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「I’ve kept you waiting.

…what’s with this meat festival」

While we were dismantling the meat at the workshop, the oba-chan who went to ask the village head returned.

And, she was surprised by the amount of meat in the surrounding area.

「There’s a lot of people today, so there’s a somewhat larger amount of meat.」

「I’m thankful for that, but is that alright」

「Don’t mind it.」

「Then, we’ll take them without any reservation.

That’s right, I got the village head’s reply.

We would be troubled if the cheese was sold, but if you’re just making it for yourselves, then it’s not a problem, he said.」

「Ooh, is that so, that’s great.」

「「「Thank you very much!」」」

「However, the studying by observation will be scheduled for tomorrow.

It’s getting late and it would be bad if we don’t take care of this meat somehow.」

And so, the studying of cheese making would be for tomorrow, and it was decided that everyone would help process the meat that we gave them.

Because of that, we will be staying in this village tonight.

It seems that Ojii-san had always stayed overnight, so things were going according to plan.



That night, the village held a banquet for us.

It seems that when Ojii-san stayed the night, there would be a small party held for him at the inn, or rather, the assembly hall, but today, there were many children, so everyone had dinner at the village’s public square.

「Eat this too.」

「If you do this, it would be delicious!」

「Hey, is it ok to eat more of this」

The village kids gathered around us.

For the children living in the village, it was rare to see children who were around the same age who were not part of the village.

There were monsters, so it was rare for children to travel.

Fortunately, it seems that the village kids were not prejudiced against my younger sister and the others and they were on great terms.

「Onii-chan, it’s tasty!」

「Shuu-kun, go ahead and eat this….」

「Un, it’s delicious.

Sakuya-chan too, thank you.」

Today’s meal consisted of the meat that we hunted, the cheese that was specially produced by the village, and the soup that was made from Char-chan’s specially prepared stock that we had provided.

As expected of the cheese that was a local specialty, eating it as is was delicious as well, but putting the melted cheese that was toasted by the fire and adding the roasted meat was extremely delicious.

My younger sister and Sakuya-chan were also happily eating it.

Cruz-kun was having an eating contest with the village kids and perhaps he was fired up about it as he was eating with great vigor. 

Ojii-san and the other adults were drinking the alcohol that he had taken out and they were very excited.

The women drank some as well, but it seems that they took a liking to the soup and it seems that everyone was researching the remaining stock.

There was still some left, so maybe I could exchange it for the cheese.

「Hey, Shuu.」

Perhaps the eating contest had come to an end, as Cruz-kun came back over here.

It seems that he had won and his opponents, the village children, were collapsing while clutching onto their stomachs.

The kids in the vicinity were smiling, so they probably ate too much.

「What’s wrong」

「No, we came here to ask for the cheese recipe, right」

「That’s right.」

「Even if we didn’t ask for it specifically, couldn’t we ask them to sell it to us」

It seems that he thought that we could use the cheese produced here even if we didn’t make it.

Maa, it was delicious, so it’s not like I didn’t understand his feelings.

「Nn~, there are various reasons, such as there being a surplus of milk and there being an increase of work at the orphanage.

Also, we don’t know how much we can buy at this village, and to begin with, the biggest problem is that only Ojii-san can come here to buy it.」

「Ah~, come to think of it, that is the case.

We were brought here by Teacher.」

「That’s why, if we’re going to cook with it regularly at the food stall, it would be best to make it.

Of course, we will buy some for us to eat.」

And so, we enjoyed the deliciousness of the cheese and stayed over at the village.


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