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Chapter 945: People From the Capital Really Know How to Play

Sang Qien was so angry she was shaking all over.

She had been curious where Zu An was taking them the entire time.

She would never have thought that he would take them to a brothel!

For girls from distinguished clans like them, if news of this got out, their reputations would be completely destroyed! No one would ever propose marriage to them after something like this.

After all, why would any proper girl ever go to that kind of place There was no lack of people who loved to gossip.

Once they got their hands on such information, one might be known as a brothel regular soon afterward.

You have successfully trolled Sang Qien for 233 233 233…

Zu An was rather surprised when he saw the string of Rage points that came in through the backend.

He asked, “There’s no need to be that upset, is there”

“How can I not be angry! Why would you bring us to this kind of place” Sang Qien didn’t know how this man could be so shameless and ask something like that.

“That’s why I told you two to dress up as men.” Zu An had a smile on his face when he saw her so angry.

“But we still might be recognized…” Sang Qien was nervous.

Their cross-dressing wouldn’t escape the eyes of those who were deliberately looking for trouble.

Zu An gave her chest a look and said, “Don’t worry, your sister-in-law might have a chance of being recognized, but you don’t.”

Sang Qien was completely dumbstruck. What does he mean

When she noticed where Zu An’s gaze was pointed, she subconsciously lowered her head to look at her ordinary and flat chest.

Then, she gave her sister-in-law a look and saw that that area was completely full.

She realized what he was suggesting.

She had actually been confused back when they were getting dressed.

They were clearly roughly the same height, but why were her clothes so much looser She had felt that her chest area was a bit too spacious.

“But sister-in-law isn’t fat,” she blurted out without thinking.

Then, she finally realized what he was talking about.

She felt as if she had been struck by thunder.

“You bastard!” When she saw the teasing smirk on Zu An’s face, Sang Qien was beyond embarrassed.

When he saw how she was about to bite his head off, Zu An decided to give them an explanation.

“The reason we’re coming here is because I have a friend from this place who might be able to help your sister-in-law with her problem.

If you still have some misgivings, you can wait outside.”

“No way.

I have to protect my sister-in-law!” Sang Qien was full of suspicion. Who knows what this guy will do!

Zheng Dan couldn't help but smile.

This girl was quite interesting.

Zu An didn’t really mind, and he took the two of them inside Scarlet Invitation.

“Why do you have friends in Scarlet Invitation” Sang Qien asked in confusion.

Even Zheng Dan was now curious.

“They’re just some friends I just happened to have met.” Zu An gave an ambiguous reply.

Sang Qien harrumphed. They’re definitely not just good friends.

A staff member greeted them right when they entered.

“Young masters, are you here to drink, listen to music, or…”

Zu An said, “I came to meet someone.”

The staff member smiled and said, “Everyone who comes here is looking for someone, but I fear that the young master will be disappointed.

All of the girls are resting right now.”

Sang Qien harrumphed. This is a filthy place after all!

“It doesn’t matter.

I’m looking for Lady Nan Xun,” Zu An said.

Zheng Dan’s ears pricked up.

She wondered who this Lady Nan Xun was.

She had been tormented by nightmares for some time, so she hadn’t been in any frame of mind to pay attention to outside information.

However, Sang Qien instead frowned.

She seemed to have heard the name before, but she couldn't remember where.

The staff member chuckled.

“Everyone who comes here wants to meet Lady Nan Xun.

She’s the pillar of our Scarlet Invitation! But unfortunately, she is not someone you can meet just because you want to.”

Sang Qien finally remembered who Nan Xun was.

The capital had recently been filled with a commotion precisely because Yu Nan and Zu An had been rivals in love over a brothel madam, and Yu Nan had even lost his post because of it.

As the target of their rivalry, Nan Xun’s reputation had naturally grown even greater.

Zheng Dan was a bit unhappy. This guy, he’s always getting into situations with courtesans wherever he goes! If I remember correctly, wasn’t there a Qiu Honglei in Brightmoon City

Zu An obviously knew what the staff member was trying to say.

He tossed over a few silvers and said, “Pass on a message to Lady Nan Xun for me.

Tell her that Ah Zu is looking for her.”

A flattering smile immediately appeared on the staff member’s face when he saw the silvers.

“Young masters, please wait inside here.

This humble one will send the message over for your respected selves right now! However, Lady Nan Xun’s status is special, so I cannot guarantee that she will agree to meet you.” He had to make things clear, or else these young masters might ask for the silvers back if Lady Nan Xun refused to meet them.

“That’s fine.

She’ll definitely agree to meet with me.” Zu An spoke as if it were completely normal.

The staff member thought to himself, This man really is full of himself. Who knew how many princes and dukes were lined up just for a chance to meet with Nan Xun Of course, he would obviously never say something like that to offend a guest.

He guided them into a private room with a smile and said, “Please have some tea here.

