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Happy Monday!

Here is the first chapter of my new series, Kojiin Tamer! Thank you to everyone who gave me translation recommendations.

Ive looked through all of them along with the ones that I had found and after much consideration, I have settled on this one.

Coincidentally, this novel also has a manga as well, which you can find here, so you can read ahead if youd like.

As I mentioned in my other post, this series will run on a Monday & Wednesday schedule and if there happens to be new chapters of AS, then youll get double chapters.

Anyways, I hope you will enjoy this series as much as I do.

Happy reading!

「Huhh, this is…」

When I opened my eyes, I saw a person standing there in the boundless pure white space.

After restlessly looking around,



The one who called out to me, was a boy around ten years old.

「Who are you Or rather, just where is….」

「This place This is a place similar to that of a space that connects the present world with that world.」

That world…

「Which means, I died!」

「Thats right! You had a peaceful death at the age of 101.」

101 years old! Then, I had died at the end of my lifespan However, I had no memory of my death, and why, was I here

Was I actually still alive…

In the first place, who in the world is this child

「Ahaha, it seems that Ive confused you.

Firstly, why dont I introduce myself.

I am someone who you would call a god.

And, you are currently an existence known as a soul.」

「God Soul!」

「Why dont you take a look at yourself Even though you were 101 years old, dont you think that you look young」

With that being said, I looked down, but my body did not resemble one that belonged to an ojiichan and was instead a youthful one, looking to be around twenty years old.

「As one would expect, if I had summoned your body that you had when you died, we wouldnt even be able to talk~.」

Fumu, certainly, I wasnt even about to talk when I was 101 years old, and if its senility, then its possible that I would have no memory of my death.

「However, why am I here」

「Un, I have something I want to ask of you.」

「Something to ask of me」

「Actually, I want you to go to another world.」

「Another world」

「Thats right, another world!! You like that kind of thing, dont you」

Having said that, certainly, I had always liked novels, manga, and anime.

I was a so-called otaku.

However, were there actually other worlds

「The humans of your world are not aware of it, but transmigrations and reincarnations to another world had always been, a rare occurence.」

TN: other world transmigrations and reincarnations are similar, but not the same.

Transmigration is moving from one world to another, often in ones original body.

Reincarnations, on the other hand, can be classified as the movement of the soul from one world to another.

In other words, after one dies in one world, the soul will be transferred to another world and be born again, thereby gaining a body that originated from that new world. 

What, to think that such manga-like situations actually existed….

「Maa, it would be bad if the other world was strangely influenced, so there is a screening of the people who are sent over though.」

「Then, this time, I had been selected」

「That is correct!! Since you have had a peaceful life.

You could even think of it as a bonus stage.」

Bonus stage, huh….

「You dont have to do it, so its fine even if you refused」

U~n, I didnt particularly have any reason to refuse.

「Then, I want to try going to another world.」

「Really Thats great~.

Incidentally, the world that Ill have you go to is one where swords and magic exists.」

Maa, thats expected.

「Then, what should I do when I get there」

「Nothing really, its fine to just live there normally.」

Its ok to not do anything

「In the first place, its not like nothing will change when you go, and if I wanted to change something, it would be faster to send an expert.

Of course it is.

「Thats why, enjoy your second life!!」


「So, am I going right away」

「No, no, I cant let you go that quickly.

I need to explain a little about that place.」

「Ehh Is there something!」

「Since its completely different from your original world.

Theres magic, monsters, and alchemy instead of science.

Its truly a world of royal road.」

Un, it was truly a conventional another world reincarnation.

「You will reincarnate as an orphan at an orphanage.

Even if I say its a reincarnation, the body is created by me though.」

「Thats, doesnt that mean I will be born as someones child」

「If thats the case, then the child that was scheduled to be born would die!!」

Aah, is that so.

「Then, since Im purposely sending you to another world, Ill give you a small bonus.」


「Its Language Translation.

Since itll be troublesome to learn a new language from the very beginning.

Ahh, Ill make it so that youll be able to write the words as well.」

「That certainly does help.」

「, its the Item Box.」

「Thats standard.」

「Theres not many people who have an item box, so be careful.」

「Got it.」

「Finally, theres Appraisal.」

「Its the lineup of the three sacred treasures.」

「Is there anything else that you need Ill give it to you if its not too strange though」

「In that case, then of course, Id like to be able to use magic.」

「Which kind of magic」

「What kind is there」

「Theres a variety of them.

Theres the basic fire, water, wind, earth as well as light and dark, space, alchemy, blacksmithing and lifestyle; choose as many as youd like!!」

「So many….

This, do I need to have the aptitude」

「Fundamentally, that is so.

Those residing in the other world usually have one or two attributes.」

「Then, wouldnt it be better that I would have around the same amount」

「U~n, it doesnt really matter how many you have though….

Thats right, then why dont I give you Magic Manipulation Then, youll be able to use most magic!!」

「Is that so」

「The people in that world need to memorize the incantations and practice them in order to use them, but thats because their mental image of magic is poor, so thats how it turned out.

However, theres things like manga here in this world and you can easily imagine it, so you should be able to learn the ones you like.」

Was it something similar to a stereotype If thats the case, why not try creating magic using Magic Manipulation.  

「Then, Magic Manipulation, please.」

「Roger!! Anything else」

Something else, huh….

Ahh, there were monsters.

「Is it possible to tame monsters」

「Tame There are various methods.

For example, raising them from when they are young, contractual magic in the case where they have high intelligence, and lastly, binding them to you using subordination magic.」

I see, then wont everything work itself out if I could use magic.

「However, if youre going to be a monster tamer, its best to be careful Tamers are rare.」

Is that so There should be quite a few of them in the stories though.

「Think about it, there wouldnt be anyone who would purposely keep a partner who could kill them, right」

Muu, thats fair….

「Thats why, if you dont take care when taming monsters, others might think that youre strange.」

「I understand, Ill be careful.」

「For now, this is what I have, huh.」

Lets see, the skills Ive received were『Different World Language』,『Item Box』,『Appraisal』,『Magic Manipulation』, four of them.

Theyre not exactly cheats, but theyre luxuries for everyday life.  

「Nn If they had the Appraisal skill, wouldnt it be bad ifDifferent World Language was seen」

「Oh no, I forgot.

I will also give youConcealment.

Since it would be strange that a baby would have this many skills.

Hide your skills.」


「Well then, you will now reincarnate to another world.」


「I understand.」

「You would be found at the orphanage as a baby, so in the beginning, it might be hard, but endure it.」

「Theres nothing in particular that I need to do」

「Un, enjoy your life in another world.」

「Ahh, I will.」

「Well then, take care!!」

And so, I was enveloped in a white light and reincarnated in a different world.


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