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Chapter 973: Will It Respond If I Call Out to It

The onlookers were stupefied when they saw that scene.

Just how many years had it been since direct conflict had happened in the Hub of Freedom Furthermore, on one side was Minister Sun’s son! Which outsider dared to face someone like that head on

Many people began to feel pity.

He had offended Sun Ji in Yi Commandery.

Unless one were the heir of King Yan himself, it was the same as lighting a lantern in a bathroom… He was just tired of living.

Some elders who were older immediately took the chance to warn their juniors.

“A bit of endurance and everything becomes tranquil; take a step back and the heavens are clear.

That youngster’s actions might seem refreshing on the surface, but he will have to pay the price of his life.

All of you should learn from his bad example.”

Sun Ji’s head was ringing as he heard people’s discussions.

He didn’t realize what had happened even after some time passed.

Only when he saw that there was something wrong with his mouth did he subconsciously spit some things out.

Then, he saw some teeth had fallen out, and his hand was covered in blood.

His first reaction was, “I was hit” He almost didn’t dare to believe it.

“I was **ing hit!”

He finally realized what had happened.

He erupted with fury.

“Motherf*cker, you’re courting death!”

You have successfully trolled Sun Ji for 799 799 799…

He drew the blade at his waist and flung it at Zu An with all of his strength.

His attack was meant to kill, to end Zu An’s life right there.

Unfortunately, perhaps his cultivation wasn’t high enough, or there was some invisible ki wall present; when that blade approached Zu An’s private room, it suddenly fell down.

The people below quickly cried out and tried to move out of the way.

Is that it There were many guests who had been watching the drama with great interest, waiting to see some big sparks.

And yet in the end, they hadn’t expected Sun Ji to be so disappointing.

If he hadn’t managed to get his current cultivation because of his dad, he would’ve died a long time ago already, many of the onlookers thought.

Sun Ji didn’t know what was going on either. Did I end up getting weaker because of my injuries

He was ashamed and furious.

He knew that the other party was at the sixth rank, so he didn’t dare to charge over by himself.

He gave Yang Long a furious glare.

“What are you staring like an idiot for I was already hit, but you’re not going to do anything”

Yang Long was staring at the teacup on the ground in a stupor.

He actually hadn’t seen how the teacup had flown over. Don’t tell me this youngster isn’t only at the sixth rank A bit of confusion appeared within him.

But he quickly refuted that idea. That youngster is too young; how can anyone at that age have such a level of cultivation It’s probably because the young master was standing too close to the entrance, and I wasn’t ready for his sudden attack.

That’s why the surprise strike worked.

When he heard Sun Ji’s roar, he finally snapped out of his daze.

His foot tapped against the ground, and he shot out toward Zu An’s private room like a great Peng.[1]

Zu An’s eyes narrowed.

These local tyrants really were ignorant and narrow-minded.

They thought they were omnipotent just because they had a bit of cultivation.

Forget about the Sun clan’s young master, even if his father or King Yan came, they would still have to treat him with respect.

No matter how great they were, they weren’t greater than King Qi, right

He was just about to attack when a figure shot out from the backstage area, exchanging a blow with Yang Long.

Then, that figure’s palm pushed forward, and Yang Long was forced to return to Sun Ji’s side.

Another figure was already standing steadily near Zu An’s private room.

Only then did those present see that the figure was an elder who wore a smiling buddha mask.

His clothes had the Hub of Freedom’s symbol embroidered on them.

This was clearly a staff member of the Hub of Freedom.

“Ninth rank!”

There were quite a few individuals present with powerful cultivations.

The eyes of the black-robed man in particular immediately narrowed.

He had already sensed the other person’s cultivation from that brief exchange.

Yang Long was left in great shock.

However, he knew that the other party had already been lenient.

Otherwise, he would die on the spot if he exchanged a blow against a ninth ranked expert head on.

“¥%*@#…” Sun Ji pointed at Zu An and screamed as if he were denouncing him.

Unfortunately, he had lost so many teeth that his words weren’t being enunciated properly.

Those present couldn't really understand what he was saying.

Yang Long coughed and translated for him.

“Could it be that your Hub of Freedom intends on defending him”

Even though the other party was at the ninth rank, Sun Ji had the Sun clan and even King Yan behind him.

He obviously wouldn’t back down here.

The elder cupped his hands and said, “The Hub of Freedom strictly prohibits private conflicts.

I ask that young master Sun and Sir Yang forgive me.”

He always had a smile on his face as he spoke.

His smile was extremely kind.

