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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

We looked for the mark that indicated where the trees with fruits were. 

We found it, and when we were about to enter the forest, my younger sister suddenly got on her hands and knees and started sniffing around.

「Wai, what are you doing!」

「Looking for medicine.」


「I remember the smell from the shop!!」

「The smell」

「I remembered the smell and if I find it, I can be together with onii-chan!!」

Nn~, so in other words, she committed to memory the scents of the raw materials from the pharmacy and the alchemists shop and accompanied me to harvest them.

Was that it

Come to think of it, when I used Appraisal to look at her status, she had『Superior Olfaction』.

However, did cats have a good sense of smell

「We need to go a little bit further in to get the raw materials.」

I said this and helped my younger sister stand up.

And then, we walked deeper into the forest while holding hands.

We occasionally found medicinal herbs and tree branches as we headed towards the trees that yielded fruits. 

My younger sister was constantly sniffing around.

After arriving at the fruit trees, my sisters eyes were sparkling.

Letting go of my hand, she climbed up the tree at full speed and plucked the fruits. 

I approached the tree while smiling 

「O~i, after picking them, throw them over here.」

And yelled this to her.

My younger sister nodded and threw them down one at a time.

I caught them and put them on my wooden rack. 

We got enough, and when we decided to head to the next destination, my younger sister said that she couldnt come down, so I climbed the tree and came back down with her on my back.

She was just like a cat (lol).

Like this, we headed towards the next tree.

When we arrived, this time, my younger sister did not go towards the tree, and instead, ran to a place a short distance away from it. 

Flustered, I chased after her and crouched down under a nearby tree.

「Whats wrong」

「A mushroom!!」

It seems that she followed after the scent of a mushroom.

Certainly, it was the mushroom that we saw at the alchemists shop.

I patted my younger sisters head

「So amazing~.

But, just like just now, you cant suddenly run around.」

as I said that. 

My younger sister


happily replied with that.

She was happy that she had been patted on the head, and it didnt seem like she heard my warning….

After that, we continued to harvest just like before and something happened when we arrived at the fourth tree.

My Mana Detection got a reaction. 

It detected 4 people.

They were close together, so they were a group.

I took my younger sisters hand and we quickly hid.

In terms of location, we wouldnt be found, but we needed to be on guard.

We reduced our presence as much as possible, and I poured my mana over my younger sister and reduced the release of mana as much as possible.

Things like our scents couldnt be helped, but the other party were most likely humans, adventurers, so if its not strong, then they probably wouldnt notice. 

As we stayed motionless, people could be seen coming from the left side. 

A man with a sword and wearing hide armor, a man with a sword, shield, and wearing metal armor, a woman with a bow and arrow, and a woman with a spear and wearing hide armor, a total of four people.

As expected, they were adventurers. 

「Sh*t, where the h*ll did it go!!」

「My arrow had struck it, so it shouldve been taken down!!」

「Even if it had been taken down, it cant be helped if we lose sight of it!!」

The adventurers had such a conversation, and carelessly walked around while searching for something.

Most likely, they had brought down prey and lost sight of it. 

Perhaps they shot it down from quite a distance away, or perhaps they were inexperienced….

This place was designated for beginners, so perhaps it was the latter

For now, the adventurers had gone further away, so we left our hiding spot, and came out from behind the tree.

We were a bit on edge, so we decided to take a break.

As my younger sister and I ate some fruit and was drinking water, a faint sound could be heard.


We looked at each other and headed towards the sound.

When I used Mana Detection, it was small, certainly, but there was a reaction.

We approached it and when we peeked down into the shadow of the tree, there was a bird with an arrow pierced into its wing. 


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