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Chapter 979: Sea Empress

Tian’er couldn't help but feel proud of herself when she saw that the other party had let her in after all. I can even make a stiff block of wood start burning.

“I am surnamed An.” Zu An obviously wouldn’t tell her his real name.

He gave her an ambiguous smile and said, “These private rooms have quite good sound isolation.

Is the lady not scared that I will do something rude to you if you close the door”

This was a jade token guest’s room.

As long as the windows were closed, almost all noise would be blocked out.

The place had clearly been meticulously designed.

Tang Tian’er showed him a sweet smile and replied, “How can a noble guest like the young master be that sort of unromantic brute Of course I have no need to be scared of anything like that.”

Zu An calmly said, “Could it be that you do not know that the more distinguished the guest is, the more strange their preferences and fetishes are”

Tang Tian’er was speechless.

She really didn’t know how to respond after hearing something like that.

Wouldn’t someone normally exchange a few flirtatious sentences at that point to make the atmosphere more intense

Zu An’s attention was still on Sun Ji and he didn’t have much interest in feigning civility with her.

He asked, “Didn’t you say you came with the goods Where are they”

Tang Tian’er’s smile couldn't help but freeze.

However, she still took out a pouch from her ring, saying, “The items are inside.

Young master An, please look through them.”

Zu An gave her ring a look.

He had already been in this world for so long, he immediately recognized that it was a spatial artifact.

However, most spatial artifacts were in the shape of pouches.

Storage systems that could be as small as a ring were all extremely precious.

Was this really just an ordinary hostess

He had his misgivings, but he didn’t show it on the surface.

He took the pouch from her and checked the contents.

These things were related to Daji’s breakthrough, so he treated them carefully.

After confirming the contents, he took out a stack of silver notes.

“Miss Tang, check the amount, please.”

After receiving the money, Tang Tian’er placed it into her ring.

“The young master is someone I trust; there is no need to count the money.” That made Zu An’s earlier actions seem a bit selfish.

This woman really is quite petty; she even has to get me back on something small like this, Zu An thought with a bit of ridicule.

Tang Tian’er said with a curious expression, “The young master is gentle and kind like jade; you are almost an entirely different person from the side you showed everyone outside!”

Zu An thought to himself, Just when did I act gentle and kind like jade But he still enjoyed the praise all the same.

“This only means that the lady does not know enough about me yet.”

Tang Tian’er smiled.

She subtly got a bit closer to the other party and replied, “Then will the young master give me a chance to get to know you properly”

She controlled the space between the two of them extremely well.

If she were even a bit closer, she would seem too frivolous; and yet if she went a bit farther, there wouldn’t be that ambiguous mood.

When he smelled the delicate fragrance she was giving off, Zu An was surprised. Isn’t this woman seducing me Don’t tell me my charm is already so great that women will throw themselves at me even with a mask on

He chuckled and said, “I think it would be better if the lady gave me a chance to understand you.”

“What does the young master wish to know” Tang Tian’er thought to herself, You really are a block of wood. But since they were now interacting at last, she felt that everything was now within her grasp.

“Of course I want to know you deep inside,” Zu An replied.

“The young master is so bad!” Tang Tian’er worked in the Hub of Freedom, so she naturally understood the implicit meaning.

She hit Zu An’s shoulder with her small fists.

As an expert socialite, she naturally knew what an appropriate level of body contact was and how to quickly close the distance between them, how to subconsciously make a man think that one thought well of him.

Despite that, Zu An obviously also knew the game she was playing.

But if they were both going to act to the end, who was scared of whom here He took the chance to wrap his arms around her waist.

He had suddenly realized that he might need her as a witness later.

But who would have thought that Tang Tian’er would twist her waist away as if she had seen it coming ahead of time, avoiding his arm The smile on her face was replaced with worry as she said, “Young master, apart from coming here to give you these items, I also came to warn you about something.

Young master might have just arrived in Yi Commandery recently, so you might not know the background of the one you offended.

His father is Sun Xun, the right hand man of King Yan, and within this region of a thousand li, everyone else is beneath him.

He dotes on young master Sun a lot too, which is why no one dares to provoke him no matter how arrogantly he acts in Yi Commandery.

“You offended him in front of so many people, so with his nature, he will definitely want to get revenge.

