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Chapter 919, Part 2: Entry Denied

Gao Ying’s face sank.

Stating that he was a little cousin was already implying that he wasn’t a true heir of the Liu clan, which was already irritating.

Then, Pei Xingyan had even deliberately brought up Liu Xian.

He swallowed his anger and said, “Liu Xian has already given up his life in the dungeon to protect the crown prince and princess.

This fact has been announced publicly in court.

Why are you asking why he didn’t come here”

“Oh my, so he’s dead! I am so, so sorry.

I really haven’t been paying much attention to these kinds of news.” Pei Xingyan said that he was sorry, but there wasn’t even a trace of embarrassment to be seen from him.

“Right, what did you just say just now How did he die again”

Gao Ying said coldly, “He took the initiative to hold up the rear, sacrificing himself to protect the crown prince and princess!”

“Liu Xian sacrificed himself to protect another person He even took the initiative in making that choice Hahaha!” Pei Xingyang seemed as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

His companions roared with laughter too.

“I wouldn’t have been surprised at all if you told me that Liu Xian died while lying on the belly of a woman.

A playboy like him actually sacrificed himself to bring up the rear”

Gao Ying’s expression became colder and colder.

He wasn’t a pushover either and immediately retaliated.

“This is what the court has pronounced.

Are you questioning his majesty’s decision”

Pei Xinyang obviously understood the trap.

He said with a smile, “His majesty is powerful and brilliant, so of course he wouldn’t make the wrong decision.

But what his majesty is worried about is the greater situation.

A nobody like Liu Xian might not even get a glance from his majesty.

I’m not the only one in the capital who is familiar with Liu Xian.

If you don’t believe me, then go and ask them if they believe that Liu Xian stayed behind to hold up the rear.”

His companions all roared with laughter.

“How could that be That Liu Xian was the definition of a coward!”

“What else was he good at apart from playing with women He probably just lost his life in the dungeon because his cultivation was too low.

As for how he died, there were only a few people who made it out alive anyway.

They could just say whatever they wanted.”

“That may not be the case.

I think it’s just that Liu Xian’s cultivation was too low, so he couldn't even outrun the others.

That’s why he was left behind and forced to cut off the rear.”

“Hahaha, what young master Pei says makes a lot of sense! That’s probably what happened.”

Zu An sighed. Big Manman’s older cousin really needs a good beating.

Even I’m on the verge of beating the crap out of him.

“Absolutely disgraceful!” Gao Ying couldn't hold it in anymore and threw a fist out.

Pei Xingyan had already prepared, however.

He waved his palm to block the strike.

After the exchange, Gao Ying remained in place, while Pei Xingyan was forced back several steps.

However, his companions quickly surrounded him, exclaiming, “What are you doing Are you trying to restrict our freedom of speech”

Pei You and Zu An both walked up to Gao Ying’s side.

They didn’t want their comrade to lose in this situation.

There was an unnatural redness in Pei Xingyan’s face.

He had clearly suffered a bit from that exchange.

He glared at Pei You and exclaimed angrily, “Little You, you dare to help an outsider fight against your own family”

There were many people in the surroundings who didn’t know what was happening.

When they heard that, their expressions immediately turned into looks of disdain when they looked at Pei You.

This was a world structured around clans.

Pei Xingyan’s accusation was actually extremely serious.

Pei You’s expression changed several times, and he had no idea how to retort.

It was clear that if they weren’t talking about matters of the pleasure quarters, he would return to being that isolated youngster again.

Zu An helped him out of his awkwardness and said, “Pei You will help a comrade who has fought at his side, and not a petty person who gossips and humiliates a warrior who sacrificed his life for our nation.”

What did clan affection matter in the face of national duty Sure enough, the onlookers’ expressions toward Pei You immediately eased up.

Pei You gave Zu An a grateful look.

“And who are you” Pei Xingyan gave Zu An a look that seemed as if he were looking at a toad.

Pei You was grateful to Zu An, so he obviously took the initiative to brag about him.

“This is the greatest contributor to the dungeon mission this time, the one whom his majesty personally granted the title of Green Hat Viscount! He is the crown prince’s chamberlain, the Armed Escort Division Commander, Sir Zu An!”

Zu An’s eyes twitched when he heard the words ‘Green Hat Viscount’.

But he knew that Pei You had spoken with good intentions, so he couldn't act out at all.

“Pah!” Pei Xingyang scoffed in disdain.

“The two of you really have lost it! Even though your statuses aren’t high in your clans, you’re still young masters from distinguished clans.

And yet today, the two of you are flattering a nobody that much You really are a disgrace to everyone in the capital!”

Pei You and Gao Ying’s expressions changed.

But before they could say anything, Zu An said with a sneer, “This young master Xingyan here, did you eat ** before you left your house today”

Pei Xingyan was stunned.

He thought that he had heard incorrectly, but when he saw the others’ expressions, he knew that wasn’t the case.

He erupted into rage and exclaimed, “What did you say!”

You have successfully trolled Pei Xingyan for 588 588 588…

“If you haven’t eaten **, why is that the only thing coming out of your mouth” Zu An asked, feigning confusion.

