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Chapter 935, Part 1: A Day in the Life of a Playboy

The maids had all served Chu Youzhao for so many years already.

Who didn’t know what their young master was really like When had he ever liked poetry But they knew that exposing him now was just asking for trouble.

They all held back their urge to laugh.

Chu Youzhao unfolded the crumpled paper.

The words on the surface were already all messed up.

She felt a wave of regret and exclaimed angrily to the maid, “Stupid maid, why didn’t you tell me earlier”

“But I did…” The maid felt extremely wronged. Didn’t I tell you from the very start that it was from the first young master

Chu Youzhao didn’t know what to say either, which drove her crazy.

She harrumphed and said, “Hurry up and bring me a paperweight.”

The maid quickly handed it over.

Chu Youzhao flattened the paper under the paperweight, trying to smooth it out.

Meanwhile, she carefully read the poem.

She nodded while speaking.

“Yes, this poem was really written well!”

The surrounding maids waited for her to praise the poem a few times, upon which they would give her some praise.

After all, the happier their master was, the better their days would be here.

And yet, after waiting for a long time, that was it.

As for how the poem was good, Chu Youzhao couldn't say a single thing.

The maids really were left in a tough spot.

They didn’t even know where to begin even if they wanted to praise her.

Chu Youzhao still couldn't return the wrinkled paper to its original state even after trying for a long time.

She got up in anger and seemed about to hit the maid.

“It’s all your fault that I ended up messing up my brother-in-law’s authentic work like this!”

The maid dodged while crying out, “This isn’t Sir Zu’s original work! The original is in the first young master’s hands! This is just a copy the first young master had someone make!”

Chu Youzhao’s eyes lit up and she exclaimed, “Say that earlier!” Then, she pushed the maid away and ran over to the main hall to find Qin Guangyuan.

When Chu Youzhao arrived, she saw Qin Guangyuan admiring the poem with a few others from the clan and discussing how great it was.

Her eyes became bigger the more she heard. Wow, big bro is really awesome, I couldn't even say so many good adjectives.

But the best one is still my brother-in-law! Who would’ve thought that he would be able to write such amazing lyrics

She didn’t disturb Qin Guangyuan.

She sat down quietly off to the side, her eyes sparkling as she listened to him praising Zu An’s poem.

Listening to him praise Zu An felt as if he were praising her.

“With Zu An’s poem, grandfather’s expedition north will definitely be twice as effective!” Qin Guangyuan was becoming more and more excited.

The more formidable Zu An was, the more he would benefit as his ‘talent scout’! That was why he subconsciously realized that the more help this war song was to the army, and the greater the boost to their morale, the more benefits it would bring Zu An and himself by association!

Sure enough, many people realized the same thing as well.

They all began to praise Qin Guangyuan for being someone with great insight.

Chu Youzhao felt as if she had been tricked when she first heard that Zu An stayed the night with a courtesan, but when she heard that he had written this poem for her grandfather, to help him in his expedition north, her resentment immediately vanished. Brother-in-law didn’t go to the brothel for girls after all! Isn’t that what I was saying How could someone like brother-in-law have such low-level preferences

She suddenly remembered that the Qin clan clearly didn’t like her brother-in-law, and yet he had still done such a thing. Don’t tell me that it’s for… my sister” She couldn't help but smile foolishly when she had that thought.

As Qin Guangyuan’s throat was getting a bit dry from talking too much, he sipped on some tea.

Suddenly, Chu Youzhao ran over and rolled up the paper the poem was written on, saying, “Big brother, this poem is mine.”

“Pfft!” Qin Guangyuan sprayed the tea he had just sipped out of his mouth.

He couldn't be bothered with the tea anymore and quickly took it back, exclaiming, “Stop causing trouble and give it back! This is a gift for grandfather.”

Chu Youzhao pouted.

“This is my brother-in-law’s, so isn’t it natural for me to have it Can’t you just have someone else make a copy”

“Nonsense, the copy given to grandfather naturally has to be the original.” Qin Guangyuan tried several times, but he failed each time, mainly because he was scared that he might damage the poem.

He said urgently, “Furthermore, it wasn’t even Zu An who wrote it himself.”

