng Yazhis eyes were dark and deep, but his expression was a little disgusted. “Tsk, youve eaten quite a lot. Pate foie gras, Carbonara, and even Matcha cake.”

Rong Yan pouted. “Its not fun at all. You guessed it all so fast. I even drank two large glasses of lemonade but it still didnt cover the taste of the food.”

“Silly girl.” Liancheng Yazhi was in a good mood that he even pinched her face.

He let go of Rong Yan and leaned against the sofa. “Tell me, how do you want to make me happy”

“Well, give me a moment. Ill take a bath first.”

Before she could get up from Liancheng Yazhis legs, he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. “Ill give you a chance and lets see if you will seize it.”

Rong Yan pouted. “Dont worry, Im the best at seizing opportunities.”

The next second, Liancheng Yazhi carried Rong Yan into the bathroom.

On that night, Liancheng Yazhi diverted all of his anger to Rong Yan. He was like a ferocious, hungry wolf that would never let go of its prey until it was dead.

Liancheng Yazhi was finally willing to let go of Rong Yan when it was almost dawn. She seemed to have lost half of her life and had no more strength at all. Before she passed out, she said to Liancheng Yazhi, “You must remember to ask Secretary Zhou to bring me clothes tomorrow, both inner and outerwear.”

Liancheng Yazhi raised his eyebrows. This womans concern was really strange.

In the past, Liancheng Yazhi and Rong Yan would always leave separately after sleeping together and would never delay even half a second. However, it was unusual for him to lie side by side with Rong Yan. He even showed no hint of leaving.

After Rong Yan had fallen asleep, Liancheng Yazhi was still wide awake. The fire in his body and heart had all been vented out, and he had returned to being that cold and noble Young Master Ya.

Liancheng Yazhi leaned against the head of the bed with Rong Yan sleeping soundly beside him...

He lit a cigarette and held it between his fingers. He did not smoke it, but he let it slowly burn.

After calming down, he knew how abnormal he had acted and the root of it came from the woman beside him.

Liancheng Yazhi was a ruthless and decisive man. He had a sharper intuition than an animal and that nights event made him realize for the first time that Rong Yan had a strong influence on him.



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