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Chapter 926, Part 1: Bag of Evil

A while later, a maid came out and declared, “Young master Zu, young master Bi, and young master Yu, please come inside for a chat.

As for all of the other young masters, we have prepared some people to take care of you…”

A commotion broke out as soon as the result was announced.

Those present had known that there would be several rounds of selections this time.

For example, the invitation card in the beginning was a test of background and wealth, and then the drinking games were the second round of evaluation.

After all, no courtesan wanted to choose a crass man; it had to be someone who was a bit more refined.

Then, there would be a third round, but none of them knew what was going to be tested.

Bi Ziang and Zu An being chosen was within the crowd’s expectations.

Bi Ziang’s reputation in recent years was just too great.

Zu An’s performance earlier had also just been too outstanding.

Their selection made sense.

But why had Yu Nan been chosen He had practically been slapped across the face by Zu An, yet he still had the qualifications to head on inside Was it just because of his background Just because he was handsome

The maid seemed to have predicted that the announcement would rouse the crowd.

She explained with a smile, “Everyone, please calm down.

The evaluation criterion was the performance during the drinking game.

Young master Yu’s literary skills were remarkable, which was why he was chosen.”

But the implication behind her statement was also clear.

Even though Yu Nan had been completely humiliated in his contest against Zu An afterward, that hadn’t been taken into consideration for the evaluation.

Yu Nan also had a group of fans, such as Yi Zhibing and the others.

They immediately voiced their support when they heard the announcement.

Afterward, Yu Nan got up and patted down his clothes, following the maid into the inner hall expressionlessly.

But in truth, he was burning with shame inside.

Being chosen was originally supposed to be something natural and expected for him; how could he have anticipated all of these annoyances Now it almost seemed as if his acceptance had been out of charity! It’s all Zu An’s fault!

You have successfully trolled Yu Nan for 444 444 444…

But in his position, there was no need to be rash and storm off out of pride.

Since he had made it to the next round, as long as this woman became his in the end, that would fully wash away all of the humiliation he had experienced so far.

Rather, he would be a bigger laughingstock if he left out of anger.

On the other hand, Bi Ziang had a broad smile as he walked in confidently.

He was actually fully enjoying himself.

Yu Nan had been an old adversary of his, yet he had ended up being embarrassed so badly today! Once they were inside, Bi Ziang planned to knock him down another peg.

Meanwhile, Gao Ying and Pei You saw Zu An off.

They both voiced their encouragement.

Pei You said gravely, “Big bro Zu, I’ll leave my Lady Nan Xun to you.

You have to bring her back! Otherwise, I’ll feel terrible if another man gets her.”

Zu An was speechless. When did Nan Xun become yours Also, this grief and indignation… Don’t tell me you’re one of those rumored self-cucks

Gao Ying controlled himself much better.

Even though he admired Lady Nan Xun, it wasn’t to the point that he was completely infatuated.

Furthermore, he had known that he wouldn’t have much of a chance today anyway.

He patted Zu An’s shoulder and said, “Brother Zu, do it well later, for our share too.”

Zu An was speechless. What the hell do you mean, do it for your share Who could’ve thought this straight-faced bastard had this passionate side to him too…

The Qin clan brothers walked over, smiling.

“Ah Zu, we have high expectations for you.”

“I feel the same way.

The Yu and Bi bastards are usually so arrogant, so I really want to see the two of them losing to you.”

The two brothers didn’t have much literary talent.

They already knew their limitations after the first round of drinking games.

Furthermore, as heirs to a military clan, they didn’t have any obsessive infatuation toward Nan Xun either.

“Haha, I’ll do it with everything I have,” Zu An replied with a smile.

The three of them had been chatting happily, but their smiles suddenly froze.

They suddenly recalled Zu An and Chu Chuyan’s relationship.

Were there any big brothers who encouraged their brothers-in-law to seek out courtesans They both looked away when they realized that and made an excuse to leave.

They didn’t give Zu An any more encouragement.

Zu An followed the maid into the inner hall.

The inner hall’s layout was elegant, and a sweet scent filled the air.

The sweet smell wasn’t cloying at all, and was instead a fine fragrance.

BI Ziang and Yu Nan had arrived in the room before him.

They stood in the room, admiring the calligraphy on the wall and the interior decorations.

The two of them subconsciously sighed with praise. Lady Nan Xun has quite expensive tastes.

After all, they came from the best clans in the Zhou Dynasty, so they had rather rich tastes.

They could immediately distinguish between fake and real class.

Nan Xun seemed less like a courtesan from a brothel than a concubine in the imperial palace! A strange expression appeared in both of their gazes when that thought emerged.

Their desire grew stronger and stronger.

