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Chapter 11: Troubles At The Door

The light was much stronger than at the beginning, and the aura of Gengjin contained was more intense and pure.

The strands of air flow into the body in an instant, strengthening the skin, muscles, bones, meridians and viscera, and at the same time splitting out about 10%, merging with the ethereal soul hidden deep in the brain.


A deep and depressed vibration came from the sea of consciousness, and a mysterious and mysterious feeling filled the depths of the soul, and then turned into ripples and spread to the whole body.

A faint layer of white brilliance lingered on the surface of the skin. At this time, Chen Han was like an immortal descending to earth.

If you can see the inside of the body clearly, you will find that the bones that were originally white as jade have added a bit of luster. The lungs that store the five-element profound energy of the geng metal are more like platinum poured, and their hardness is much stronger than other organs.

“Breakthrough! Finally broke through the foundation period!”


Chen Han suddenly opened his eyes, the eyes that used to be as bright as the morning stars, there was a flash of white brilliance, revealing a heart-pounding aura.

At the same time, those five golden characters appeared in the depths of the soul – Huang Ji Sha Tian Lu!

Brand new memories surfaced out of nowhere, engraved in the soul like a knife and axe, and countless finer golden characters floated in the sea of thoughts.

“Consecration period... The cultivation method of the second largest realm consecration period”

Chen Han didnt know how to express his feelings at the moment, he almost screamed and shouted.

The Emperors Heaven Shaking Record is not only limited to the foundation-building period, but before reaching the corresponding realm, for some reason, the follow-up exercises were temporarily sealed by mysterious methods. When he broke through from the foundation building period to the consecration period, the corresponding exercises were immediately activated, and a brain was released from the seal and revealed.

Todays Chen Hans body is extremely powerful. Even if the sound insulation of the villa is good, the thunder-like sound still alarms Dawei outside.

He was facing the computer in another room, and was so frightened that he bounced off the boss chair. After returning to his senses, he immediately rushed out of the room and went straight to the master bedroom where Chen Han was. He also ignored the warning that he had to be disturbed, and lifted his leg and kicked the door.


This time, it was Chen Hans turn to jump from the ground.

He was in a state of extreme agitation and was startled by the sudden loud noise, his conditioned reflex took a few steps back, and he turned to attack.

The door was kicked open, and he was relieved to see the anxious Dawei. Recalling the new memories that had just appeared, he hurriedly said, “The color is silver-white, light as a feather, floating in water, soft in texture, and turns pale yellow when gasified, and contains the aura of wood and five elements of pure gold. What kind of metal is this”

Huangji Shaking Records absorbs the five elements of pure gold contained in all kinds of metals and tempers it into five elements of profound energy, and uses the five elements of profound energy to activate the mysterious seal to cultivate divine martial arts to strengthen the physical body.

Therefore, the metals required for cultivation in different realms are different, or in other words, these metals have been classified into categories in essence.

Take the foundation-building period as an example, all that is needed is heptane metal, and it is the lowest level of steel. Now that the breakthrough has reached the consecration period, the metal required has naturally improved a grade. The most important title in the Huangji Shaking Record is different from the real world.

Almost no one does not know Iron and Steel, although the names in the Huangji Shaking Records are different, they can still be seen at a glance through the description. However, no matter whether it is a warrior or an ordinary person, there are only a few metals that are normally understood, and most of them dont even know it in front of their eyes.

In the foundation building period, steel with the metallity of heptagon is required, and in the period of consecration, two kinds of metals are required.

Chen Han recognized the tin from the description, but did not recognize the other.

The memory in the depths of the soul is very detailed, there are not only descriptions in words, but even patterns, but I know in my heart that it cannot be expressed well.

After listening to him crackling, talking and drawing for a few minutes, Dawei shook his head dumbly: “What is it That...Ive never heard of it...”

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Dont say that the expression is not clear, even if it is clear, I am afraid that this middle school has begun to mix, and it is impossible for Viagra, whose academic performance is a mess, to recognize it.

Daweis eyes fell on the gray-white powder all over the ground, which was transformed by the steel that extracted the aura of pure gold. What surprised him even more was that twenty tons of steel were inexplicably lost by more than half.

Could it be that the boss brought back this uncle, and like the legendary Tin Woodman, he used steel for food

Also, for nearly ten days, he delivered meals to the door every day, and there was only one meal missing from start to finish. In other words, he only ate one meal for ten days in a row. Could this guy be the fairy who is legendary in Chinese food and drink dew

He didnt dare to ask any more questions about the guests Qin Yang brought back. He carefully glanced at Chen Han who was full of anxiety, picked up his mobile phone and dialed the number and said, “The boss has been here many times, and I heard that you wont let me. I havent seen anyone to bother you, so Ill call him right away and ask what kind of metal youre talking about by the way.”

After talking for a long time, the other party didnt understand, Chen Han realized a big problem.



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