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Chapter 908: Waste of Saliva

Yu Nan and the others frowned.

As core members of King Qi’s faction, even though they didn’t necessarily know exactly what had happened in the dungeon, they knew that King Qi had definitely invested quite a bit.

Yet in the end, everything had failed because of a final lack of effort.

It was probably all because of Zu An.

They thought, This kid already made it clear that he was the emperor and the crown prince’s dog, so why the hell are you inviting him

But King Qi’s prestige was great.

Even though they didn’t understand it, they wouldn’t actually go against his decision.

Zu An was overjoyed. The fish took the bait! But he pretended to be troubled on the surface.

“A meal might be a bit inappropriate.

After all, I still have a case to investigate over here.”

King Qi smiled.

“You can just ask me directly about your questions regarding the case.

After all, there’s no one more familiar with this case in the entire manor.

We can talk about it slowly inside.”

He had been absolutely confident in the cultivators he placed in the dungeon.

After all, he had even sent in four of his powerful guardians as a failsafe! Despite that, it had still resulted in failure.

He just couldn't figure out what had happened, but Zu An definitely knew.

Furthermore, his defeat was just way too bitter.

Previously, they had been evenly matched against the emperor, but now, they had already been forced into a passive position with their strategy.

No matter how capable those under him were, they still couldn't think of any ways of turning the situation around.

Meanwhile, Zu An was a variable.

If he could somehow obtain the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra and raise his strength greatly, he would be able to turn things around.

Zu An finally reluctantly agreed when he heard those words from King Qi.

“Since King Qi has asked with such sincerity, I’ll stay for a meal.”

Those guards under him had originally been shaking in fear.

But now, when they blinked, they seemed to have weathered this storm And King Qi was even acting so politely

Yu Yan and the others almost vomited blood. Why the hell does this kid even look reluctant to accept this Is he trying to step all over us

You have successfully trolled Yu Nan for 333 Rage points!

You have successfully trolled Lian Yu for 333 Rage points!

You have successfully trolled Zhao Xiao for 333 Rage points!

King Qi was a bit more shrewd in his thoughts.

He wasn’t too affected and gestured for those present to come in.

Soon afterward, Zu An and Yu Nan’s party followed King Qi into the manor.

As for Zu An’s subordinates, Han Fengqiu took care of them.

Zu An asked many questions regarding King Qi’s concubine along the way, and King Qi patiently responded to all of them.

Even Zu An was amazed at how good his attitude was.

Only after sitting down did Zu An realize that even though King Qi had answered his questions, he hadn’t provided any useful information.

His ability to dodge questions left even Zu An impressed.

Just then, Madam Qi also arrived under the escort of a maid.

She smiled when she saw Princess Chanshan and Lian Yu’s wife.

But when she saw Zu An, her smile instantly froze.

You have successfully trolled Bi Fanghua for 458 Rage points!

She clearly still carried resentment after Zu An beat up her son.

She quickly looked toward King Qi.

King Qi’s lips moved slightly, and he was clearly conversing with her in private through ki.

Only then did her expression ease a bit.

She sat down in her position and didn’t even give Zu An a single look.

Yu Nan said with a smile, “Madam, it’s almost your birthday.

I wonder how you plan to celebrate it” This matter was the reason his group had come over to begin with.

Madam Qi shook her head.

“We’re in troubled times, and there’s just been a death in our manor.

It’s not a good time to be arranging festivities.”

Yu Nan and the others fell silent.

On the surface, she appeared to be talking about the concubine who had just died, but in reality, she was referring to their troops who had died in the dungeon.

It was indeed unsuitable to hold a celebration after King Qi Manor had just suffered such a crushing defeat. 

“The madam is kindhearted after all.” Those present flattered Madam Qi, before the topic unknowingly drifted to the dungeon trip.

Lian Yu raised his head to look in Zu An’s direction, remarking, “Sir Zu has earned tremendous contributions from the dungeon test.

Can you tell us a bit about what happened in the dungeon”

King Qi nodded inwardly. Lian Yu is clever as expected.

He said it so I don’t have to.

“I merely killed some fools with impure motives; it’s not deserving of such praise.

It’s really not worth mentioning,” Zu An said.

Despite those words, he couldn't stop himself from smiling.

This presumptuous brat! Those present cursed inwardly.

You have successfully trolled everyone for 444 444 444…

Lian Yu forced a smile and said, “Sir Zu must be joking.

How can someone who earned the title of Green Hat Viscount, personally conferred by his majesty, not have tremendous achievements”

Zu An’s face twitched when he heard the words ‘green hat’.

He felt that it would probably be better if he didn’t work so hard, if things were going to end up like this.

He replied, “All of you are important subjects of the court.

I believe you already know about what happened in the dungeon.

Why is there a need for you to ask me any more”

Just then, King Qi spoke up.

“How can some reports compare to hearing from someone directly involved I hope Sir Zu can clear our confusion regarding some details in that report.”

“Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy with this case recently, and the matter of inspecting the distinguished concubine’s corpse has been a headache in itself.

It’s caused me to forget about many of the details from the dungeon,” Zu An said while holding his head, as if he were in pain.

Yu Nan’s expression changed on the spot.

“Ridiculous! You actually dare to threaten King Qi”

King Qi quickly reached out a hand to stop him.

“Brother-in-law, you’re speaking too seriously.

Sir Zu currently bears the burden of his majesty’s orders, and all of us know what my brother the emperor is like.

Sir Zu must have his frustrations with this assignment, with his life probably on the line, so his worry is completely understandable.

Why don’t we do this If Sir Zu tells us the details of what happened in the dungeon, I can consider agreeing to your corpse inspection.”

