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Chapter 926, Part 2: Bag of Evil

As Zu An had shown him some courtesy, Bi Ziang became more and more confident.

He gradually began to take control of the situation.

This time, even Yu Nan’s ears pricked up.

They all knew that there was another round of selections, but they didn’t know what was going to be evaluated.

Lady Nan Xun clapped her hands.

Two maids came out, each with a tray in hand.

She removed a large crystal ball-like object from one of the trays and placed it on the table.

Then she said, “Just drinking wouldn’t be much fun, so how about we play a game This game’s name is ‘truth or dare’.”

Zu An had a strange look as he remarked, “Every other variable changed, but this remains a constant”

Nan Xun was completely confused.

The other two individuals also looked at him in confusion.

“What is young master Zu talking about” Nan Xun asked, puzzled.

“Nothing.” Zu An chuckled.

He almost thought he had somehow managed to cross spacetime to return to his hometown, so he had just thrown that out there to get a reaction.

Unfortunately, he got all excited for nothing.

Nan Xun then explained, “For women like us who have had to experience the harsher sides of life, the rarest thing to find is a sincere heart.

That is why I hope I can find someone sincere through this game…”

Then, she explained the game’s rules.

It was pretty much the same as truth or dare in Zu An’s original world.

She pointed at a chest that had been brought over by a maid and said, “Young masters, please take a slip of paper from this chest.

There are all kinds of questions written on the slips of paper.”

Then, she pointed at the crystal ball on the table.

“This is a magical artifact we purchased from the Royal Academy for a high price.

Please place your hand on the ball when you reply.

If you tell a lie, it will shine with red light.

If that happens, please drink three glasses as punishment.”

Zu An knew that there was something sketchy about her true identity.

His first reaction when he heard about the game was that she was taking the chance to get information.

Sure enough, Yu Nan and Bi Ziang both frowned.

Their identities were sensitive, so they subconsciously felt some rejection toward such a game.

Perhaps Nan Xun sensed their misgivings, as she said with a smile, “Please do not feel too worried.

If there are any questions you do not wish to answer, you can just choose to skip them.

You can drink, or you can do a dare.

As for what the dare is, we will have the one who goes before you decide.

Yu Nan and Bi Ziang both sighed in relief.

They said with a smile, “This game seems quite interesting.”

They both took the chance to shower Nan Xun in praise.

Zu An had an ambiguous smile, however.

These two probably had no idea what was waiting for them with this game.

When Zu An saw that Yu Nan was going after him based on their order, a warm and friendly smile appeared on his face.

Then, the game quickly began.

Bi Ziang was the first to choose a slip.

He had always been someone who preferred to be number one in everything to begin with.

‘What are the three things you are most scared of’

Bi Ziang laughed out loud when he read the slip.

He placed his hand on the crystal ball and said, “I have never feared anything.”

The others’ eyes shifted toward the crystal ball, as an alarming red light appeared in it.

Bi Ziang’s expression changed. Don’t tell me there really is something I’m scared of that I’m not even aware of

Nan Xun said with a smile, “Young master Bi, you need to drink as punishment.” She personally poured out three cups for him.

“I guess I do need this punishment.” Bi Ziang laughed.

With his nature, he wouldn’t act shamelessly and refuse to acknowledge his failure.

He picked up the first glass and drained it in one gulp.

However, he coughed intensely, his entire face turning red.

He looked at the wine glass in shock, exclaiming, “What kind of alcohol is this”

Nan Xun said with a smile, “This alcohol is a bit stronger than normal alcohol.”

Meanwhile, Yu Nan said with a big smile, “Brother Bi usually holds your alcohol well, but it seems you’re having some trouble with three cups today”

“Brother Yu must be joking.” Bi Ziang was angry inside, but he didn’t let it show on the surface.

He picked up the other two cups and finished each of them in one gulp too.

He immediately transferred his ki to get rid of the churning feeling inside his stomach.

He finally realized that the game might not be so easy.

If he continued to drink this kind of alcohol, he really would get drunk quickly.

And in order to drink less, he had to speak the truth.

He suddenly thought of something, and decided not to tell the other two the true strength of the drink.

He wanted to see them suffer too.

He took a moment to calm down, then gave the courtesan a look.

“Lady Nan Xun, how about you join us too Otherwise, it’s a bit too dull for just men to be playing this together.”

The three men present reached a rare agreement upon hearing Bi Ziang’s suggestion.

Nan Xun didn’t refuse the suggestion.

She took out a slip of paper from the trunk as well.

‘Do you have a hidden premonition regarding how you might die in the future’

Her expression changed when she saw the question.

Yu Nan and Bi Ziang smiled and asked, “Why did Lady Nan Xun prepare a question like this” Only Zu An had an inkling toward the real reason, however.

Nan Xun quickly sorted out her thoughts and placed her fair hand on the crystal ball, saying, “I have a feeling that I will be killed by a heartless man.” The crystal ball didn’t show any reaction during the entire process.

That meant what she said was the truth.

Why does she have such a weird premonition Bi Ziang and Yu Nan both frowned.