That is why I advise the young master to be more careful.

It might be better if you call over your clan’s experts to escort you back.

You absolutely must not treat this matter carelessly.”

A relationship with a man was just like fishing; one had to both push and pull.

She used her charm to draw him in and ignite his passion, but if she continued to treat him sweetly and made it too easy for him, she would instead lose a lot of her charm.

On the contrary, withholding it from him like this would gradually drive a man crazy.

Zu An replied, seemingly stunned, “The two of us are merely strangers who have met today by chance; why is the lady treating me so well If Sun Ji learned of this, it would clearly offend the Sun clan.”

He only expressed his gratitude on the surface, but on the inside, he sneered instead.

What she said was something he had already discerned seventy to eighty percent of from the auction hall’s discussions.

Clearly, she hadn’t actually really given him any important information, and was instead secretly prying at his background.

If it were any other naive kid, they really might have been moved to bitter tears.

Unfortunately, she had ended up encountering someone like him. Sigh, a sea empress like you might like raising all sorts of different fish, but are you not scared that one day you might encounter a shark

Tang Tian’er said gently, “As an honored guest of the Hub of Freedom, we obviously do not wish to see anything bad happen to the young master.

But out of selfish intentions…” She paused there and looked at him with a shy expression.

Then, she said finely, “When I saw how heroic the young master was, this humble girl began to admire you greatly.

I do not want to see anything bad happen to the young master.”

Zu An clicked his tongue.

This woman really might win an Oscar if she had been in his previous world’s entertainment industry! Her acting really was on an entirely different level!

“Don’t worry.

Forget about the Sun clan, not even King Yan himself could do anything to me if he personally came.” Zu An pretended to be a young master that had been completely smitten by her.

He patted his chest as if to provide a guarantee.

A hint of surprise appeared in Tang Tian’er’s eyes when she heard what he said.

This man’s background was extraordinary, as expected! But she pretended to look extremely worried and exclaimed, “Young master, you cannot be careless! King Yan is a grandmaster, and Minister Sun is also rumored to possess grandmaster level strength.

Even if your clan has some influence, I fear…” Even though she didn’t finish her sentence, her implications were clear.

Zu An said indifferently, “It does not matter.

King Yan might not necessarily join in my conflict with the Sun clan.”

Tang Tian’er thought to herself, As expected, the other party still has some reservations toward the grandmaster level! But he isn’t as scared of a master rank cultivator.

“But this is the Sun clan’s domain.

If the Sun clan really wishes to scheme against you and the young master is alone, your seniors might not be able to come in time to save you!” Tang Tian’er continued to make indirect inquiries.

“It’s fine.

Yi Commandery is near the Suidan River.

Wherever there is water, there is no way they can harm me,” Zu An replied proudly.

Tang Tian’er was alarmed. He’s from the ocean races, as expected! As such, she said, “Then I feel much more relieved.

I have to say, Yi Commandery is a great place, but it is just a bit too cold.

I like warmer places like the south.

I heard that the southern beaches are still warm like summer right now.

Just the thought of the sunlight and sand makes me excited, but I just do not know if that really is true…”

“Of course it is.” Zu An had guessed her true intentions, so he created an ocean race identity for himself.

He used some of the documentaries he watched from his past world to create the image of a mysterious sea.

Together with the mermaid princess he had met before in the dungeon, his description only seemed even more realistic.

Tang Tian’er was now more and more certain that he was definitely from the ocean races.

Otherwise, how could he know all of that so clearly She had just been making some discreet inquiries at first, but she was completely sucked in by Zu An’s description.

Her eyes continued to sparkle as she listened.

The mood became more and more familiar and fervent.

However, Zu An noticed that Sun Ji was already about to leave.

He began to feel a bit impatient, so he reached out his arm to hug the woman next to him.

Tang Tian’er fell into his arms with a lovable smile.

Then, she raised her head and slowly moved up to kiss him.

Just as their lips were about to touch, a bit of pink mist gently emerged from her bright red lips.

Zu An’s entire body trembled, and then he fell weakly to the side.

Tang Tian’er sat up from his embrace.

Her previously flirtatious nature was already nowhere to be seen as she exclaimed, “Hmph, you want to take advantage of me Keep dreaming!”



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