The maid said with a smile, “Young masters, please take your seats first.

My lady will come out once she changes her outfit.”

There was a small table at the center, with some fine dishes that had been prepared in advance.

However, the two definitely hadn’t come all the way here to drink and eat.

Furthermore, with their status, they were also worried that someone might have messed with the food.

Zu An was the only one without such misgivings.

He sat down comfortably and picked up a pair of chopsticks, commenting on which dishes were good and which dishes were bad as he went through them.

Is he not scared of being poisoned Bi Ziang was surprised.

He naturally didn’t know that Zu An had poison immunity, but he also admired this fellow’s boldness.

He felt even he was lacking a bit in that aspect compared to Zu An.

Just a nobody without any class. Yu Nan sneered inwardly.

Lady Nan Xun might just be observing them right now.

Zu An’s behavior would definitely do a number on his image.

A while later, Zu An couldn't help but grumble, “Why does it take that long to change clothes” He cursed inwardly. Don’t tell me Lady Nan Xun will come out in a see-through dress

“I’ve made the young masters wait.” Accompanied by the light clinking of numerous waist decorations, Lady Nan Xun slowly walked out.

The men’s eyes lit up.

She was no longer dressed in the gorgeous, glistening dress she had worn outside, and had instead chosen a simple yet elegant indoor dress.

She didn’t carry any of a prostitute’s frivolousness, but rather gave off a distinguished and noble aura.

“Lady Nan Xun is too hard on herself.

Observing your room’s decorations was interesting in itself, and time quickly passed.

It wasn’t a difficult wait at all,” Yu Nan said calmly, trying to redeem some of the poor impressions Nan Xun might have had about him from before.

At the same time, there was a clear unspoken implication that he was different from a boorish man like Zu An.

Zu An wasn’t someone who would let such a thing slide.

He laughed and retorted, “Why are you so interested in the layout of a girl’s personal room It makes you look like an inexperienced fool.”

“I… You’re talking nonsense!” Yu Nan’s face immediately reddened.

He hadn’t expected Zu An’s retaliation to be so fierce and ruthless, immediately making him out to be a pervert.

You have successfully trolled Yu Nan for 666 Rage points!

A big smile emerged on Bi Ziang’s face.

At the same time, he thanked the heavens that he hadn’t spoken first.

He had actually wanted to say something similar to Yu Nan, and if he had, he would have been the one labeled a pervert.

Nan Xun quickly spoke up to help resolve the dispute.

“It is all my fault for taking too long to change my clothes.

Everyone, please be seated.

I will drink three glasses as an apology.” Then, she sat down by Zu An’s side.

When Bi Ziang saw that, he immediately sat down on her other side.

Yu Nan was stunned.

Lady Nan Xun’s left and right were already taken, so only one spot was left for him. You bastards!

Zu An didn’t feel like paying him any attention and instead looked at Nan Xun with a curious expression.

The veil continued to hide her face. Is that because she’s scared that Yu Nan and Bi Ziang might recognize her as King Qi’s concubine

However, based on his investigation, he knew that King Qi’s concubine rarely appeared in public.

Almost no one had seen her real appearance before.

The one who had received guests was always King Qi’s main wife.

The concubine didn’t even have the qualifications to make an appearance.

Wait, even if they never saw her before, they’re in close contact with King Qi.

It would still be safer to wear a mask.

Now that they were so close to each other, Zu An had to admit that she was an incredible beauty.

Her long and fair neck, her thin and slim waist, her voluptuous curves… Bigger is justice!

Lady Nan Xun said with a smile, “Even though my humble self only has a background from the pleasure quarters, I am still a lady.

Being stared at by young masters like this still makes me feel a bit embarrassed…”

Bi Ziang said with a laugh, “Ah Zu, you’ve been rude to the beauty.

How about you drink a glass as punishment”

He was worried that it might be awkward if he called Zu An by his full name, so he used the more intimate address.

He had already heard the Qin clan brothers call him that, and he believed they had a certain relationship because of his younger sister.

As such, he used the nickname to pull their relationship closer.

Sure enough, Zu An didn’t lash out the way he had with Yu Nan and instead said with a smile, “Young master Bi is right.

I’ll drink a glass then.”

Bi Ziang sighed in relief inwardly. He’s my little sister’s loyal dog after all.

I guess I don’t have to worry.

However, Zu An thought, I have to give this relative some respect here, right Otherwise, Linglong might start throwing a tantrum… I’ll be getting myself into a huge mess otherwise…

Yu Nan frowned. It’ll be bad for me if these two team up here.

Bi Ziang asked, “Lady Nan Xun, we aren’t just going to be drinking here, right”


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