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“Your Highness Lin Feng, this way!”

Grand Emperor Cursed Blade was usually carefree, unconcerned with trifles and playful.

He seemed a little “unreliable”.

However, once he entered a combat state, Grand Emperor Cursed Blade showed his edge.

Even though he was only standing in the cosmos and had not even used his combat body, there was a terrifying aura to Grand Emperor Cursed Blade, as if it was about to pierce through the cosmos.

“Your Highness Cursed Blade, lets go!”

Lin Fengs expression also turned solemn.

He would not underestimate Grand Emperor Cursed Blade at all.

Any Grand Emperor was extraordinary.

Lin Feng had just obtained the combat power of a Grand Emperor.

How could he underestimate a Grand Emperor

Hence, once he entered a battle, Lin Feng would go all out.

Moreover, he had also seen so many cultivators around, including Grand Emperor Long Yuan.

This meant that everyone was paying close attention to his battle with Grand Emperor Cursed Blade.

If one wanted to integrate into the environment at the border, powerful strength was indispensable.


Grand Emperor Cursed Blades combat body expanded rapidly.

Lin Feng also used the Tidal Combat Body.

Vast pressure squeezed the cosmos, and the empty cosmos was immediately filled by the two massive combat bodies.

Of course, the main one was the combat body of Grand Emperor Cursed Blade.

As soon as Grand Emperor Cursed Blade used his combat body, a terrifying aura spread in all directions.

In the cosmos, the combat body close to two light-years in size shocked everyone.

This was despite how those cultivators had already seen the combat body of Grand Emperor Cursed Blade, which was close to two light-years.

It was indeed very awe-inspiring.

Even among Grand Emperor, it was outstanding.

Many Grand Emperors who participated in the Big Bang only had combat bodies of one light-year.

There were very few who had reached more than two light-years.

“Although this is not the first time Ive seen the combat body of Grand Emperor Cursed Blade, Im still very awed!”

Venerable Long Wu was indeed very awed.

That was a combat body of two light-years.

Even though he had gained a lot in the Big Bang this time and his strength had improved greatly, it was still insufficient against a Grand Emperor.

“Cursed Blade does improve quite quickly.

In 10,000 years, his combat body has improved further.

Its almost two light-years now.”

“Heh, Cursed Blade is the youngest Grand Emperor among us, and also the Grand Emperor with the greatest potential.

He has a chance of becoming a top-notch Grand Emperor in the future!”

A strange glint flashed across Grand Emperor Long Yuans eyes as well.

Grand Emperor Cursed Blade was a Grand Emperor that even he thought highly of, and had the greatest chance of becoming a top-notch Grand Emperor.

However, it was only chance.

Ever since Lin Feng appeared, Grand Emperor Long Yuan knew that Lin Feng would become a top-notch Grand Emperor sooner or later, even stronger than himself.

Moreover, Divine King Bemond had high expectations for Lin Feng.

What was a mere top-notch Grand Emperor

The Divine King expected Lin Feng to become the second Divine King of the Divine Palace of Bemond!

The other Grand Emperors were still watching the battle between Lin Feng and Grand Emperor Cursed Blade with relish, but Grand Emperor Long Yuan did not have much anticipation.

If he had any anticipation, it would be anticipation for Lin Feng.

A planetary consummate combat body, advanced planetary Laws, and three advanced planetary Laws at that.

One of them was the Law of Space.

Any one of these methods would be astonishing, let alone when Lin Feng had all of them.

If other Grand Emperors had learned of this news, they probably would not be so optimistic regarding Grand Emperor Cursed Blade.

Grand Emperor Cursed Blade used a combat body close to two light-years in size.

Lin Feng also used the Tidal Combat Body, which was a total of 28 billion kilometers in size.

Seeing that the combat body Lin Feng used completely had the aura of a Venerable, all the cultivators eyes widened in disbelief.

“Hes really a Venerable!”

