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Chapter 932: Relationship Between Life and Death

He actually didn’t want to do anything bad to them either, because he was going to turn against the emperor eventually.

The enemy of his enemy was his friend.

With them present, he would have another source of assistance.

But he didn’t want to reveal that fact too soon, or else they might use it to threaten him.

Things would become really troublesome then.

Kong Nanwu said, “Young master Zu actually doesn’t need to feel too worried.

It isn’t just one or two officials we’re in contact with in the capital.

We all take what we need, and having more friends is always better than having more enemies.”

Zu An asked seriously, “I wonder which officials these are”

Kong Nanwu shook her head.

“This is where young master’s questions become a bit improper.

How can I possibly tell you about them Similarly, if someone asked me to give them information about you, I wouldn’t tell them.

Even if you don’t trust me, you trust our little sister Snow, right”

Zu An thus took the chance to say, “Fine.

Out of favor for little sis Snow, I won’t bicker over today’s matters.

I won’t report you all.

However, from today on, let’s not associate with each other anymore.” He got up to leave afterward.

Kong Nanwu got up and stood in front of him, saying, “Young master Zu, it’s a bit unsuitable for you to leave now.”

“Hm Are you not going to let me leave” Zu An asked emotionlessly.

“That’s not it,” Kong Nanwu said with a faint smile.

“Everyone outside knows that you were chosen as Nan Xun’s private guest.

If you leave so soon, there might be all kinds of strange rumors going around.

Those who are sharp will quickly pick up on something.

After all, Nan Xun’s charm is something everyone knows about.”

Zu An was a bit shaken.

He knew that what she said was the truth.

The young masters might not have even left yet.

If he left so early, there would definitely be all sorts of suspicions.

Seeing that he was being swayed, Kong Nanwu said with a smile, “Young master has passed several trials, so you deserve to have a beauty accompany you.

Nan Xun can just properly serve you.

It won’t be too late if you leave after a good night of rest.”

Zu An gave Nan Xun a look.

He was speechless.

Eventually, he said, “You have to at least use a real person if you’re going to use a honey trap, right”

Kong Nanwu explained with a smile, “Don’t worry, young master.

A tiger-devoured ghost is different from the ghosts you’re familiar with.

Apart from being of the extreme yin attribute, preventing her from giving birth, she isn’t too different from a normal girl.”

Zu An was speechless.

He had to admit that he was quite tempted now, though.

After all, he had always been curious about Ning Caichen and Nie Xiaoqian’s relationship.[1] But he quickly threw away that thought and exclaimed, “What kind of person are you treating me as!”

Kong Nanwu continued, “Nan Xun used to be a concubine of King Qi, and she’s practically no different from when she was still alive.

Furthermore, she’s still a virgin.

It will be just like King Qi’s concubine serving you.

I don’t believe that’s a temptation many men can resist.”

Zu An was alarmed.

This woman really was a master at playing with one’s heart! She knew how to stir up a man’s most primitive desires.

But he still calmly said, “There’s no need.

I’ll just rest here for a night; I don’t need anyone to accompany me.

You don’t need to use those charming tactics anymore.”

Kong Nanwu sighed, asking, “Does the young master think I’m only saying all of this to entice you”

“Is that not it” Zu An replied, completely unfazed.

Kong Nanwu sighed.

“Perhaps the young master doesn’t know, but Nan Xun can’t continue to exist in this world in her state.

She needs to absorb the energies of men from time to time.

The courtesan meeting was also held for this purpose, in the hopes that she could at least choose someone she admired.

In the end, after careful selection, she chose you.

If the young master isn’t willing, in order to prevent her from disappearing, I can only make her serve other men.”

Zu An was speechless. This woman is way too freaking good at this! She’s attacking both instincts and reason! Now it almost seems as if I’m being a bad guy by not sleeping with Nan Xun!

Kong Nanwu said, “A normal man’s body would deteriorate if she absorbs their essence, and there might even be danger to their life.

However, young master’s cultivation technique is special.

You don’t fear the energies of yin, so I hope young master can help Nan Xu here.

After all, she was a good person when she was still alive, and she doesn’t truly wish to fall into prostitution and be forced to live a life sleeping with all sorts of different men either.”

Zu An frowned, exclaiming, “Isn’t it all because your fiend race’s technique is too sinister!”

Nan Xun said, “I do not blame the miss and am instead grateful to her.

If not because she saved me, I would have already disappeared completely.”