I will be back soon.” He quickly rushed to Nan Xun’s courtyard afterward.

At the same time, he was a bit confused.

The two guests next to that guest were a bit too handsome.

As someone who worked in these kinds of places, his eyes were sharp.

He wasn’t too sure about the skinnier one, but the other one was definitely a woman.

Tsk tsk, these young masters from the capital really know how to have fun.

They even brought their own women over to play together. This staff member had a look of envy on his face.

This wasn’t the first time he was seeing something of the sort, so he naturally didn’t find it all that strange.

He arrived at a small courtyard soon afterward.

With Nan Xun’s status, she naturally had the qualifications to have her own courtyard.

The maid at the courtyard immediately refused when she heard his report, however.

“Go go go, get out of here.

Who do you think our young miss is Do you think she’ll meet with just anyone”

The staff member didn’t find the response surprising at all.

He was just about to turn around and leave when he suddenly remembered what his guest had told him.

Out of respect for the silver he had gotten, he added, “That person said he was Lady Nan Xun’s friend, and he seems to be called Ah Zu or something.”

“Ah Zu” The maid was stunned.

She thought to herself, Why have I never heard that name before But she didn’t dare to treat the matter lightly anymore.

Everyone in the capital had wealthy and respected statuses, and it would be bad if the young miss ended up on bad terms with someone because of her.

“Wait for a bit, I’ll go and ask.” She raised her dress and rushed back inside.

In the centermost room, the capital’s most popular courtesan was massaging the shoulders of a beautiful woman.

She said with a sigh of amazement, “Master, your figure really is enviable.”

The beautiful woman said with a smile, “Yours isn’t bad either.”

“It’s still far inferior to master’s,” Nan Xun said quietly.

Her eyes moved across her master’s body.

She actually had a lot of confidence in her own figure and appearance, but compared to this beautiful woman, she was still lacking.

Were the figures of the fiend races all this insanely good

The beautiful woman was naturally Kong Nanwu.

She wasn’t in the mood to talk about such things right now.

“Has that Zu An never sought you out after that event Looks like you didn’t work hard enough that night.”

Nan Xun complained, “Of course I did! My mouth was sore for a long time after that night.

It’s just that that man is too ungrateful and fickle.

Why would he care about people like us”

As soon as she said that, however, the maid called from outside, “Young miss, young miss! There’s a guest outside who says he’s your friend and wants to meet you.”

“I’m not meeting him! Stop bringing every random person to me.” Nan Xun had been feeling annoyed to begin with.

There were many young masters who flaunted themselves as her friends.

Could they not tell that all she had done was show them a polite smile

“Oh, that stupid servant boy must’ve taken silver from the guest.

He lied to me and said that some ‘Ah Zu’ is the young miss’ friend.

I’m going to make sure he gets it later,” the maid mumbled and left.

“Who did you say that person’s name was again” The door suddenly opened.

Nan Xun was already by the entrance and looking at the maid nervously.

The maid looked at Nan Xun’s fair, bare feet in shock. Why didn’t the young miss even put her shoes on She replied, “I think it was Ah Zu.”

“Hurry and bring him in!” Nan Xun’s breathing quickened.

She then changed her mind and said, “No, I’ll meet him personally.”

She sorted out her hair and head ornament after saying that.

The maid quickly reminded her, “Young miss, your shoes…”

Nan Xun secretly stuck out her tongue.

With how she was feeling at the moment, it didn’t make a difference if she wore shoes or not at all, but it would draw unnecessary attention if other people saw that dirt didn’t stick to her feet the way it would to a normal person.

She quickly put on her shoes and ran while raising her dress.

The male staff member who had been about to go back with the news of Nan Xun’s rejection was stupefied. That guest actually does know the courtesan! Furthermore, judging from how she’s acting, what do you mean ‘close friends’ They’re clearly lovers!

Meanwhile,  Zu An was leisurely drinking tea.

Zheng Dan’s condition wasn’t the best, so she was currently leaning against the chair and resting.

Sang Qien looked around her.

Even though she had sounded as if she really looked down on this place, she was still quite curious about such places.

After all, Scarlet Invitation’s reputation in the capital was quite high.

She gradually recovered her composure from seeing the dazzling decorations around her.

When she smelled the perfume and cosmetics in the air, she asked disdainfully, “Why is there still no news It’ll be really embarrassing if no one comes.”

Zu An said with a smile, “Don’t worry, she’s my friend.”

Sang Qien said in a sincere and heartfelt manner, “You’re pretty sharp normally, but why do you seem a bit slow today Did you really think a woman from this place really liked you just because they told you some nice things” She wasn’t trying to be sarcastic on purpose, but due to her upbringing ever since she was young, she had a subconscious dislike for such places.

Before Zu An could even reply, a sweet aroma wafted over.

A beautiful figure was standing by the door, saying, “Talking behind someone’s back isn’t something a noble person would do.

Could it be that… the young lady here is jealous”



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