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Chapter 961, Part 2: Model for Us All

Meanwhile, Gao Ying was puzzled.

He mused, “Didn’t Elder Murong lose his official post because of brother Zu Why does it seem like the Murong clan’s young miss is on really good terms with brother Zu”

“Brother Zu possesses extraordinary charm.

Even someone like Lady Nan Xun, a courtesan queen who left the entire capital shaken, thinks highly of him, so how could a little girl from the Murong clan resist” Pei You actually felt incredibly envious as he spoke.

They had been witnesses themselves that night.

Such a mental blow really was too powerful.

“I think Murong Qinghe is quite pretty too.

Even though her skin is a bit dark, she’s a beauty in the making as well.

Give or take a few more years, she might not be worse than Nan Xun.” Gao Ying assessed her while stroking his chin.

In what kind of situation did men grow closer the fastest It was when they chatted about women.

The two of them had experienced life and death in the dungeon together, after which they had gone to a place like Scarlet Invitation.

Now, they really were close friends.

They would still never say such things in front of others, but in private, there was no longer any need for them to be as uptight as before.

“Huh” Pei You rubbed his own arm as if he had goosebumps.

“I didn’t expect you to be that kind of person.”

Gao Ying was stunned at first, but then he was furious.

“You bastard, you know that’s not what I meant! I like big breasts and big butts! We even went to Scarlet Invitation a few times together; don’t you know what kind of tastes I have”

Pei You reminded him, “Lower your voice, or else your reputation will be done for if anyone else heard what you just said.”

Gao Ying looked all around him.

Sure enough, there were some people who had looked in their direction when they heard the noise.

His face heated up.

Pei You suddenly blew a long whistle and remarked, “Oh man, who is that babe over there”

“Where” Gao Ying followed Pei  You’s gaze.

He saw a woman in a blue dress arrive from a distance.

Her hair was tied up in the most elegant and beautiful bun, and there was an aura of gentleness around her.

Did she come from the Book of Songs or something For some reason, that thought suddenly appeared in both of their heads.

The girl was extremely beautiful, but that was all.

For young masters like them from large clans, they were used to seeing pretty girls in the capital.

What was unique about her was the scholarly aura around her.

It really was a breath of fresh air for the two of them.

“This is the kind of woman you want to bring back home to serve you as a good wife!” Pei You couldn't help but say with a sigh.

“Indeed…” Gao Ying felt deep sympathy.

Even though the girls from the brothel were charming and seemed cheerful, compared to this woman, those girls immediately seemed dull.

“I wonder which clan’s young miss she is,” Pei You mused.

Even though they could tell that her clothes weren’t excessively extravagant, the material was fine.

Together with her special temperament, they knew she was definitely not a girl from a peasant family.

“Why does she look a bit familiar Have we met her somewhere before” Gao Ying asked, puzzled.

“I thought I was the only one!” Pei You was surprised.

“Huh She’s walking in this direction.

Don’t tell me I caught her eye” He straightened his back and sorted out his uniform.

They were setting out on a formal diplomatic mission, so he was dressed up properly in his official uniform.

He looked much more proper than usual.

Gao Ying thought to himself, This guy really puts on airs! He knows there’s no chance she is seeking him out, but he just won’t admit it. “Drop the act already.

Even if she is coming for one of us, she’ll be looking for brother Zu.”

Pei You’s eyes twitched.

He was about to fire back, but his eyes soon widened.

That woman did walk toward Zu An after all!

“Big brother Zu~” The sweet-tempered woman greeted Zu An warmly.

“Daoyun, why are you here” Zu An was happy and surprised to see her.

The woman was naturally Xie Daoyun.

Chu Youzhao’s eyebrows furrowed.

She didn’t feel the happiness of seeing someone from the same hometown, but rather felt a sense of danger.

“Big brother Zu is about to go on a long journey, so I asked my teacher for half a day of vacation to see you off.

My little brother wanted to come too, but he’s reached a critical period in his cultivation and his teacher won’t allow him to leave, so that’s why I apologize in his place.

I hope big brother Zu won’t take offense.” Xie Daoyun’s voice was soothing, like raindrops falling into a lake.

Those who heard it couldn't help but feel a sense of peacefulness.

“Why would I take offense Cultivation is obviously more important,” Zu An replied.

“Right, winter has already arrived.

The north is cold, so this little sister prepared…” Xie Daoyun reached into a storage pouch while speaking.

However, her eyes suddenly shifted to the clothes off to the side and she froze up.

Chu Youzhao cried out, “Oh my, my big sister already prepared so much winter clothing for my brother-in-law already! Could it be that Miss Xie has prepared clothes as well”

Murong Qinghe had a strange expression on her face. Why is he saying this Does he think this Miss Xie has something going on with his brother-in-law This is just like the second wife and third wife fighting back home, how boring.

But my big brother Chu is doing this for his big sister! I guess this is fine.

“That’s not it.” Xie Daoyun quickly recovered.

Her hand moved in a different direction inside the pouch.

She took out something else.

“The north is cold, and Cloudcenter Commandery’s customs are also tougher than here.