Sigh… Even the victim is grateful, so what else can I even say Zu An thought.

Kong Nanwu bowed and said, “We won’t disturb the young master’s rest anymore.” Then, she didn’t wait for Zu An to say anything and walked away with her maids.

She even closed the door behind her.

Zu An was at a loss. Who do you think I am Do you think I’ll become a pig just because she’s pretty

Nan Xun said quietly, “Young master, I will help you massage your head.”

Zu An was stunned. Which head are you going to massage he thought.

But a pair of soft hands soon rested on his forehead.

It was cool, but it also felt really good.

Nan Xun’s hands were soft, as if she knew massaging techniques.

Zu An’s tense body unknowingly relaxed.

“Hm You seem to be really good at this,” Zu An couldn't help but say.

“I used to be a spy, so I had to learn how to service someone well.” Nan Xun sounded a bit lonely and dejected.

Zu An fell silent as well.

Anything he said at this point would be pointless.

At the same time, he also became a bit jealous of King Qi.

He’d had such a great beauty at his side, with such an amazing pair of hands.

He wondered just how many times Nan Xun had comforted King Qi before.

When he thought of that, he couldn't help but say, “This actually isn’t our first meeting.”

“Huh” Nan Xun was surprised.

“The young master has met me before But that should not be.

I was training in secret before and rarely met people.

Once I entered King Qi Manor, I always lived inside the manor.

There are few people who have seen my complete appearance.”

After some hesitation, Zu An told her a rough summary of his investigation of her death, as well as how he was almost discovered, so he had no choice but to hide in her coffin.

“No wonder the young master recognized me so quickly!” Nan Xun was surprised.

Then, she bowed toward him, saying.

“Thank you, young master, for bringing my injustice to light.”

Zu An couldn't help but say, “Even though I did find out the truth, I might not be able to bring your case to justice.”

“I know.” Nan Xun had a sorrowful smile on her face.

“His majesty will likely not announce this matter publicly.” She was a well trained spy, so she naturally understood how these things worked.

“But I still wish to thank the young master.” Her smile was as beautiful as a flower.

She continued, “To a certain extent, we shared a bed when you hid in the coffin.”

Zu An was speechless.

He felt his entire body become tense.

Nan Xun giggled and said, “Young master, do not worry.

I am completely willing to serve you; it is not because I was forced to at all.”

Zu An carried out his last struggle, saying, “But I can’t help but feel a bit weird about all of this.”

“Young master, there is no need to move.

Let me take care of everything.” Nan Xun smiled toward him.

Then, she moved all of her hair to one side and slowly squatted down, revealing a neck that was fine like jade.

By the time Zu An left the next morning, Gao Ying and Pei You had already waited outside for a long time.

When they saw him, they quickly cornered him.

The outwardly cold but inwardly passionate Pei You moved over and asked while winking at him, “So how was it” Even the usually steadfast Gao Ying pricked up his ears.

His eyes were full of gossipy intentions.

“Um… Would you believe me if I said that nothing happened” Zu An had a strange expression on his face.

Nothing really had happened the previous night; he wasn’t perverted to that extent.

He had merely given Nan Xun a bit of his essence out of good intentions.

The only thing was that he hadn’t been able to resist her enthusiasm as she insisted on sucking it out.

“Only if you’re not a man.” The two of them obviously didn’t believe him.

They had seen Nan Xun’s charm for themselves.

How could anyone possibly resist her charm

Zu An thought to himself, I’m actually a man, but your goddess isn’t really human anymore. “Forget it then, if you don’t believe me.” He clearly didn’t want to continue talking about that.

After separating from the two of them, Zu An chose to head into the palace to report what happened the previous night to the emperor.

It wasn’t that he was particularly excited about his job, but rather that the information wouldn’t be as effective once the opportunity passed.

He unexpectedly ran into King Qi, who was about to join the morning court session.

The other party said in surprise, “What a coincidence.

I heard that Sir Zu was blessed by the spring winds yesterday, so why are you up so early Did that courtesan not take proper care of you”

The story of the previous night at Scarlet Invitation had already spread throughout the capital.

Even though they both had their own ulterior motives, they were now allies, so their relationship had become a bit closer.

They still had to exchange some conventional greetings.

Zu An’s expression immediately became strange.

After all, Nan Xun had been King Qi’s concubine.

She said, “No, she was amazing and great at what she does.”


Ning Caichen and Nie Xiaoqian are characters from a Chinese ghost story. ☜


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