“This is a combat body close to 30 billion kilometers.

Which Venerable can have such a terrifying combat body Even the top Quasi-emperors cant compare to it.”

“Hes really an advanced planetary lifeform, yet he could become a Grand Emperor.

How incredible.”

Seeing that Lin Feng was really a Venerable, be it ordinary cultivators or those Grand Emperors, they were all very shocked.

Previously, it was just a rumor.

There was too little intermittent information they had obtained from the Divine Palace.

They only knew that Lin Feng was a Venerable comparable to a Grand Emperor.

As for how exactly he could be comparable to a Grand Emperor, they had no way of knowing.

“Your Highness Lin Feng, I wont hold back!”

Cursed Blades massive combat body collided hard towards Lin Feng.

He was clearly trying to use a powerful combat body to send Lin Fengs combat body flying.

After all, no matter how strong Lin Feng was, his combat body was only tens of billions of kilometers in size.

Compared to Grand Emperor Cursed Blade, who had a combat body close to two light-years in size, the difference was just too great.

In the opinion of Grand Emperor Cursed Blade, the reason Lin Feng was comparable to a Grand Emperor should be that he had some kind of Origin Weapon, and a very powerful Origin Weapon at that, rather than Lin Fengs combat body.

Seeing Grand Emperor Cursed Blades combat body collide towards him, a smile appeared on Lin Fengs lips instead.

This kind of head-on combat body was his favorite method of fighting.

When facing Grand Emperor Cursed Blade, a distinguished Grand Emperor, Lin Feng could only attack the combat body if he wanted to end the battle quickly.

He would strive to defeat Grand Emperor Cursed Blade with a single strike!

“Greater Annihilative Combat Body!”

Lin Fengs Tidal Combat Body quickly switched to the Greater Annihilative Combat Body.

As Lin Feng became more and more familiar with the three combat bodies, he could switch to the combat body almost instantly, and it would not take much time.

Hence, after switching to the Greater Annihilative Combat Body in an instant, Lin Feng also mobilized the advanced Law of Annihilation.

Immediately, the aura on Lin Fengs body changed, and it was filled with an aura of destruction and ruination.


Grand Emperor Cursed Blade was the one who sensed the change in Lin Fengs aura the most clearly, but it was already too late.

Lin Feng did not avoid him and advanced instead.

He also used his combat body to charge towards Grand Emperor Cursed Blade forcefully.

In a battle between planetary lifeforms, techniques were basically useless.

The deciding factor was the strength of the combat body, Laws, Origin Weapons, or some kind of artifact.

Even whether combat bodies countered each other had an impact.

Lin Feng and Grand Emperor Cursed Blade did not use their Origin Weapons or artifacts.

They only fought head-on with their combat bodies.


It was as if the cosmos itself was shaking, and a terrifying shockwave spread in all directions.

Fortunately, the cultivators were far enough away, so they were not affected.

However, the clash between the two Grand Emperor combat bodies was still terrifying.

These were Grand Emperors, the peak combatants of the cosmos!

However, everyone found it very strange.

How could the Grand Emperor of Annihilation dare to use a mere combat body of tens of billions of kilometers to clash with the Grand Emperor Cursed Blade head-on

They did not know that after Lin Fengs combat body collided with Grand Emperor Cursed Blades, Grand Emperor Cursed Blades expression immediately changed drastically.

He felt an irresistible force charge into the depths of his combat body.

It impacted, shook, and even contained a terrifying annihilative power that began to annihilate his combat body cells.

It was a defeat, a huge defeat, even a crushing defeat!

With just one strike, at least half of Grand Emperor Cursed Blades combat body had been lost.

How astonishing was this If it was a life-or-death battle, Grand Emperor Cursed Blade might even fall here.

“Ive lost.

I lost!”

Suddenly, Grand Emperor Cursed Blades desolate voice came from the center of the collision between combat bodies.

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