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He already had a little princess like Yueyao, so no matter how beautiful and cute Natalia was, he was indifferent.

However, after the adoption procedure was settled, Gong Jie finally met Natalia more formally under Alices arrangements.

Amazingly, the moment Natalia met Gong Jie, she felt particularly close to him.

Firstly, because Gong Jie was tall and dashing.

Secondly, the man somehow gave her a warm sense of security and belonging.

What orphans like Natalia lacked the most was a sense of security and belonging.

She had never known what home or family was.

Besides, from the welfare home to Michel Hospital, Natalia had never felt a real sense of belonging.

She had no idea what home felt like, but Gong Jie somehow provided this sort of warmth.

She wanted to rely on this man.

At the time, Youyou and Alice were there, and they were surprised to see Natalia throwing herself into Gong Jies arms.

It had never occurred to anyone that Natalia could be that close to somebody.

Gong Jie was equally surprised.

Hed only met the child once.

Besides, that time in the office, shed been so focused on the boy that she hardly noticed him.

To be precise, this was probably the first time they had met.

He was also surprised that Natalia, who was as aloof as a cat towards Youyou, had taken the initiative to throw herself into Gong Jies arms.

Could it be fate Furthermore, Natalias “throwing herself” at Gong Jie didnt make the man feel in the least bit appalled.

On the contrary… he enjoyed this sort of closeness.

Gong Jie was very fond of little girls.

Even if he had never thought about marriage, he did wonder what his daughter in the future might look like.

If she were to look like him, then surely she must also bear a slight resemblance to Yun Shishi.

Yun Shishi had a pair of beautiful and charming peach blossom eyes.

Her pupils sparkled as if they were hiding a vast galaxy.

She had a small but perky nose and pink lips… Her fair skin was tender and unblemished.

Everything about her was as beautiful as crystal.

He had not imagined what his future other half would look like, but he had already thought about what his daughter would probably look like.

Of course, she would be as beautiful as Yueyao.

But it was unexpected of him to adopt a daughter like Natalia.

When they returned to the country, Natalia had been afraid of strangers but not him.

She would not get close to Youyou or Alice, but she liked clinging to him.

Especially at night, Natalia liked to cuddle up to him when she slept.

At first, this left Gong Jie at a loss.

For some reason, where he initially felt that it was a little awkward for such a young girl to be clinging to him, it didnt take more than three days for him to get used to his new role as a father.

Was there any reason for the awkwardness Natalia was his daughter.

Although they did not have blood relations, they treated each other as their own.

In fact, to Gong Jie, a sense of belonging and security were a luxury in itself.

Even though he came from a family like the Gong family, the huge family did not give the child much sense of security.

He was raised by his father, military-style, since he was a child.

He had been indoctrinated with a philosophy that was cold and impersonal.

The warmth of home could only be found in his memories of his mother and sister…

This was also why he was so dependent on Yun Shishi.


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