“Nonsense, this is his poem! I’ve already heard that he created it.” Chu Youzhao refused to take the bait.

She thought to herself, How could someone as smart as I be tricked so easily

“It really wasn’t him who wrote it! If you don’t believe me, you can look at the inscription at the bottom,” Qin Guangyuan reminded her.

Chu Youzhao was stunned.

She subsequently opened it, and became angry when she saw the words ‘written by friend Gao Ying in place of Zu An’.

She exclaimed, “Gao Ying, that bastard, why is he leaving his name behind on brother-in-law’s poem How shameless!”

Qin Guangyuan took the chance to seize it back from her hands.

When he saw that it was still in good condition, he sighed in relief, saying, “That Gao guy is indeed shameless…”

After they both complained for a while, Chu Youzhao tried to get the poem back from him.

Qin Guangyuan asked in surprise, “Wait, didn’t I already have someone make a copy for you”

Chu Youzhao’s face heated up.

She said, “That careless maid accidentally ruined it.”

Qin Guangyuan said, “Fine, I’ll have someone make another copy for you.

Don’t ruin it this time.

Everyone in the clan is still waiting in line for a copy.”

“I know that already…” Chu Youzhao watched excitedly as his subordinate properly made a copy of the poem.

Then, she brought it back with her happily.

She ordered the maids to hang it in the bedroom.

She was going to take good care of it and look at it every day.

Either way, everyone thought she was a man.

Furthermore, with the Qin clan’s military background, no one would find it unsuitable.

Chu Youzhao looked at the words on the wall while thinking to herself, I have to get brother-in-law to write me a poem in the future.

I’m so jealous of those other guys.

Meanwhile, in the Eastern Palace, Zu An rubbed his nose.


Bi Linglong asked in confusion, “Sir Zu, what’s wrong Are you not feeling well”

“It’s probably because I’ve been practicing calligraphy for too long,” Zu An took the chance to say.

He had been forced to stay in the Eastern Palace by Bi Linglong.

Time felt as if it crawled on way too slowly…

A look of worry flashed across Bi Linglong’s face.

“I was too careless.

Sir Zu’s injuries haven’t healed yet after all, so you should be using this chance to rest.

Sir Zu doesn’t need to stay in the Eastern Palace any longer; you should go back and rest well.”

Rong Mo wrinkled her nose as she stood off to the side. Does he look injured at all He probably played around with that courtesan too much last night.

The crown princess is normally so smart.

Why can’t she tell that this bastard Zu An is just trying to slack off

Zu An felt a bit embarrassed when he sensed Bi Linglong’s concern.

He took out something and said, “I’ve noticed that the crown princess has been a bit distracted recently.

I have a Calming Talisman here.

If you carry it at your side, it’ll help you be at peace, regardless of whether it’s during cultivation or when you’re sleeping.”

“Thank you, Sir Zu.” Bi Linglong was happy.

It wasn’t that she cared too much about the gift, but rather, she was moved by his sincerity.

The gift meant that he did care about her, and that was why he had noticed that her mental state hadn’t been the best recently.

He was trying to help her solve her problem.

Rong Mo rushed over to receive the Calming Talisman.

She was also a cultivator, and her cultivation wasn’t low.

When it entered her hands, she immediately felt a calming sensation.

She ran over to hand it to Bi Linglong and said, “Crown princess, this thing really works.”

Her attitude toward Zu An improved as well.

After all, she had seen that Bi Linglong was a bit out of it recently too, and knew that she indeed needed such an item.

Bi Linglong received the talisman with a smile.

Suddenly, her pretty brow furrowed and she asked, “Hm Why does this talisman have a smell”

Zu An immediately began to sweat.

He had once again experienced that women were indeed extremely sensitive to the smells of other women.

This Calming Talisman was something Xie Daoyun had personally drawn up for him, so it probably had her smell.

With his current cultivation and cultivation techniques, the talisman didn’t have too much use.

That was why he might as well give it to someone who needed it more.

Fortunately, he reacted quickly and explained, “That’s the talisman’s unique smell.

It adds to the calming effect.” I couldn't smell anything even after keeping it on me for so long, and yet she noticed it immediately.

The noses of women really are terrifying, as expected.


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