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Chapter 911: Night of the Seventh Day

Sang Qien was caught off guard and pulled into the coffin, her heart pounding.

She was even more shocked when she felt Zu An holding her hand.

Is he going to use this as a chance to take advantage of me

This was such a narrow space that they had been forced to stay close together to begin with.

King Qi Manors people were outside, so she couldnt even make a single noise.

That was why she couldnt do a thing if he wanted to do something to her now.

Just then, she heard him tell her through ki, “Your heart is beating too fast; Ill help you calm down.”

Sang Qien was stunned.

Then, she sensed a wave of warm energy spreading throughout her entire body through his palm.

After that, her panicked breathing unknowingly calmed down.

She finally realized that Zu An had done so because her heart was beating too fast, for fear that those outside might notice.

She thought, What the heck was I thinking about just now Ahhh, this is so embarrassing…

Zu An asked in confusion, “Whats wrong Your heart rate is rising again.”

Sang Qien blushed and quickly shook her head.

She turned to look away, but then saw the concubines face and almost jumped in fright.

The coffin was specially made and had cooling properties.

Its dark blue formation lines glowed a faint blue.

That was why she could still see the concubine inside.

Even though she knew the skills of a coroner and wasnt scared of corpses, she had never been in a coffin together with a corpse before.

Furthermore, the situation she was in made the icy blue face especially terrifying.

She subconsciously leaned closer to Zu An.

His bodys warmth mysteriously made her feel more at ease.

A familiar voice spoke outside the coffin.

“Everyone, please move swiftly.

Make sure to check the surroundings carefully.

That Zu An demanded the inspection of the concubines body; we absolutely cant give him any chances.”

“Understood!” came several orderly replies.

Then, the guards dispersed to search the area.

Sang Qiens expression changed.

She whispered toward Zu An, “Han Fengqiu”

As someone who also resided in the capital, she was aware of King Qi Manors guardian.

Her cultivation wasnt high enough, so she was worried that her existence might be detected by Han Fengqius ninth ranked cultivation.

That was why she didnt dare to communicate through ki and instead whispered her words.

She was worried that Zu An might not know what she was saying, so she drew the words on his chest.

Zu An subconsciously raised his hand to draw his response on her impressive chest, but he then realized that would be weird.

He laughed awkwardly and said through ki, “Yes.

He was probably worried that I might break in, so he came here to make sure that absolutely wouldnt happen.”

Sang Qien blushed, clearly noticing what had happened.

But there was nothing she could do about it, so she continued to write her response.

“Then what do we do now Are we going to be discovered”

“Dont worry, these King Qi Manor personnel wont examine the concubines coffin,” Zu An replied.

The two of them were so close to each other.

Zu An was also worried that they might be discovered by Han Fengqiu, so he subconsciously moved closer to Sang Qiens ear.

Sang Qiens ears had been sensitive to begin with.

She felt a numb sensation ripple through her entire body when she felt the heat from his breath.

Her heart rate began to quicken again.

Suddenly, a guard cried out in alarm.

“Sir… Sir… Sir Han!”

“What is it” Han Fengqiu was unhappy to be called by a guard that way.

The guard stuttered, “The coffin… Over here… Part of the concubines clothing is sticking out here!”

The two people inside were alarmed.

Zu An raised his head and saw that a corner of the concubines clothing was sandwiched in the coffin lid.

Sang Qien had probably forgotten to fix that area after her inspection.

Afterward, they were in too much of a rush when they jumped inside, which was why that spot hadnt completely been restored to its usual state.

Zu An quickly pulled the cloth back in.

Han Fengqiu spoke again, but he was clearly closer.

“Where Why dont I see anything”

“It was just… just here.” The guard pointed at a part of the coffin lid.

He sounded more and more scared.

“Sir Han, today is the seventh day… Do you think this place is haunted”

“Stop saying nonsense! How can there be any ghosts” Han Fengqiu harrumphed.

Then, with the sound of footsteps, he instantly appeared next to the coffin.

