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Peerless God of Cultivation Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Troubles At The Door [2]

This is the metal corresponding to the consecration period. Even I, who have been reading poetry and books since childhood, do not understand it. After that, the metal needed will definitely be rarer.

Whether for cultivation or survival consideration, one must adapt more to the mundane world in the shortest possible time and absorb as much professional knowledge as possible.

Taking advantage of Daweis phone call, he swept away the cold food from the dining car and ran into the bathroom to take a hot shower.

After taking a shower and putting on a suit of casual clothes, Qin Yang happened to walk in from the outside, his face was full of indescribable joy, as if he had met his ancestors.

“Brother, you finally came out, but they didnt kill you brother.”

Qin Yang grabbed him and walked out, and said with a happy smile: “Today, your brother will officially take care of you, Dawei. By the way, give Jin Huang a call, keep the best private room for me, and have the high man , Xiaofei, and Ghost Hand, all called over.”

Audi A6 gallops away at 150 yards...

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“Brother Qin, how about I go to school” He expressed his thoughts.

“Go to school”

Qin Yang, who was thinking about how to teach him badly, was almost stunned when he heard this sentence. He resisted the urge to laugh wildly and waved his hands again and again: “I said, brother, what kind of school do you go to with such a master Its a waste of time, its better to spend that time on training to improve your strength.”

“Dont tell me, what I said before is false, hehe...”

“Didnt you say that you will contact the teacher when your injury is healed If you find out that I have left you here for school, you wont have to skin me” Qin Yang had to step back after hearing what he said, and transferred the problem to the teacher. .

“Ill explain this to the teacher, you dont have to worry, maybe Ill teach you the teachers mind first when Im happy.”

He knew very well what Qin Yang wanted. For a third-rate warrior with no sect and no sect, the mentality of a formal sect was undoubtedly a dream treasure.

There is an old saying that cloud, money and silk move peoples hearts. Qin Yangs nose bleeds almost uncontrollably after hearing the words “Masters Heart Method”.

Without the taboo of not being allowed to practice the sects mental method in front of the teachers door, he was thrown out of the sky on the spot, and he kept nodding like a chicken eating rice: “Okay! Its because you havent been to school before, so you may not be able to keep up with your courses. Dawei, prepare textbooks for middle and primary schools and all related extracurricular books tomorrow, and teach him to use computers in the shortest time possible.”

I have long known from Chen Han that he is about seventeen years old this year, and his height seems to be more than this age, so he cant be allowed to go to class with the kindergarten children, right

Of course, in fact, this is not a big problem. Chen Han has also learned a lot of knowledge in the teachers door, but what he has learned is different from the textbooks in the school.

With his outstanding talent far beyond ordinary people, it is not difficult to adapt to todays society in a short period of time.

After assigning a lot of tasks to Dawei, he said word by word: “Dawei, you must not tell anyone about Brother Chen Han. Dont betray my trust in you.”

“Sure enough! The legendary sect master, no wonder the boss treats him so well!”

The questions in my heart have been answered, I used to complain about the job of serving people, but now I am grateful to be able to get along with Chen Han day and night: “I must treat him better in the future, if I can learn a trick and a half from him, Lao Tzu Cant you also become a martial arts master”

While Qin Yang and Dawei were very excited, Chen Han was sneering secretly, since the teachers sect treated him like that, does the so-called ban on the martial arts of this sect not being passed on makes sense

He didnt mind revealing all the martial arts he knew, but it was too dangerous to do that before his strength was not enough to protect himself. Once it is discovered by the teacher to pursue the root cause, it may cause irreversible consequences, but it is not a problem to pass it on to a few people.

The car stopped outside Xiangmanlou, which is one of the highest-grade hotels in Tianhua City. In just two or three minutes, several cars came one after another.

The three men beckoned to Qin Yang from a distance and walked over. Qin Yang pointed to them and introduced them to Chen Han, that is, his most capable brothers – Gao Lao, Xiao Fei, and Guishou.

The middle-sized ghost hand has a scar on his face. He was the strongest among the three who were left in the fight when he was in the special forces. Hearing Qin Yangs introduction, he glanced at Chen Han lightly, as if he didnt take the young man in front of him seriously at all, and said coldly, “Old Qin, you asked us to come here to eat with a little boy with no hair. If so, Id better go back.”

“You guy...”

Qin Yang shook his head helplessly, and looked at Chen Han apologetically: “Brother, dont mind too much, Ghost Hand has such a character that offends people, and it cant be changed over the years.”

After staying in the school for so many years, Chen Han has played pranks more than once, and in turn, some brothers have punished him, and he has long developed the habit of not caring. Unless someone has bad thoughts towards him, he will kill the opponent at all costs. Since the character of the ghost hand is like this, he doesnt care about the conflict of words.

Just when he was about to say hello to Ghost Hand, a young man of 27 or 8 years old came over with more than a dozen people: “Isnt this Boss Qin Qin Yang, did you go to the wrong place”

The voice was full of arrogance, and the faint murderous intent made Chen Han turn his head abruptly. At the same time, he found that the other partys seemingly light footsteps were clearly a set of fairly good footwork.

Are you looking for trouble

The corner of Chen Hans mouth couldnt help but provoke a weird sneer...



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