Together with the fact that he was a ninth ranked expert, but was still acting so politely, Sun Ji’s side couldn't really complain.

Sun Ji finally calmed down as well.

He pointed at his bloody mouth and asked with a muffled voice, “But why didn’t you do anything when he attacked earlier”

The elder’s smile froze.

He had been caught off guard there.

Furthermore, Zu An’s attack had been exceptionally fast, to the point where even he couldn’t react in time.

Faced with the Sun clan’s criticism, he obviously had to show consideration for that.

He looked toward Zu An and asked, “Our honored guest here, why did you hurt someone in our Hub of Freedom”

Zu An shrugged and said, “You’re blaming me unfairly.

When did I attack Maybe some big shot here couldn't stand that Sun guy’s arrogance, and so secretly attacked to discipline him”

Sun Ji almost fainted from anger when he heard that.

He had always been the one twisting logic and leaving the other party furious, yet helpless.

He had never thought that there would be a day when he’d experience such a shameless person!

You have successfully trolled Sun Ji for 613 613 613…

“Absolutely… Absolutely nonsense!” Sun Ji was still leaking air through the gaps in his teeth.

He pointed at Zu An and roared, “The teacup was clearly thrown from that direction!”

Zu An spread out his arms and replied nonchalantly, “All things need proof, right Otherwise, I’m going to accuse you of slandering me.

If you don’t trust me, go and ask them.

Who saw me throw that cup just now”

The guests all shook their heads.

None of them wanted to join the battlefield between two jade token holders.

After all, anyone who could become a jade token holder had already proven their status.

No one was willing to provoke them.

Furthermore, that Sun Ji really was too arrogant.

All of them were actually secretly delighted to see him suffer for once.

That short and stout elder had seen the cup come from Zu An’s room, but his status made it so he couldn't act as a witness.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be impartial at all if he helped one jade token holder deal with another one.

Wouldn’t the other guests start fearing for their own safety at that point

Yang Long said coldly, “This old one saw it myself!”

Zu An clicked his tongue.

“You’re just the Sun clan’s hired thug, so of course you’d speak up for your owner.

Not even the government office would believe any testimony you spoke.”

“I…” Yang Long’s chest rose and fell rapidly.

He was a glorious seventh ranked expert, and even Minister Sun treated him with respect.

And yet, this youngster was treating him like some door-watching dog!

You have successfully trolled Yang Long for 666 666 666…

Sun Ji pushed him away and glared furiously at Zu An.

“You bastard! You clearly did it, and yet you dare speak nonsense here”

You have successfully trolled Sun Ji for 459 459 459…

Zu An felt refreshed when he saw Sun Ji’s furious yet helpless appearance.

He was just in need of Rage points! If I don’t make you mald from anger, I’ll be letting your current level of anger down.[2]

“Does that teacup have my name on it How do you know it was mine I’ll call out to it; do you think it’ll reply to me” He called out to the teacup a few times, but it clearly didn’t react at all.

Sun Ji, Yang Long, and all of the other guests were speechless.

They all wondered where this ridiculous person had come from.

This level of shamelessness was even higher than Sun Ji’s! As expected, there were devils above demons.

But some more intelligent people began to think about some things.

This person had offended the Sun clan without any mercy… Assuming he wasn’t stupid, he had someone backing him.

But he didn’t seem to be a match for the Sun clan’s bodyguard…

Sun Ji was about to explode from anger.

He was just about to release a barrage of curses when Yang Long stopped him.

Being a bit older, Yang Long was more cool headed.

He gave the short and stout elder a look, asking, “Senior, what will happen if we can prove that he was the one who did this”

The short and stout elder hesitated for a moment.

In the end, he still said, “The Hub of Freedom prohibits private battles.

All those who oppose this rule will be asked to leave.” For the sake of maintaining order, that was the Hub of Freedom’s ironclad rule.

He couldn't be biased toward any side under so many prying eyes.

Yang Long nodded in satisfaction.

“Alright then.

Senior, please examine his room.

Every room has a set number of teacups, and the teacups of the Hub of Freedom are specially made and impossible to mimic by outsiders.

As long as there is a cup missing from his room, that will prove he was the one who threw it.”


Some translators translate the word ‘Peng’ as ‘roc’.

The Peng is a mythological bird creature that is traditionally portrayed as massive with golden wings, and can sometimes turn into a black Kun fish.

The gold and black cycle between fish and bird is equivalent to the white and black Taiji of Taoism ☜


Mald = mad bald. ☜


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