“Or maybe your respected self is a poop manufacturing machine”

He had been a professional troll on the internet forums back in his previous world, so he obviously knew the best ways to break someone’s defenses.

The civilians, who had been watching to join in the liveliness, roared with laughter.

They might not know the jokes nobles made, but they all quickly understood poop jokes.

Pei Xingyan almost fainted from anger, yelling,“I’m going to rip out your filthy mouth!”

You have successfully trolled Pei Xingyan for 723 723 723…

His palm flew right as he spoke.

But just as Pei You and Gao Ying were about to block it, a miserable scream tore through the air.

Pei Xingyan was already flying through the sky.

Zu An said coldly, “I can kill eighth ranked beasts like slaughtering chickens.

Even someone like you dares to face me I’ll spare your life out of consideration for an old friend.

Get lost.” This kid really is a good-for-nothing.

You’re already that angry, and yet you can only produce this small amount of Rage point soul fluctuations

Gao Ying and Pei You shivered inwardly.

They didn’t even see how Zu An had attacked even while being so close. It looks like Zu An’s cultivation improved a lot during this brief period. Of course, they both felt incredibly refreshed when they saw Pei Xingyan’s bitter end. Big bro Zu is formidable after all; he helped us vent out our resentment.

Pei Xingyan’s comrades had been about to help, but when they heard those words, they immediately shivered.

Only then did they remember the rumors about Zu An. The Jade Moon Serpent was only at the seventh rank.

This bastard really knows how to boast!

They all cursed inwardly, but they knew that they were definitely not his match.

They gave up on those thoughts and began to use words.

“Preposterous! The capital is a place that upholds virtue, and yet you’re bullying the weak with your strength Will no one uphold public justice”

If they knew that he hadn’t only killed eighth ranked beasts, but even experts at the peak of the ninth rank, they wouldn’t dare to speak such words.

But the surrounding crowd immediately berated them.

“Utterly shameless!” They thought, These young masters love to bully the weak, and yet today, they have the shame to say this to someone else

But they were just spectators at the moment and weren’t scared of the drama growing bigger.

These officials were all terrible people anyway, so it would be the best situation if they killed each other.

The disturbance drew the attention of the nearby bailiffs who were assigned to keep order.

They walked over with blades in their hands, asking, “Who’s causing trouble here”

Pei Xingyan held in the blood he had just vomited from his mouth.

He wanted to complain to these bailiffs, but his insides were stirring so badly that he couldn't even speak.

Fortunately, he had his comrades.

They complained about Zu An to the bailiffs one after another.

There was no lack of experts among the bailiffs in a place like the capital.

Even though none of them could compare to Zu An, if Zu An dared to use violence against them, that would be like poking a hornet’s nest.

The court would never let him go.

Gao Ying and Pei You also stepped forward to reveal their identities.

At the same time, they spoke about what had happened just then.

Of course, what they spoke about was how overbearing the other party was.

The leader of the bailiffs felt a huge headache.

They couldn't afford to offend these young masters either, but they were already experienced in such matters.

They shirked responsibility and said, “We’re only in charge of maintaining order outside Scarlet Invitation’s entrance.

Please go to the governmental office for any other matter.

They have their ways of dealing with these matters.”

Pei Xingyan’s group was speechless.

Gao Ying and Pei You chuckled and said to Zu An, “Brother Zu, please!”

Pei Xingyan wanted to stop them, but he hesitated when he recalled how he had been sent flying mysteriously just a moment before.

Zu An’s group walked up to the entrance.

Gao Ying brought out his invitation card to be verified.

One card could bring in two guests.

The guard looked it over, then frowned, saying, “The names do not match, so you cannot enter.


Zu An was stunned.

He hadn’t expected to encounter this kind of obstacle.

Gao Ying exclaimed, “What is the meaning of this You aren’t letting in guests you invited yourself”

Just then, the bailiff from before said, “We received a report from the higher ups that all sorts of reselling occurred and ended up inflating the price.

Many of the tickets ended up in the hands of people with ill will, so for the safety of the gathering and the capital’s order, only those whose surnames were recorded can pass.”

“This ticket was something my clan’s relative gave me.

Is even that unacceptable” Gao Ying was starting to worry.

He had never heard of names being checked after all these years.

With their respective clans’ statused, obtaining an invitation card wasn’t too difficult of a task.

However, they had been in the dungeon, so they obviously couldn't get the invitation card themselves.


It must match the name designated in the beginning.” The bailiff knew who they were, so for fear of offending them, he added, “These are orders from above.

We are also only acting according to procedures.”

“And the name of that superior is” Pei You asked unhappily.

The two of them had invited Zu An over in high spirits, and yet such a thing had ended up happening.

Didn’t this make them look really bad

“No comment!” the bailiff replied.

“Please do not hold up the line.


“Haha… cough… haha!” Pei Xingyan managed to stand back up under the support of his comrades.

He coughed while laughing.

“Absolutely hilarious! You ran all the way here to show off, and yet you can’t even go inside…”

Zu An gave him an indifferent look.

Pei Xingyan immediately swallowed his other words of mockery back down.

He could only borrow the bailiff nearby for support.

“Ahem, if you don’t have an invitation card, then move out of the way.

We have one.”


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