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Chapter 921, Part 1: Born to Be a Protagonist

Qin Yongde replied with a chuckle, “You’re right.

The Chu clan already ended their relationship with him, so Chuyan has nothing to do with him anymore.

Indeed, there’s no reason to help him.”

“Even though he looks frivolous, he actually has some skill.” Qin Guangyuan sipped his tea.

“I heard grandfather and father mention that he seemed to have done a number on King Qi’s great plan.

It’ll be best if we keep our distance from him for now.”

“It’s really hard to imagine how King Qi and our grandfathers’ plans were ruined because of that youngster.” Qin Yongde was surprised.

What kind of an existence was King Qi Also, those from their grandfather’s generation were people whom they didn’t even dare to speak too loudly in front of.

They could only bow their heads and listen.

However, they actually viewed this brat as a threat, and he had even made them suffer quite dearly Just how had he done it

“It was probably because of his majesty’s other arrangements.

He was just the one chosen to carry out the task.” Qin Guangyuan was suspicious about the entire situation.

That was the conclusion that made the most sense.

While the two brothers were watching things play out without lifting a finger, another private room was quite lively as well.

A group of people were talking to a youngster in the main seat.

“Young master Bi, the one below is the newly appointed Green Hat Viscount.

I don’t know why, but he seems to have provoked Yi Zhibing.

There’s some fun drama to watch now!”

They were surrounding a handsome young man.

His nose was tall and straight, but the tip had a bit of a hook to it.

Together with his thin lips and narrow eyes, it gave him a somewhat sinister feeling.

The young man got up and said, “Let’s go and take a look.”

The others were shocked.

“Young master Bi, why are we suddenly getting involved”

The youngster said with a smile, “This Zu An is probably my little sister’s loyal dog.

Even if he is a dog, only his master is allowed to beat him, right Isn’t this Yi Zhibing being too arrogant”

The others all said with big smiles, “Young master Bi is someone who treats his subordinates well after all! Alright, let’s go and teach that Yi Zhibing a lesson.”

The others were just there as spectators, so they obviously weren’t afraid of things getting out of hand.

They got up and drew closer to join in on the fun.

This young man was Bi Linglong’s older brother, the oldest son of the Bi clan, Bi Ziang.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Gao Ying and Pei You were standing in the bailiffs’ way.

Conflict seemed about to break out at any moment.

What kind of joke was this They had invited Zu An here, and yet they had ended up only getting inside because of him.

They had already been embarrassed enough today, but they were going to be chased out in front of everyone’s eyes now Their social lives in the capital might really be done for after this!

Yi Zhibing’s expression grew overcast.

“What’s wrong Are you all opposing the bailiffs in public That is a huge crime, you know”

Gao Ying and Pei You were incredibly conflicted.

They knew just how big of a crime that was too.

But with how things were, they couldn't be bothered by all of that anymore.

Zu An was about to step forward and say something when he suddenly heard laughter nearby.

A voice asked, “What’s happening over here Why is it so lively”

Yu Nan, who had been watching the scene with pleasure from the second floor, immediately felt his smile freeze.

Qin Yongde snorted as well.

“That Zu An has completely sided with the crown prince after all.

He isn’t allowed through our Qin clan’s doors ever again in the future!”

Zu An sized up the other person out of curiosity.

This person was quite handsome, but he gave off a rather uncomfortable aura.

He suddenly thought of the phrase ‘when a wolf looks over its shoulder’.

It was precisely that kind of feeling, a look that would put one immediately on guard.

Yi Zhibing had originally been quite happy with how things were going.

After all, he had driven the Liu and Pei clan’s two little brats crazy, and yet they were still helpless to do anything.

It was as if he had become the focal and main character of this place.

But when he saw the one who had arrived, his expression changed.

His presence immediately became weaker even as he exclaimed, “So it was young master Bi! Which wind brought you here today”

Bi Ziang said with a smile, “You’re troubling my men, so how can I not step forward”

Zu An raised his eyebrows. When did I become one of your men

Yi Zhibing felt a huge headache.

If it had been any other time, he would definitely show this young master respect and stop troubling Zu An’s group, but he had already buttered up Yu Nan tonight! How could he just back down like that

As such, he could only brace himself and said, “Young master Bi has misunderstood.

I’m not deliberately troubling anyone, but rather doing this for the sake of this event’s peace; that’s why I’m asking to have their invitations examined again.

We’ll check everyone’s invitation cards, so we aren’t just dealing with them.”

