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Chapter 976: I Will Bid!

Those present roared with laughter.

They clearly noticed that Sun Ji had been played by guest 333 again.

When he heard the onlookers’ mocking laughter and saw their looks of pity, Sun Ji’s face heated up.

Anger raged within him.

He gave Zu An a hateful look and exclaimed, “You little bastard, you dare to play me”

You have successfully trolled Sun Ji for 444 444 444…

Zu An put away his smile when he heard that and replied, “I did play you.

What are you going to do about it”

Sun Ji almost fainted on the spot when he heard that.

Had the other party grabbed the wrong script or something He was always the one who said those kinds of things to other people, so why were the roles reversed today

From the center of the auction hall, Chubby Senior gave Zu An another look.

He thought to himself, Where in the world does this crazy man come from He actually seems even more rude and unreasonable in comparison.

The beautiful hostess’ eyes glittered as she looked at Zu An.

She became more and more interested in this arrogant and domineering man.

Unlike Sun Ji, who relied on his own clan’s background and strength, this newcomer had completely relied on his own ability to humiliate Sun Ji.

Chubby Elder took a step forward and said with a light cough, “Ahem, order needs to be maintained here!” His voice was amplified by ki, and those present felt their ears ring with noise.

They were all shaken up.

Nine ranks of cultivation were terrifying after all!

Chubby Senior nodded in satisfaction when he saw the reactions of the onlookers.

He obviously didn’t want to see a repeat of the previous farce, which would further affect the auction.

He gestured for the hostess to continue.

The beautiful hostess reacted.

She continued in her sweet voice, “Seven hundred and fifty thousand going once… Seven hundred and fifty thousand going twice… Seven hundred and fifty thousand going three times… Sold! Congratulations, young master Sun!”

Sun Ji’s eyelids twitched, but he could only swallow this resentment.

He forced a smile and nodded, saying, “This isn’t much money at all.

It’s worth it if it’s spent on this toy.” The onlookers sneered when they saw him try to redeem himself.

They didn’t feel like exposing him, though.

Yang Long walked over to his side and said worriedly, “Young master, money borrowed from the Hub of Freedom has to be repaid.

Things will be troublesome later if you keep purchasing things like this…”

Sun Ji was bleeding internally, but he said, “It’s fine.

We have enough money with us this time.”

You have successfully trolled Sun Ji for 555 555 555…

“But the master might criticize you for spending so much money on this item…” Yang Long was quite upset.

Even though he wasn’t the one who had spent the money, he would take on a share of the blame as Sun Ji’s guardian as well.

Sun Ji’s eyes narrowed as he looked in Zu An’s direction.

“That fella was willing to pay six hundred thousand to buy this knife, which means he has more than six hundred thousand on him.

We can just seize the money back from him later.”

Yang Long nodded.

That was the only choice left.

Furthermore, that little bastard was utterly hateful.

He surged with killing intent when he recalled how he’d had to endure humiliation and apologize.

You have successfully trolled Yang Long for 444 444 444…

The auction continued.

All kinds of weapons, rare treasures, and even fiend race slaves were brought out one after another.

Zu An frowned when he saw the participants bid against each other so eagerly over the slaves.

He really wasn’t too used to such a thing.

However, the fiend races had been defeated back then, and the wealthy clans of the Zhou Dynasty loved to keep fiend race slaves.

It was already something commonplace that a single person like him couldn't do much about.

“If Kong Nanwu were here, she might just decide to go on a murderous rampage.” Zu An sighed.

However, he wouldn’t go so far as to try and be some holy mother.

After all, if the humans were captured by the fiend races, the result could only be even more cruel.

Meanwhile, his only role was to annoy Sun Ji.

Whenever Sun Ji wanted to buy something, he would raise the price a bit.

It made Sun Ji’s teeth ache, but there wasn’t anything he could do about it.

Unfortunately, Sun Ji had suffered pretty badly over that Immortal Beheading Knife, so he didn’t fancy too many items.

After Zu An harvested a few more rounds of Rage points, the other party no longer raised his sign.

He even deliberately showed interest in some items along the way and bid a few times.

Unfortunately, Sun Ji had already been scared badly and didn’t try to fight over things with him anymore.

Helpless to do anything else, he could only try to raise the prices for some others.

At the same time, he collected a large amount of Rage points from those present.

The others all glared hatefully at Zu An.

They had all been chewing on their seeds as they watched him torment Sun Ji.

How could they have expected that this person would direct his schemes toward them This guy is a freaking sack of **!

It was instead Sun Ji who had a smile on his face.

He instead found Zu An a bit more pleasant than before.

After all, he wasn’t the only one who was suffering anymore.

Even as everyone directed their hatred toward him, Zu An didn’t care at all.

Either way, he had a mask on, so they had no idea who he was.