He placed his hand on its lid.

Sang Qiens heart was about to jump out of her chest.

Her eyes were filled with alarm.

What do we do What do we do now!

But she was completely stupefied a moment after.

Zu An pulled her right into his arms! Sang Qiens head went completely blank.

Do you know whats happening right now And yet youre going to take advantage of me here

But she quickly threw out that thought.

She already knew that even though Zu An might not be the most upright gentleman, he wasnt someone who didnt think before he acted.

There was definitely a reason for him to do such a thing.

Zu An was quite surprised.

He had expected her to struggle, but her cooperation saved him quite a bit of effort.

As such, he usedMirror Mirage and neutralized their presence into nothing.

Han Fengqiu remained silent for a while, inspecting the coffin.

A while later, he tried to open up the coffin and said, “No living person can escape my detection.

Furthermore, this coffin lid…” He pushed the lid while speaking, but it didnt budge.

He continued, “See Isnt it closed properly Stop thinking nonsense.”

“But I clearly just…” The guard was cut off by the other guards laughter before he even finished his sentence.

“I know youve always been a coward.

I think you were just seeing things!”


You were muttering about how it was the seventh day or something, that you were scared of her highness soul coming back.”

“Did you read too many ghost stories”

The guards face turned red when he heard everyone elses laughter.

As such, he concluded that he had been mistaken.

“Enough, enough already.

Do you guys not know where we are! Stop being disrespectful!” Han Fengqiu cut off the guards laughter with a shout.

“Go back to your posts outside.

Has that Qiu Yue arrived yet”

Zu An was surprised.

Qiu Yue was the concubines personal maid.

“Shes here!” Several guards quickly brought in some servant girls.

Han Fengqiu nodded.

He said to Qiu Yue and the others, “Guard this place for the next few days; dont let anyone approach, especially that Zu An.

Call me if anything happens.”

This was where King Qis concubines corpse was, after all, and a cold formation had even been used to preserve her appearance.

That was why it wasnt proper for guards like them to stay there.

The most qualified people for the job were naturally the maids.

Qiu Yue gave the largest coffin in the middle of the funeral hall a look.

Her face was completely pale.

“Sir Han, today is the seventh day, the day that the soul returns.

People she knows shouldnt be here! Otherwise, she might be reluctant to leave this world peacefully!”

Han Fengqiu said with a frown, “All of that is absolute nonsense.

Dont believe that stuff.

There are so many people guarding this place with you, and there are people patrolling outside.

What are you scared of”

Qiu Yue felt wronged when she heard him berate her that way.

But her status was low and she couldnt really retort.

She could only agree reluctantly.

Han Fengqiu looked around.

When he confirmed that there was nothing else strange, he brought the rest of the men with him.

It wasnt that he hadnt been careful enough, but rather that no one expected the heavily-guarded King Qi Manor to be so easily infiltrated.

Their visit was only to guard against anything unexpected.

When she heard the activity outside, Sang Qien quietly asked, “What do we do now”

Zu An said, “Well stay here tonight.”

Sang Qien was confused.

She was about to ask something else, but she saw that Zu An had already closed his eyes and fallen asleep.

She had been a sharp person to begin with.

She quickly understood what he meant.

There were guards everywhere at that moment.

Furthermore, after the incident with the concubines clothing, it was the most dangerous time.

But knowing that was one thing.

She was going to sleep in a coffin, and furthermore right next to a corpse That was way too terrifying!

She turned around and gave the concubines remains a look, but in the end, she chose to move a bit closer into Zu Ans arms.

The coffin had been a cramped space to begin with.

She was now so close to a young man, and she could feel his masculine energy.

It was hard for her thoughts to not wander crazily.

Objectively speaking, Zu An was quite an outstanding man.

But he was the Chu clans young master, and he even seemed to have something going on with her sister-in-law.

How could the two of them have anything between them Otherwise, wouldnt she be letting her big brother down…

But as she thought about such things, she unknowingly fell asleep while nestled up against Zu An.

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