If you have this talisman with you, it can serve as an extra layer of protection.”

Zu An recognized that the talisman she was holding was a Last Breath Talisman, just like the previous time.

He was overjoyed, exclaiming, “Thank you, little sister Daoyun! This talisman protected my life last time in the dungeon.

I feel much more at ease with this at my side.”

Chu Youzhao’s enmity immediately lessened when she heard that Xie Daoyun was giving Zu An a life-saving treasure.

Instead, she found her much more pleasing.

Xie Daoyun instead felt a bit apologetic, saying, “It’s a pity that I could only make a single one of these talismans, because the conditions for creating it are extremely strict.

Otherwise, it would’ve been better if I could prepare more of them for big brother Zu.”

“Little sister Daoyun, please don’t blame yourself.

I’m also a cultivator, so I know just how precious these things that can save one’s life are.

How could its creation be easy I’m already endlessly grateful to be able to obtain one of them.

I don’t even know how to repay you.” Zu An wanted to tease her and say he didn’t mind devoting his entire body to her, but he was worried that he might be rude by saying that with so many people here.

Xie Daoyun smiled and said, “Big brother Zu’s words are too serious.

I really liked the poem and zither song you gave me last time.”

Chu Youzhao immediately erupted into rage when she heard that.

Her brother-in-law had secretly given another girl a poem! Even I didn’t even get one yet!

You have successfully trolled Chu Youzhao for 288 288 288…

Zu An jumped in fright. What is this girl getting all mad for

Xie Daoyun said gently, “I’ve already been away for some time and need to return for cultivation.

Big brother Zu, please take good care of yourself.” There were too many people by the dock, and she wasn’t too used to showing herself in the open.

“Little sister Daoyun, you need to take care of yourself as well.

Don’t tire yourself too much from cultivating.” Zu An waved goodbye.

Xie Daoyun blushed.

She nodded toward him and left.

“She’s already gone; what are you still looking that way for” Chu Youzhao mumbled bitterly.

Zu An was about to respond when a sweet fragrance wafted over.

A gentle and lovely voice remarked, “That seems to be City Lord Xie’s daughter, right Truly an old friend in a foreign place; a pity that she couldn't stay longer for a chat.”

Gao Ying and Pei You’s eyes were wide open.

They exclaimed, “Why are there two more beauties”

“They seem to be the Sang clan’s people.” Gao Ying recalled that the two seemed to have come from Sang Hong’s side.

“There have always been rumors that the Sang clan’s daughter-in-law was beautiful.

Because she was widowed not long after she got married, there were quite a few young masters from the capital who were interested.

Now, I can see that she’s even more beautiful than the rumors state,” Pei You couldn't help but say in praise.

He couldn't pick out many flaws even with his strict gaze.

The woman carried the charms of a girl from the pleasure quarters, and yet also had the dignified aura of a distinguished clan’s daughter.

He really didn’t know how one person could perfectly blend those two entirely different characteristics.

But when he recalled her background, he couldn't help but sigh.

“She was widowed at such a young age… It really is tragic.”

“I advise you not to have any thoughts about her,” Gao Ying said quietly.

“I’m just admiring a beauty, okay” Pei You immediately defended himself.

But he still couldn't help but ask, “Why”

“Did you not notice that she’s all smiles Does she look like a widowed woman at all Furthermore, I heard that she and brother Zu were locked up together when they were brought to the capital, and the two of them even shared a carriage…” Gao Ying gave him a look.

“Really” Pei You was shocked.

“Look at her expression, man.

She keeps smiling as she looks at brother Zu.” Gao Ying gestured toward them with his head.

Pei You looked over.

Sure enough, Zheng Dan’s eyes were smiling, and she was looking at Zu An most of the time.

He said, “You’re right… Huh Why does Miss Sang’s expression look similar”

Even Gao Ying was shocked.

He looked over, and sure enough, he saw that even though Sang Qien was half hiding behind Zheng Dan, she still looked at Zu An from time to time.

There was something different in her expression!

“Miss Sang is a beauty herself too.” Pei You sighed in praise.

Unlike Zheng Dan, Sang Qien had an entirely different kind of beauty.

If Zheng Dan was a charming newlywed wife, Sang Qien was a youthful young lady.

The reason why they had discussed Zheng Dan more before was because there weren’t too many who had been widowed at her age.

His expression became strange as he said, “So you’re saying that brother Zu got both of them… Amazing!”

Even the usually square Gao Ying couldn't help but say with a sigh of admiration, “Brother Zu really is a model for us all.

We need to properly consult him in this journey to come.”

Of course, the two of them didn’t think that Zu An had any real tangible relationship with the two.

However, the fact that he could receive both girls’ favor was shocking in itself.

Little did they know that the target of their admiration was currently stuck in a battlefield of asuras.

Chu Youzhao pinched Zu An’s waist while saying with a smile, “Brother-in-law seems to have many little sisters!”

Zu An felt a huge headache.

Fortunately, Sang Hong asked curiously just then, “Huh Where is Golden Token Sir Eleven Why hasn’t he arrived yet”



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