Earning Rage points was what was most important after all.

Just a bit of work had earned him more than a hundred thousand Rage points.

Pissing off a group of people was much more effective than targeting a single person after all!

Of course, he didn’t only do it for Rage points.

He had another objective.

As expected, the next item the gorgeous hostess announced was “Gray Wolf King Fangs.”

“These ten fangs are all the sharpest canines of mature Gray Wolf Kings.

Arrows made with these materials can penetrate the ki barriers of cultivators.

Of course, they can also be used as medicine… The starting price is fifty thousand silvers, with the bids in increments of a thousand.” The beautiful hostess introduced the item rather casually.

The fangs’ use was more niche than most other items.

Even though they had medicinal value, it wasn’t too high.

Their best uses were being made into Demonslaying Arrows.

However, archery wasn’t too popular in this world, and these guests were mostly incredibly rich people.

It wasn’t going to be a popular item.

Sure enough, there were only a few bids here and there.

Zu An said lazily, “Fifty-five thousand.”

He had a small booklet in his room.

Apart from the one most mysterious item, there were some descriptions about everything else that was being auctioned off.

It was just like an advertising pamphlet.

Zu An hadn’t noticed it at first, but he had eventually remembered the fangs were one of the materials Daji needed for breakthroughs.

That was why he paid close attention to them.

For fear that Sun Ji or any others might fight him over them and make him pay even more, he had deliberately bid on some things without buying them.

It was precisely because he hadn’t wanted people to know about his true objective.

The gorgeous hostess’ eyes immediately began to glow.

She had almost fallen in love with him! It was precisely because he had kept making bids that every single item in the auction had ended up being sold at least twenty to thirty percent above their normal prices.

That naturally increased her own cut by quite a bit.

She was smiling so widely her eyes had almost become slits.

She thought to herself that she had to properly thank him later.

When she thought about how young and healthy his body was, her own body couldn't help but become a bit sensitive.

The others present had completely different thoughts. That guy is freaking bidding again…

They weren’t all that interested in the wolf fangs anyway.

They were worried about him bidding too, so no one said anything.

The wolf fangs ended up being sold for fifty-five thousand silvers.

“Huh” When he heard that he won the bid, Zu An even showed a bit of annoyance and surprise.

Everyone else immediately felt much better when they saw that. Keep bidding! You’ve fallen for your own trap this time, huh

Sun Ji felt even better. It’s just a pity that he didn’t end up suffering more than this.

But his opinion quickly changed. That guy’s money will soon become mine anyway.

That’s why the less money he ends up spending, the better!

He felt a bit annoyed when he thought of that. Damn you, why are you spending my money on some stupid useless wolf fangs!

You have successfully trolled Sun Ji for 257 257 257…

He placed a few more bids afterward.

Zu An continued to put pressure on the prices like before, but he was clearly more careful than before.

The others sneered. That guy must be still thinking about that mistake!

The next item quickly came out.

The beautiful hostess took out an embroidered case for everyone to see.

It was multi-colored and extremely beautiful.

She said sweetly, “These are Nine-Headed Pheasant Feathers.

They have been collected by hunters from many different lands with great difficulty.

There are fifty in total.

They are the best items for making arrows, capable of making them fly more steadily.

Of course, they can also be made into clothes and hats.

Not only are they beautiful, they can provide a certain amount of defensive power… The bidding will start at fifty thousand taels of silver, with bids in increments of one thousand.”

These items were clearly more popular than the wolf fangs.

Such pretty feathers could be bought to gain the favor of girls.

The price quickly reached seventy thousand.

Zu An spoke again, as expected.

“Seventy-five thousand.”

That bastard is trying to raise the prices again! The same thought appeared in the others’ minds.

Then, the enthusiastic bidding suddenly fell silent.

No one kept him company in inflating the price.

They even wondered if this guy had been sent by the Hub of Freedom to mess with them.

However, Chubby Senior felt a huge headache.

The other party had helped the Hub of Freedom make quite a bit of profits, but whenever he placed a bid, everyone else stopped bidding.

It was one thing for these smaller items, but it would be troublesome if this continued for that item they were going to bring out later.

At that point, the gains wouldn’t make up for the losses!

The gorgeous hostess called out three more times, but no one responded.

In the end, Zu An bought the Nine-Headed Pheasant Feathers at the price of seventy-five thousand silvers.

He had a smile on his face.

He had ended up buying what he needed for much cheaper than what he had planned to spend.

He had already completed his goals, so how could he not be happy

Those present gradually realized what had happened. Don’t tell me he actually did want to buy these feathers The feeling of being played made all of them donate another round of Rage points.

Zu An almost burst out laughing.

His trip today to the Hub of Freedom really was too timely!

The gorgeous hostess spoke sweetly once again.

“The next item is what everyone has been waiting for this evening…”


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