Bi Ziang’s smile instantly vanished when he heard those words.

“I still wanted to let you keep your dignity, but since you don’t want it, don’t blame this young master.

Since you want to reason through the law, I’m going to interrogate you in detail.

What is your distinguished self’s rank and post Were you the one who gave the order to transfer the capital’s bailiffs and maintain order here”

Yi Zhibing immediately broke out into a cold sweat.

“It… It was my father who sent over the bailiffs out of a concern that there would be too many civilians here.” He himself didn’t have any power, but by relying on his father’s authority, he could obviously transfer over some bailiffs.

But strictly speaking, he was doing things illegally.

“Oh, so it was Sir Yi! Then may I wonder if what Sir Yi has done today is actually as a result of a report from the court Do you have the official approval in writing from the court After all, this is a place of romance, so if you use bailiffs to maintain order in a brothel, that’s an abuse of government resources for personal reasons.” One after another, Bi Ziang fired off questions that hacked straight at Yi Zhibing’s sore spots again and again.

“I… Um…” Yi Zhibing wiped at his cold sweat.

He had no idea how to respond.

He had acted completely on his own initiative for today’s matters.

Even though his father knew about it, he hadn’t paid it too much attention.

If someone really looked into it, his actions might even cause his father to lose his job.

He was full of regret.

Why the hell did he have to try and show off today This Zu An really was a freaking demon after all; anyone who got involved with him ended up in deep trouble!

While Yi Zhibing was trapped in an impossible situation, Yu Nan said indifferently, “Since even young master Bi has stepped forward to act as his guarantor, there’s naturally nothing wrong with their party.

You can come back up.”

Yi Zhibing felt as if he had just received a huge pardon.

He quickly gave Bi Ziang an apologetic smile, and left as if he were running away.

Zu An gave the upper floors a look.

Even though he had only gotten a glance, he already recognized who that person was.

So everything that had happened today was because of him.

The two of them had clearly only met once before, only having shared a meal in King Qi Manor. Is there a need for you to target me like this

Human beings were just that strange.

Sometimes, even though people had clearly only met once, they might fall in love, or on the flipside, subconsciously loathe the other party.

Yu Nan definitely belonged to the latter category.

The pearl curtains to the private room had already been lowered.

It looked as if Yu Nan didn’t even want to give him a second glance.

Zu An shifted his gaze.

He cupped his hands toward Bi Ziang, saying, “Thank you, young master Bi.”

“There’s no need for thanks.

You’re one of my little sister’s men, so of course I’d shelter you.” Bi Ziang gave him a look.

“I’ve only heard of your reputation and haven’t seen you in person before.

Now that we’ve met, I see that you’re neither servile nor overbearing.

Not bad.”

“Young master Bi is too kind with your praise,” Zu An replied calmly.

There was always a condescending tone in the other party’s voice, but he didn’t really mind it either.

That was probably just a common problem among people like them.

Bi Ziang said with a smile, “Now that we’re on the topic, there are a few friends of mine who were done in by you.”

Zu An was stunned.

“Is that so” He had offended way too many people as of late.

He couldn't figure out who the other party was talking about.

“Shi Kun, then Gu Heng, as well as Gu Xing.

I was actually quite close to them.” Bi Ziang quickly changed the topic.

“But these people bit the hand that fed them, so you did well in getting rid of them.”

Zu An shivered inwardly.

He couldn't help but feel that this young master was a bit unruly.

The two sides exchanged some more greetings, and Bi Ziang offered an invitation.

“I have a private room above.

Why don’t you join us”

Zu An said with a smile, “Another time, perhaps.

We’ve already chosen our position today.”

Judging from how this young master was surrounded by bootlickers, Zu An could easily imagine that he would have to listen to endless flattery if he went up there.

He would much rather drink happily with Gao Ying and Pei You.

Furthermore, Bi Ziang’s tone and expression always made him feel as if he were being looked down on like a servant. Screw that; I’ve even messed around with raid bosses like Zhao Han and the first emperor.

Who the hell does this kid think he is

Bi Ziang frowned slightly when he saw that Zu An had refused, but he quickly hid it.

“That’s fine.” He didn’t say anything else, and his group quickly left.

Once they left, his companions muttered, “That guy really doesn’t know how to appreciate favors.

He actually refused young master Bi’s invitation!”

Bi Ziang remained expressionless.

“Capable people always have a bit of pride.

It’s just like raising an eagle; it’ll become obedient if you raise it for a while.”


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