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Dong Fang had just walked out of the space passageway with a dark expression when a group of reporters holding various signs rushed up and surrounded him.

“Hello, Mr.

Dong Fang.

Im a reporter from the federation.

I want to ask, what explanation is your Seres Security Company prepared to give for what happened in the Leppler Star System”

“Im a reporter from the news.


Dong Fang, may I ask if its true that you were in charge of commanding that fleet Why did you choose to give the order to abandon Chu Nan and escape alone”


Dong Fang, I heard that Chu Nan and you are good friends.

You even went to West Cloud Academy together last year and even stayed in the same dormitory.

Is this true”


Dong Fang, I heard that Supremacy Oville was also involved in this matter.

Miss Angie Prairie disappeared after that.

Do you know anything about her”


Dong Fang…”

Dong Fang closed his mouth tightly and ignored these reporters.

He only waved his hand behind him.

The three burly men who were originally only beside him to help him block the reporters exerted strength and actually pushed all the reporters around him out, forcefully pushing a path through the crowd.


Dong Fang, obstructing the reporters investigation is obstructing the freedom of the press.

Youll be condemned like this!”

A reporter was pushed away involuntarily.

Seeing that he could not approach Dong Fang, he could not help but cry out in pain.

Dong Fang suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned around to stare at the reporter.

His eyes seemed to be burning.

Although the reporter stared at him without showing any weakness, his trembling legs still betrayed the fear in his heart.

Although no one had been able to investigate Dong Fangs background until now, it was obvious that he should have a very strong background in the Seres Security Company.

Otherwise, he would not have been the main person in charge of an important operation at such a young age.

If he was really angered, the outcome of this reporter was unimaginable.


Dong Fang, if you dont announce the truth, Chu Nan will only die even more mysteriously.

In order to let the public know the true situation of the entire matter and give Chu Nan fair treatment, I hope you can answer our questions well! At the very least, you have to let us know if Chu Nan is really dead.

Did your Seres Security Company deliberately arrange this incident to put on a show”

Although he was actually afraid, this reporter still forced himself to shout.

“A show” The voice coming from Dong Fangs teeth was bone-chilling.

He looked at the reporter deeply and suddenly took a deep breath.

He waved back and pointed at him.

A figure suddenly darted out from behind and broke through the crowd.

He kicked the reporter over and started punching and kicking him.

That reporter immediately fell to the ground and cried out in pain.

From the scream, he knew that it was definitely not an act.

The reporters beside him immediately glanced sideways and dispersed with a whoosh.

They looked at the beaten reporter in shock.


Dong Fang, arent you afraid of being condemned by others” A reporter asked loudly, “Were…”

Dong Fang suddenly turned around to look at him.

The reporter was glared at by his murderous gaze and immediately swallowed the second half of his sentence.

“Im warning you, Im in a bad mood.

Dont provoke me.”

After saying that, Dong Fang walked out of the space passageway.

This time, no reporter dared to stand in his way.

However, after walking out of the space passageway, a person was still blocking the way.


Dong Fang, arent you worried that this will affect your companys reputation” Carlisle, the director of the Noctem Chamber of Commerces Earth Federation branch on the Purple Cloud Planet, frowned slightly and looked at Dong Fang before sighing.

Dong Fang sneered, “He actually has the guts to say that this is a show.

Its his luck that I didnt kill him on the spot.”

“It seems that the rumor that you and Chu Nan are good friends is true.” Carlisle looked at Dong Fang deeply, “No wonder he would rather be in danger than let you lead the fleet to retreat.”

Dong Fang stopped in his tracks and covered his chest with his right hand.

A pained expression appeared on his face, and even breathing became difficult.

Carlisle was shocked, thinking that his words had suddenly stimulated Dong Fang to erupt with some malignant disease.

Fortunately, Dong Fang immediately took a deep breath and his expression quickly returned to normal.

He turned to look at Carlisle and said seriously, “This is the worst decision Ive ever made in my life.

If I could do it again, I would definitely lead the fleet to cover his retreat.”

Although his expression was very calm, Carlisle could tell that there was thick regret and grief that could not be hidden in his eyes.

Carlisle sighed, “I dont think Chu Nan will agree with what you do.

Under those circumstances, sacrificing him alone was the best outcome for everyone.

Moreover, its not like he did not have the chance to escape.”

“However, to him and his family, this is the worst outcome.

To me, its also the worst outcome,” Dong Fang said in a low voice.

Carlisle could only shake his head lightly and sigh again before gesturing at Dong Fang.

“Get in the car.

I believe Chu Nans family will receive some comfort after seeing his good friend.”

“No, they probably want to kill me more.” Dong Fang shook his head.

Carlisle was slightly stunned, then understood.

He thought for a moment, but could only remain silent.

Half an hour later, the latest low-altitude shuttle carried a group of people out of Sigma City and landed outside the farm where Chu Nans family was.

As soon as he landed, Dong Fang immediately frowned and asked Carlisle, “When did these people come”

At this moment, there were already a few circles of people gathered outside the farm and even inside.

Many of them were clearly reporters from various major media outlets.

Although many of them did not have identification marks, the situation looked similar.

Clearly, these people were all media outlets who had rushed to Chu Nans house to investigate after receiving the news.

“They all rushed over yesterday,” Carlisle said.

“You know, these guys have always been sensitive to such things.”

“Then are you just going to watch and not do anything”

Carlisle was slightly stunned, then shook his head with a bitter smile.

“Our Noctem Chamber of Commerce is not your Federation Chamber of Commerce after all.

There are many things that cant be done casually.”

“Alright, if you dont do it, Ill do it.” Dong Fang turned around and summoned Uncle Mu Luo, who also had a dark expression, and whispered a few instructions.

A moment later, Uncle Mu Luo nodded and left.

Not long after, a team of low-altitude shuttles suddenly flew over from the distant sky.

As soon as he landed, groups of heavily armed burly men darted out of the low-altitude shuttle and rushed into the farm.

They directly tied up the people surrounding the farm, both openly and secretly, and threw them into the low-altitude shuttle.

If anyone dared to resist, they would immediately be beaten up.

In an instant, screams and curses sounded in the farm.

Carlisle glanced at the situation on the farm and turned to look at Dong Fang in surprise.


Dong Fang, are you really not worried that your companys reputation will be affected”

“I told you, Im in a bad mood,” Dong Fang replied before his gaze landed in the middle of the farm.

There were a few ordinary houses spread out.

It was Chu Nans house.

Perhaps because he had heard the strange commotion outside, a middle-aged man was looking out of the house.

Seeing the situation outside, his face was filled with surprise, diluting the sorrow on his face.

Dong Fang stared at him intently, his expression continuously changing.

After the guys around the farm were tied to the low-altitude shuttle and taken away, he gritted his teeth and strode over.

Under the middle-aged mans surprised gaze, Dong Fang walked straight to him.

Then, with a plop, he knelt on the ground and buried his head deeply.

“Uncle Chu, kill me.”

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