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Chapter 958: Amid the Clouds and Mist

King Qi said indifferently, “You need to move carefully, and you can also try to befriend Zu An.

That kid has previously expressed intent to form an alliance with me, so you can use this chance to test him and see if he’s being sincere or not.”

“Befriend him” Zhao Zhi’s voice immediately rose an octave.

His eyes were filled with anger.

“That little bastard humiliated me before.

I hate him so much I want to tear him apart and break his bones!”

“Don’t let a small grievance ruin the greater scheme.” King Qi criticized him.

“If you can’t even endure something like this, how will you ever accomplish something great We need to make use of him first and foremost right now.

Even if he’s an enemy, you have to be good at using enemies.

Once the dust settles, you can then slowly decide how you want to make him pay.”

When he heard that his father didn’t actually intend to stop him from getting his revenge later, Zhao Zhi’s expression finally eased a bit and he said, “I have benefited from father’s scoldings.”

“Your father will tell you a bit more about the situation over there now…” King Qi pulled Zhao Zhi over and told him about some things in Cloudcenter Commandery.

At the top of Mount Yuquan, a woman with long, stocking-covered legs climbed the stairs and arrived near the lotus pond.

The cold had already set in, with snow starting to fall, and yet the lotus flowers were still bright and beautiful.

There was a layer of faint energy surrounding everything, as if it were the home of an immortal.

When she saw the figure of someone angling by the lake, Jiang Luofu couldn't help but remark, “Teacher, these fish are all your beloved pets; why are you fishing for them Furthermore, I’ve never seen you catch a single one before.”

“I’m sure they find being captive here quite dull.

I’m merely keeping them company and playing with them.” The libationer raised the fishing pole as he spoke.

The fish ‘hook’ wasn’t curved, but rather perfectly straight.

Jiang Luofu couldn't be bothered with her teacher’s strange tastes and asked, “Teacher, what did you call me over for today”

“Did Madam Qi previously entrust you to get something from Zu An” The libationer’s attention was completely on the water’s surface, and he asked the question as if it were just something in passing.

However, Jiang Luofu was incredibly shocked.

She couldn't help but smile bitterly.

“As expected, nothing escapes teacher.”

Her older brothers had all taken wives from either the Pei clan or the Yu clan.

That was why the relationship between the Jiang clan and King Qi’s faction had always been quite good.

She herself had always remained on good terms with Madam Qi, and they had been bosom friends for a long time.

That was why she had been entrusted with something of that sort.

“Then why haven’t you done anything yet” the libationer asked with a slight smile.

Jiang Luofu answered seriously, “Because Zu An is also my friend.

I don’t wish to do anything that betrays a friend.”

“This matter might not be as serious as you think.

There might even be someone hoping for you to betray him,” the libationer said in a profound and meaningful way.

“What is teacher trying to say” Jiang Luofu was shocked and quickly looked towards the libationer.

Who could have expected that the libationer wouldn’t reply to the question at all He instead said, “You should pay Cloudcenter Commadery a visit.”

“Cloudcenter Commandery” Jiang Luofu had one arm under her chest and the other propping up her smooth and beautiful chin.

“The court ordered for Sang Hong and Zu An to go to Cloudcenter Commandery to investigate Cloudcenter Duke’s disappearance.

Don’t tell me it has something to do with the academy”

Even though the court’s order was for them to appoint a new Cloudcenter Duke, it was clear that the order was fake, and that the investigation was the real focus.

Once the investigators found out that the Cloudcenter Duke’s disappearance wasn’t just something unexpected, this appointment would have to be pushed back.

“You could say that it has something to do with us, but you could also say that it doesn’t.” Some ripples appeared on the surface as the libationer spoke.

When he raised the fishing pole, a red fish emerged.

Jiang Luofu had been complaining inwardly, thinking that the libationer’s words were all mysterious for no reason.

However, when she saw what had happened, her eyes widened.

Even a completely straight fishhook could catch a fish

The libationer removed the fish and spread out his palm.

The red fish floated in the air above his palm, moving as if it were still swimming in water.

However, it couldn’t leave the area above his palm.

“Sigh… You’re always the most gluttonous one in the pond.

You really are going to die because of that mouth of yours one day.” The libationer scolded the red fish, then returned it to the pond.

Then, he stuck the fishing pole into the ground and moved over to the cliff.

He looked at the mist creeping halfway up the mountain and slowly said, “Something major is about to arrive.”

Jiang Luofu frowned.

Her teacher always talked in riddles like this.

