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The food stalls had settled down to a certain extent, so we resumed the adventurer work after such a long time.

I could not go to the forest since I needed the help of the familiars at the stalls and the adventurer group who did go in turns could not hunt any large prey, so we were extremely motivated alongside Cruz-kun. 

At times like this, it was unfortunate that I was the only one with an『Item Box』.

I was worried about whether or not I should ask Obaa-san for her help in improving the magic bag.

The four of us, together with the familiars, the adventurer group, and the production groups, added up to a total of twenty people who were going to Ojii-san’s place and we headed towards Dragon Forest with Queen and the others pulling the wolf cart.

「Aah~, it’s been a while since we were able to enter the forest.」

「Cruz is not suited for the stalls.」

「Since it’s better for Cruz to be running around.」

「Don’t forget that today’s objective is meat!」

Along the way, everyone was teasing the cheerful Cruz-kun and before long, we arrived at Ojii-san’s house.

Arriving at Ojii-san and the other’s house, we headed towards the place where the familiars who we hadn’t seen in a while were.

They weren’t just the production-type familiars, the Steppe Horses were here now as well.

I had thought that the stalls would take up such a long time, so I let them come here so that they could run around freely.

After taking care of the familiars, we separated from the children who were looking after them and the production groups and together with the adventurer group, we met up with Ojii-san.

「You finally came, huh, I was tired of waiting.」

「Teacher! Will we be able to hunt a lot of prey today」

「It’s been a while, so the number of monsters have increased as well.

It should be fine.」

It’s been a long time since we were able to hunt and Cruz-kun and Ojii-san were in high spirits.

Somehow, it seems that the adventurer group was excited as well.


「It;s been a while~.」

My younger sister and Sakuya-chan also seemed to be happy that they were able to meet.

Even when we were attending the stalls, Ojii-san had come to town many times, so it wasn’t like they hadn’t met in a long time though….

「Let’s hurry up and go!」

The greetings were barely finished when Cruz-kun started urging, so we quickly set off to go hunting.

We were cautious as we headed further into the forest, but it seems that the presences were certainly denser than before.


「We’re going ahead!」

Almost immediately, Queen took the wolves with her, and Ojii-san went with Cruz-kun.

Having been left behind, we and the adventurer group began looking for the items needed for the guild requests and the food that seemed like it could be used for the food stall.

「We found quite a few of them.」

「Since it’s been a while.」

「Ohh, there’s some over there too!」

Although the adventurer group came in turns, they hadn’t come in almost a month, so we were able to gather a larger amount of medicinal herbs, vegetables, fruits, and spices than expected. 

While we were harvesting, Queen, Pii-chan, and the others had come back several times with the prey that they had hunted.

Honestly, rather than saying that they hunted too many of them, there was now such a large amount of them that dismantling them would be troublesome.

We were draining the blood as we harvested.

If Queen and the others hunted this much, then how much did Ojii-san and Cruz-kun hunt….

We continued to harvest, taking a lunch break and small breaks in between, and we were able to return to Ojii-san’s house before dusk.

During that time, Ojii-san and Cruz-kun had not come back even once, but it seems that they had returned to the house before us and the two of them were training.

Wasn’t Cruz-kun tired from hunting

「You’re slow-!」

「We got a lot today!」

Seeing us, the two people called out to us, but I wanted to think that I wasn’t the only one who got a bad feeling from the smiles on their faces….


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