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Peerless God of Cultivation Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: A Place Called Jianyuan [I]


The bright lightning traversed the sky, as if to tear the void apart, turning the mountains in the middle of the night into day.

Four figures, moving through the mountains suddenly became clear. One is being chased by the other three. This sixteen years old boy, was flying at the front, his face was plain, and his sportswear, printed with cartoon patterns, had long since been torn apart. But his eyes flashed with a different kind of wisdom and agility.

At this moment, his eyes were full of stubbornness and tenacity, and there was a trace of unspeakable evil in them, which was in contrast with the soft and gentle facial features.

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With his slightly thin body, he swiftly moved like a fish in the dense forest covered with thorns.


The shadow of a palm-sized blue-purple attacked from behind, blasting towards the young mans back with a tremendous gust of air, and he could feel the approaching attack on his back.

Seeing that his left shoulder was about to be hit by the force of the palm, the arm seemed to suddenly lose its bones at this critical moment, twisting back from an unbelievable angle, and he shot forward his own palm which was flickering with a faint blue energy.


The obviously weaker palm strike collided head-on with the pursuers attack, and a faint ripple from the impact was visible to the naked eye.

“Cloud-turning hand!”

Exclamations came from behind as the three pursuers were shocked.

Without the support of the most profound spiritual methods in this sect, and without twenty years of infuriating cultivation, how could he have displayed the cloud-turning hand This kind of talent made their hearts tense, and the killing intent became even more intense: this boy must not be allowed to grow up! He must not be allowed to continue to live!

Although the young man escaped the catastrophe with his cloud-turning hand, he was still no match for the pursuers. The gap between them in terms of cultivation base was too great.

Suddenly, a bloody arrow spewed out of the boy, his body shot forward, and the speed of his escape increased a lot. Instantly, the distance between the two sides was widened.

It was with the help of similar methods that he avoided the pursuit all the way to this point, but every time he opened up the distance, it was at the cost of injury to himself.

After being chased all night, the young man has reached the stage of running out of energy, and his clothes that have been torn by branches and are soaked with blood.

“Chen Han, give up resistance.” The blue-clothed mans eyes flashed a bit of sternness, and he shouted: “It is a pity that you are the most talented among the four generations of disciples in this sect.

The distance between the two sides gradually narrowed, feeling the rush of blood between his chest and abdomen, the young Chen Han endured the severe pain and shouted loudly: “Bastards, you three old immortals have joined forces to chase and kill me for so long and have not succeeded. If I were you, old men, I would have killed myself by hitting my head on the walla long time ago, so I dont have to be embarrassed, haha...”


The three men became furious, and at the same time, they did their best to slam him with their palms. Chen Han barely avoided one of them, and took the other one, still one palm landed on the right shoulder.

Accompanied by a crisp clicking sound, his shoulder blades were shattered into several pieces on the spot, and he screamed again and flew away.

Several big trees were broken one after another, and strands of blood ooze out from his seven orifices.

But they didnt know where his strength came from, and there was no pause in the eyes of the three of them in amazement. The boys left hand covered the broken right shoulder with the broken bones and tendons and jumped up, and continued to fly desperately into the distance.

Suddenly, an inexplicable sneer appeared on the face of the pursuers, who had been furious.

“No, this is...”

For two days and two nights, they ran around in the inaccessible jungle, and at least they ran for more than a thousand miles. The four of them didnt know where they went. However, judging from the mountainous environment in front of them, it is very similar to the Qingmeng Mountain in memory, and this should be the legendary Jedi.

Running around, Chen Han didnt expect to run here and bring himself to the Jedi. Chen Han wanted to cry without tears: he was really not lucky.

Jian Yuan...isnt this a coincidence

The sharp sword in front was as deep and bottomless as it was split, and the vertical cliff fell like a giant beast with its mouth wide open, blocking the way in front of it.

The middle-aged man at the head had a fierce look in the depths of his eyes, and he slowly raised his palm with a smirk, and the energy in his palm was almost suffocating.


Palm attack from three directions!

He used all his strength to take two palm shadows, one of which hit the key point of his dantian, and the blood that rushed out of his mouth splattered a bright red in the air. The body flew out several meters uncontrollably, and then it was exhausted, falling down like a broken kite, and disappeared in the majestic rain.

Looking at the place where Chen Han disappeared, one of them snorted and spit, the other two looked at each other, followed by hiding behind the rain cur, and disappeared in an instant...

Legend has it that the immortals in Jianyuan split the entire mountain into two halves from the center with their supreme mana.

There is a poisonous miasma mist below all year round, and ordinary masters do not need to fall below, and they will be killed by miasma poisoning in mid-air. Even if a first-class master falls, without any help, this height is enough to smash people into flesh, and over time it becomes a rare natural danger.

Chen Hans injury is extremely heavy, and his ability to survive until now is completely supported by the desire to live.

“This time hes really dead.”

“Nothing for us to do anymore.”

“Lets go back.”

As Chen Han vanished, familiar faces appeared in his mind, and he felt the wind whistling in his ears. His thoughts gradually blurred: “Is it wrong to defeat the idiot of the young master Shouldnt he run away after being chased by the masters Yuan Qing... Meng Yi...Yao Mu...you bastards...”

After an unknown amount of time, Chen Han, who originally believed that he was going to die, was awakened by the severe pain from all over his body, and then fell into a complete shock.



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