She didn’t ask about it either, because after all these years, she knew that unless her teacher decided to talk about it, asking was just a waste of time.

She thought to herself that it would be great if her little sister disciple were here too, to go over and pull that stupid white mustache of his.

But unfortunately, the little junior disciple was the only one who could do such a thing.

“You should go and take the chance to familiarize yourself with what you need to do.” The libationer waved his hands, gesturing that she could leave.

“Understood.” Jiang Luofu bowed respectfully, then the loud and clear sounds of her high heels gradually faded into the distance.

The libationer gazed down on the capital.

There was a deep and indescribable expression in his eyes.

Meanwhile, in the Imperial Palace, Zu An looked at the maid in front of him.

He was starting to get a headache.

He had gone over on the premise of wishing the crown princess good health, and subsequently using that as a chance to meet with Bi Linglong; but in the end, Bi Linglong only sent out a maid.

The maid passed along a few words, and that was it.

He was still unable to meet her.

“Looks like I really pissed her off last time.” Zu An was feeling really frustrated.

She knew that he was going to leave soon, and yet she still wasn’t willing to meet him.

Was she planning to hate him for the rest of her life

Since Bi Linglong wasn’t willing to meet him, then there wasn’t much of a point in him staying in the Eastern Palace anymore.

He used a random excuse to leave.

Either way, he had his status as the Armed Escort Commander, which allowed him much more freedom.

“Crown princess, look at how unsightly he’s becoming.

He really left just like that.” Rong Mo obviously wouldn’t let such a good chance to mock Zu An go.

Bi Linglong remained expressionless and replied, “Sir Zu is busy with official affairs.

There is naturally no reason for him to remain in the Eastern Palace.”

Rong Mo rolled her eyes.

“That guy is getting more and more disrespectful the further up he goes.

His majesty shouldn’t have promoted him.”

“Strike your own mouth.

Is his majesty’s decision something you can criticize behind his back” Bi Linglong’s gaze became sharp.

Rong Mo broke out into a cold sweat.

She knew that she had gone too far.

“This servant knows that she spoke wrongly.

I wouldn’t dare to say such a thing again.”

Bi Linglong calmly asked, “Did you finish the investigation task I gave you last time”

“Zu An didn’t seem to have many dealings with those from King Qi Manor recently, but I heard that King Qi’s heir also plans to take a trip to the northern border,” Rong Mo replied.

“Why is he going there” Bi Linglong frowned.

“He seems to be taking in a concubine, so he’s going there to visit her,” Rong Mo replied.

Bi Linglong voiced her acknowledgement, then clearly lost interest.

“And where has Sir Zu been recently”

“Him He keeps going to the Sang clan and doesn’t even return to his own house.

He even stays the night over there.

Hmph, who knows, he might be eyeing their pretty girls.

Your highness, you might not know, but the Sang clan’s widowed daughter-in-law is a rare beauty! There are many heirs from the aristocratic circles who are talking about her,” Rong Mo said, sounding agitated.

Bi Linglong remained expressionless.

“The Sang clan has always sacrificed themselves for our country; there is no need to talk about them behind their backs.

Furthermore, Sang Hong is going to be the envoy we send to Cloudcenter Commandery, so it is to be expected for him to meet with Zu An often.” But why do I feel so annoyed right now

“Oh.” Rong Mo wrinkled her nose.

She felt the crown princess had become a bit unhappy, so she tried to control herself.

Zu An obviously hadn’t left the Eastern Palace to do his duty as the Armed Escort Commander.

Instead, he walked toward the Hundred Flower Palace.

He was already a regular guest of the palace.

Even though it was already bitterly cold, there were still many flowers there.

The sweet scent of spring filled the air.

He wondered how Concubine Bai had achieved that.

After the servants contacted their master inside, Zu An was brought in.

He could see Concubine Bai sitting gracefully on a swing in the courtyard from afar. She seems to like sitting on a swing quite a bit… He sighed to himself.

However, his attention was soon seized by her figure from behind.

Concubine Bai was dressed in a white knitted dress that was slim-fitted.

Perhaps it was because she was sitting on a swing, but her waist seemed even more slender and elegant.

But what was even more striking was her tightly wrapped bottom.

It really was nice and full, able to make the imagination go wild.

“I greet Concubine Bai!” Zu An still had to greet her respectfully in front of the palace maids.

“Oh Sir Zu seems to have the leisure of visiting me today.” Concubine Bai naturally carried a gentle and soft aura.

Whenever she smiled, others would feel relaxed.


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