The others’ expressions changed.

They were going to say something else, but King Qi raised his hand and stopped them.

Zu An gave Yu Nan a disdainful look.

These young masters who had been pampered from birth really are quite lacking in temperament.

Comparatively speaking, King Qi was much more shrewd.

Zu An had just ruined his plan that had been prepared for many years, and yet he didn’t let his emotions affect his decisions at all.

On the contrary, he had not only sown conflict between Zu An and the emperor, but also tried to rope Zu An in.

No wonder he had been able to face the emperor for so long!

“Since the king wishes to listen, how could I dare not to comply” Zu An immediately changed his attitude and slowly told them about what had happened in the dungeon.

King Qi had a strange expression on his face.

Zu An spoke about many details that hadn’t been included in the report, but he still hadn’t said a word about Lu Xiao’s group.

He basically received nothing after listening to Zu An talk all day.

It was almost as if he had taught Zu An a lesson about doing such things on the way, and the kid really learned quickly.

After Zu An finished his story, he asked, “May I ask when I can examine her highness the concubine’s remains”

King Qi chuckled.

“I said I would consider it, but after thinking about it, I feel like such a thing isn’t in accordance with the royal clan’s etiquette.

I’ll have to wait upon his majesty’s decision.

If he issues a decree, Sir Zu can come and inspect it.”

Zu An wanted to roll his eyes when he heard those words.

The other party’s words were completely meaningless.

Why would the emperor ever write such a decree Wouldn’t the elders of the royal family all start criticizing him Furthermore, the emperor didn’t want to become completely hostile with King Qi at the moment, so he wouldn’t break off relations with King Qi over this.

Now that the atmosphere had become a bit stiff, Madam Qi stepped up to fulfill her duty.

She decided to change to a lighter topic.

“Everyone, let’s not end up so busy chatting that we forget about the food.

This roast pork over here won’t taste good once it gets cold.

Hm Yu Nan, why did you stop after just trying a piece Is the food not good I can tell the cook to change it next time.”

Yu Nan shook his head.

“The manor’s chefs are excellent; the problem is with the ingredients.”

“Hm But the meat is from a carefully chosen month-old pig, so there shouldn’t be any issues…” Madam Qi replied in confusion.

Yu Nan prodded the roast pork in front of him.

“This kind of little pig isn’t a real young roast pig.

True suckling pigs are fed by human milk after they’re born, and are then butchered once they turn a month old.

That produces the most tender flesh, and only then can this dish truly justify its name.”

Zu An frowned and asked, “Who in the world would feed pigs with human milk”

Yu Nan said with an indifferent tone, “Sir Zu comes from a small place like Brightmoon City, so it’s understandable if you’ve never experienced this before.

There are a dozen suckling nannies who specialize in feeding the pigs in the lower mansion.

I’ll send Sir Zu one another day.”

Zu An’s expression changed. There are people who live so extravagantly in this world He isn’t treating those suckling nannies as humans at all!

Forget about him, even King Qi and the others frowned.

Lian Yu found it even harder to accept and remarked, “Aren’t you going too far You’d better be careful, or else there might be people in the court who’ll come after you for going too far with extravagance and waste.”

Yu Nan didn’t seem bothered at all.

“What’s wrong with me spending my own money I definitely can’t live as miserly a life as you.

Don’t think I didn't know that back then, when the king heard that your peach trees’ peaches were especially sweet and wanted to try some, you secretly poked holes in them for fear that he might plant some of your peaches in his own garden… Hmph, you might not care about dignity, but my Yu clan does! You could even do something like that!”

Zu An couldn't help but shoot Lian Yu a look.

He then noticed that even though the latter’s clothing was appropriate, there were some areas that seemed to have lost color from overwashing.

Even his wife’s jewelry was clearly inferior to Princess Changshan and Madam Qi’s.

His wife came from the Yu clan, so how could she lack jewelry Wow, I really didn’t expect this honest looking guy to be someone like that…

Lian Yu’s face reddened.

He exclaimed angrily, “What the king wanted from me were peaches, and he didn’t say that he was going to plant them! What’s wrong with me giving him just the peach flesh”

Yu Nan chuckled.

“Your stinginess has nothing to do with me, but please don’t make my little sister suffer with you.”

Zu An had found it a bit strange earlier.

The  two of them were arguing right in front of him because the older brother felt sorry for his little sister and looked down on her husband.

But Lian Yu had never approved of this spoiled in-law of his, so they naturally didn’t get along.

Madam Qi and Madam Lian both tried to ease the situation when they saw the two fighting.

But because of the conversation, the mood of the meal had already been soured.

On the other hand, Zu An was having a great time.

It didn’t seem that King Qi’s faction was all that unified either.

In the end, Zu An wasn’t able to examine Concubine Qi’s remains.

When he left King Qi Manor, he first sent the guards under him back.

Even though they were his subordinates, who knew how many of them were actually acting as the emperor’s eyes He just didn’t feel too comfortable with them around.

He kept walking along the main road.

While he was thinking about what he should do next, he suddenly felt something and turned to look.

He saw a handsome young man standing in front of him.

His build was rather slender.

Clearly, he was a crossdressing woman.

She held up something and brought it in front of Zu An.

“Excuse me, fellow brother, did you drop this pendant”

When Zu An saw the black object, no matter what angle one looked at it from, it was just a completely ordinary rock.

He couldn't help but remark mockingly, “You’re using just a rock Why don’t you pick up a brick next time and ask me if I dropped that”

The young lady’s eyes lit up.

“That’s a great idea.

I now have another way to start a conversation.”

Zu An rolled his eyes and asked, “What are you doing here”


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