The atmosphere had suddenly become a bit serious.

Nan Xun looked toward Zu An, who was next to her.

“Young master Zu, it is your turn now.”

Sure enough, Bi Ziang and Yu Nan’s attention was diverted.

They both looked at Zu An to see how he was going to deal with the situation.

Zu An reached into the chest, not worried at all.

He pulled out a strip of paper.

‘How would you describe yourself if you had to use three words’

“Tall, rich, and handsome!” he blurted out without even thinking.

The word limit was too low.

If he could use five words, he would have used an idiom that also talked about his gentleness and how he had the stamina of a donkey.

Bi Ziang and Yu Nan almost burst out laughing.

Even though it was the first time they had heard of the phrase, they were smart people and picked up on the meaning. Even someone like you dares to claim to be such a Mr.

Perfect in front of us

The two of them looked at the crystal ball with mocking expressions on their faces, ready to see red light.

But in the end, the ball didn’t react at all.

That meant what Zu An said was the truth! The two of them began to question life. Is this crystal ball broken

It was Yu Nan’s turn next.

He figured that the two people before him hadn’t gotten hard questions, so he pulled out a paper slip in a relaxed manner.

‘What kinds of ‘unique’ addictions do you have in your day-to-day life’

He almost cursed out loud when he saw the question. Why are everyone else’s questions so easy, but mine is so hard

Bi Ziang and Zu An were having a great time watching him suffer. You pulled that prompt, so the fault is completely yours.

Yu Nan thought for a bit, then said, “I’ll drink.” How could he tell them something so humiliating Rather than coming up with something and still having to drink anyway, he might as well just drink now.

Nan Xun poured three cups for him with a smile.

Yu Nan picked up the first cup and drained it in one gulp.

Then, his eyes widened.

With a ‘Pu!’, he sprayed the alcohol all over the ground, exclaiming, “What kind of alcohol is this Why is it so strong!”

Nan Xun replied, “This is a famous wine that was brought back from the northern fiend races.

It is called Heaven’s Burn.

It is known for its strength.”

Bi Ziang laughed out loud.

“Young master Yu must be feeling weak lately! You couldn't even drink such a small cup” Yu Nan had just mocked him moments before, so he could now return the favor several times over.

Yu Nan shot him a look.

He suddenly knew why the other party hadn’t said anything on purpose.

Bi Ziang had been waiting to see him make a fool of himself! He forced himself to endure the awful feeling, and drank all three cups.

A flame burned fiercely inside him, and his mouth felt as if he could breathe fire.

Afterward, it was Bi Ziang’s turn to pull a paper slip again.

‘If there were a crystal ball that could tell you everything about yourself, life, or the future, what would you want to know’

He thought for a bit and said, “Whether immortality really exists.”

The others were quiet when they heard his answer.

Even after all these years, there were still so many incredible geniuses who had sought after immortality, yet none of them had ever succeeded.

Nan Xun pulled another slip.

‘Do you have a sweetheart Who is it’

It was now Bi Ziang and Yu Nan’s turn to be interested.

Only Zu An seemed to have already realized something.

“I still do not have one,” Nan Xun answered with a smile.

The two young masters signed in relief when they saw no response from the crystal ball. She still doesn’t have anyone, so our performance from now on is going to be extremely important.

Zu An picked another question.

‘What is your most memorable experience’

He thought for a bit and answered, “The dungeon trip.”

The others subconsciously thought of his answer as being about his experience in the academy’s dungeon.

Bi Ziang frowned. Why does he treasure that so much Don’t tell me that something happened between him and my little sister

But he immediately rejected this thought as soon as it appeared.

Who was his little sister Furthermore, she had always been a proud and arrogant person.

How could she possibly like someone like Zu An

Yu Nan took the chance to ask, “May I ask what kind of wonderful experience you went through inside for you to cherish it so much”

Zu An smiled and refused to comment, saying, “Young master Yu, that’s another question.”

Yu Nan harrumphed when he saw he wouldn’t get an answer.

He chose his own question.

‘What is your worst memory’

Yu Nan didn’t hesitate to say, “What happened here earlier.”

The others knew that he was talking about what had happened outside.

They couldn't help but smile.

Zu An was smiling even more happily than the rest. You’re still too young! Don’t worry, this worst memory will soon be replaced.

With the brief interlude, the mood became more exciting again.

After a few more rounds, Zu An suggested, “These topics are too vague.

How about we stop picking strips and instead ask each other questions”

Nan Xun’s eyes lit up.

She was the first one to agree.

“That sounds like a great idea.

It will definitely be interesting.” She had wanted to take the chance to find out some secrets about the three men.

The new version of the game would definitely be even better.

Bi Ziang and Yu Nan hesitated.

If they had started with that, they definitely wouldn’t have agreed.

But now that they were a bit tipsy and the atmosphere was intense, neither one of them wanted to look bad in front of their Lady Nan Xun, so they tacitly agreed.

The mysterious woman, who had been listening in on everything from next door, grinned and remarked, “That guy is probably plotting something, but I want to see what he plans to do too.”


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