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After knowing that there was a baby in the Big Kokko’s egg, my younger sister stayed with it at all times to take care of it.

Finding out that there was a baby, Sakuya-chan did the same thing as well.

「I’m looking forward to the baby!」


It’s good that they were nearby to take care of the Big Kokko, but wouldn’t it be a little stressed when they’re always next to it It seems that the Big Kokko couldn’t really calm down.

Besides, if they’re nearby, it might imprint on them as its parents (though I don’t know if monsters and chickens have imprints).

「You two, if you’re too close, the Big Kokko can’t calm down, so come over here.」

I made a box in the chicken coop.

I made a peep hole in it through which you could see the Big Kokko and from the outside, it looked just like a box.

If they were inside, the Big Kokko’s stress would probably decrease as well. 



Pii-chan and the Shadow Owl entered the box together.

The familiars could move freely, but recently, my younger sister and Sakuya-chan were constantly paying attention to the Big Kokko who was a bird-type monster just like them, so it seems that they were jealous.

And, the two birds approached them because they wanted to spend time with them, but the two people misunderstood and thought that they were interested in the baby, so they were watching the Big Kokko together with them.

Maa, considering the two birds, if the two people could keep them company, then there’s no problem.

Incidentally, the two birds and the Big Kokko were not on bad terms.

Rather, among the familiars, there were none that had a bad relationship with another, so don’t misunderstand.

After a week of my younger sister and Sakuya-chan standing at careful attention, the baby was finally born on a certain day.

In the beginning, we didn’t realize it, but before we knew it, there was a chick next to the Big Kokko chirping. 

It was the Big Kokko’s child, so it was bigger than Earth’s chicks, but it was surely a yellow chick.

It wasn’t pregnant, and my younger sister and the others’ minds were starting to wander because a week had passed, so we were late in realizing it.

Maa, I didn’t know if it were because of that, but the imprinting had been avoided and it recognizing the Big Kokko as its parent was a good thing.

「Tweet tweet.」「Chirp chirp.」

TN: the first is in hiragana and the second is in katakana.

They’re both the same thing, but I translated it like this to differentiate them.

「Chirp chirp.」

My younger sister, Sakuya-chan, and the chick were communicating

Maa, it seems that they got along well and were enjoying themselves.

When I used Appraisal on the chick, it was a chick, but it seems that it was a Big Kokko.

That meant that, it wasn’t an evolution and it would become a chicken when it grew up.

After that, it was the Big Kokkos’ childbirth rush () and every week, chicks would be born. 

I didn’t know the growth rate of Earth’s chicks, but they produced eggs a month later, and the production output of eggs had increased as well.

However, as one would expect, the numbers increased, so there was not enough help to keep them near this coop.

And so, I discussed it with Ojii-san and the others, and it was decided that we would raise the Big Kokko at the orphanage as well. 

The orphanage was not that spacious, but the coop could be expanded using space magic, so it should work out if we let them out in turns.

Everyone immediately helped make the chicken coop, and we brought the chickens to the orphanage to raise one at a time.

The children at the orphanage knew that the eggs were delicious, so they were happily taking care of them.

The childbirth rush came in succession, and the Milhorn were pregnant as well.

Although they did not have partners, it was very mysterious….

I didn’t know anything about its Earthling counterpart either, but the pregnancy period that was expected to take a few months was over in a month, and the calves were delivered safely,



and my younger sister and Sakuya-chan were delighted.


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