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The 4,000-foot fish was kicked over to the ground.


Smoke and dust flew everywhere.

Even Duan Yihong was at a loss.

If this kick landed on him, would there be any residue left

“What are you waiting for If I kill this guy, you wont get anything.”

Qing Tong shouted and flew down.

Killing a Heaven Realm demon!

Duan Yihong laughed as he clenched his fists and charged forward.

The eyes of the others lit up.

They slashed down with their long swords and bone spurs without hesitation.

Dust billowed and blood splattered.

The fear in their hearts subsided, and their fighting spirit surged.

Im fearless, Ill skin you alive even if youre at the Heaven Realm.

Thick blood energy rose.

The demonic light dissipated and turned into a pillar of light.

On the cliff, countless huge white cranes flew out and crashed into the demonic light.

The demonic aura of the great demons dissipated.

This was a great tonic for the demons.

The few people in front of the Spiritual Dao Sect looked at each other and flew towards the white cranes in the sky.

Several Gold Core black-armored fish demons also rushed out.

Previously, they were frightened by the elites of the Western Frontier surrounding and killing Heaven Realm experts and did not dare to go forward at all.


Guo Tianjin, a sword cultivator of the Eastern Sea, flew toward a crane and enveloped it with his sword light.

The cranes flying speed was extremely fast and only a white stream of light could be seen.

However, in front of Guo Tianjin, the cranes body shook and it was killed.

Guo Tianjin reached out and grabbed the blood essence on the cranes head.

He turned around and left decisively.


On the mountain ridge, the tigers and leopards roared.

“Southern Wasteland Heaven Realm demons,” Han Muye narrowed his eyes and whispered.

In the jade slip that Jin Jialin had given him, there was information about the arrival of the great demons of the Southern Wasteland.

It seemed that they were really here.

The target of this Heaven Realm demon was the treasure in Heavenly Crane Ridge!

After exchanging glances with Qing Tong, Han Muye shouted, “The blood essence on the top of the Heavenly Cranes head is a treasure to refine the power of the bloodline.”



As Han Muye and Qing Tong ran towards the Heavenly Crane Ridge, countless figures flew up behind them to snatch the cranes.

Several Daoists of the Spiritual Dao Sect shouted.

From a furious shout to a miserable cry, it only took an instant.

In this place where cultivation is suppressed, do they really think that they are the disciples of a great sect with powerful combat strength that can suppress the Western Frontier

F*ck off.


Sword light spells, fists, and feet flew towards the elites of the Spiritual Dao Sect.

Han Muye smiled.

He heard bones break.

Qing Tong sighed and followed behind him.

How terrifying, she thought.

Stepping on the green rocky mountain ridge, a burly man in a beast skin robe stood on the mountain ridge.

He was attacking and killing the cranes that were flying towards him.

The cranes had sharp beaks and talons.

However, neither the long talons nor the long beaks could hurt the burly man at all.

Unless the long talons tore at his head and face, and the long beak pecked at his eyes, only then would the burly man let out a roar.

His face turned into the head of a golden leopard, and his roar carried invisible sound waves as he killed the oncoming cranes.

At this moment, there were dozens of crane carcasses piled up around him.

However, his goal was obviously not the cranes.

After killing a few cranes, he strode forward.

Han Muye and Qing Tong looked at each other, and Qing Tong flew up.

The sword in Han Muyes hand left his hand and turned into a stream of light.

Hidden Void.

The sword flashed and stabbed at the burly mans chest.

The burly man turned around, his eyes bloodshot.

He opened his mouth and roared before throwing a punch at the sword.

However, this punch missed and the long sword appeared above his head.

The Hidden Void Sword Technique was the legacy of the Sword Venerable Yuan Tian.

His sword techniques were so high that he could easily challenge a Heaven Realm expert, let alone the Heaven Realm expert in front of him whose power was suppressed.

The more heavenly cranes he killed, the stronger the suppressive power of the Heavenly Crane Region.

At this moment, in Han Muyes eyes, the power of heaven and earth around this guy was like chains that imprisoned him.

Even when he swung his fists and hands, his immense strength was bound.


The long sword slashed the burly mans back, leaving a long trail of blood.

How could a suppressed Heaven Realm expert be considered a Heaven Realm expert


Qing Tong stepped down and kicked the burly mans shoulder, sending him flying a hundred feet away.

He fell to the ground and crushed the limestone on the ground.

The burly man bared his teeth and roared.

He transformed into a 100-foot-long leopard with a dark golden body.

The body of the demon cultivators in the water region was huge.

The demon cultivators on land knew how to condense their bodies.

Even if their cultivation was at the Heaven Realm, their bodies were not as huge as mountains.

Seeing that the great demon had transformed into a demon leopard, Qing Tong revealed a strange smile.

In the next moment, her body turned into a huge 5,000-foot-long flood dragon that sat cross-legged on the spot.

She raised her head and extended her front claws.


The leopard was stunned by her claws.




After the boring repetition, the green flood dragon roared at the sky.

The leopard was smashed into a pile of mangled flesh.

Even its demon bones were broken.

The demon baby also dispersed.

The demonic qi turned into a pillar of light.

A Heaven Realm demon was slapped to death just like that.

Han Muye guessed that Qing Tong had surpassed the first level of the Heaven Realm and had reached the Out of Body realm.

The green flood dragon roared, and the world shook.

The cranes cried and flapped their wings.

After the green flood dragons figure dissipated, Qing Tong looked at Han Muye.

“These heavenly cranes have promised to give us the True Dragon Bones and Heavenly Crane Wings, but they hope that we can help them find a world where they can live.”

“Once this world gives up the suppressed True Dragon Bones and Heavenly Crane Wings, it will immediately collapse.”

Find a place to live

That was easy.

The Western Frontier was fine, and the Eastern Sea was not bad either.

Han Muye smiled at Qing Tong.

“This Heavenly Crane is a treasure.”

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