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That being said, Zu An was still determined to learn the Thirteen Forms of Elementary Swordplay properly.

After all, this concerned his survival.

If he could pick up a powerful combat skill, he would have yet another means to deal with his enemies.

He earnestly listened to Bai Susu decipher every single form.

Even Wei Suos several calls to engage him in a conversation couldnt break his concentration, which left Wei Suo feeling rather frustrated.

Bro, youre in the wrong class.

We, of the Yellow class, dont focus on cultivation.

After class, Zu An went through everything he had learned earlier when a staff suddenly called him out, “Zu… Teacher Zu, your dormitory is ready.

Would you like to head over to take a look”

It was inevitable that the staff would feel awkward addressing Zu An as a teacher.

It was just moments ago that he was still a student, but who could have thought that he would climb up the ladder so quickly

“Its you What a coincidence!” remarked Zu An.

It turned out to be the staff who led him to the Principals Office when he first arrived at the academy.

“It sure is,” replied the staff with a polite smile.

“Come, Ill familiarize you with the area.”

“Sure!” Zu An nodded.

It was the afternoon break anyway, and there was plenty of time for him to take a look at his dormitory before the afternoon classes.

“How do I address you” Zu An asked.

It was their second time meeting, so it would be good if they could at least acquaint themselves with one another.

“I am Zhu Gan.

Im in charge of the logistics affairs of the academy,” replied the staff.

“Zhu Gan You have quite an imposing name.

To live a carefree life and screw with anyone who stands in your way,” remarked Zu An.

The staffs face darkened.

Clearly, this was not the first time someone had misunderstood his name.

He quickly clarified, “No, its not that Gan (乾).

Its the Gan (淦) with three droplets andGold (金) character.”

The atmosphere suddenly turned awkward.

Zu An tried to laugh it off as he remarked, “That sounds equally great too.

Haha, hahaha~”

Zhu Gan looked less than impressed though.

Bro, I cant feel any sincerity from your compliment.

It didnt take long for the two of them to reach a rather tranquilvilla area—at least that was how it looked to Zu An.

It was near a serene forest, but the colorful grass along the road was trimmed neatly.

Every now and then, they would see an independent villa vaguely visible amidst the trees.

It really looked like those high-class residential areas he had seen on the TV in his previous life.

“Teacher Zu, this is your residence.

This token over here is the key, and your information is already imprinted on it.

The formation around the residence will automatically identify you,” said Zhu Gan as he passed a translucent jade token over.

Zu An examined the token, and he couldnt help but marvel that it really looked like something that had come out of a fantasy movie.

It looked much more classy than the hotel keys he had seen in his previous life.

“Can I use this to open the doors of the other residences”

Zhu Gan was rendered speechless by that question.

Are you an idiot Even a person thinking with his bum will be able to tell you that its impossible.

However, recalling how Zu An had an overwhelming tendency to get into trouble, he still decided to remind him just in case.

“Of course not.

If the formation senses that someone is trying to trespass on the residence, itll automatically attack the trespasser.

You shouldnt mess around with the residences of other teachers.”

“Oh~” Zu An was a little disappointed.

“Then, wheres Teacher Shang Liuyus residence Is it neighboring mine”

“Dream on!” Zhu Gan finally couldnt stand it anymore.

One must know that Shang Liuyu was the dream lover of many male teachers in the academy, including him.

“Teacher Shangs residence is located in another area.

You wont find it here.”

Zu An was really impressed by just how needlessly rich academies in this world were.

To think that every teacher would be allocated with an independent residence! The dormitories in my previous world are so much better.

Everyone lives harmoniously in the same cluster of buildings.

Who knows Maybe a babe might just live next door!

Zhu Gan continued relaying some information before taking his leave.

He was afraid that he would cave in to his desire and give this fellow a good pummeling.

He simply couldnt stand how smug Zu An was acting.

Meanwhile, Zu An began to explore his own residence.

It was similar to a courtyard house, not too big but sufficient.

There wasnt any particularly elegant furniture inside, but most necessities were provided.

Overall, it was pretty amazing for free lodging.

It looks like teachers in this world are treated really well.

I guess I can spare myself from having to waste my money on buying a residence in the city.

Hmph, if the Chu clan angers me again, Ill… Ill run here to seek refuge!

I wonder if the academy allows me to buy and bring some beautiful maids in…

All of a sudden, he heard a gentle voice coming from the entrance.

“Teacher Zu, are you inside”

Zu An was surprised.

Was my willpower so great that the world felt compelled to send a beautiful maid my way Or does the academy actually assign a beautiful maid to every teacher This voice sounds a little familiar though…

He rushed to the doorway, only to see a traditional beauty standing by the doorway.

She looked at him with a pair of tender almond-shaped eyes.

“You are… Zheng Dan” Zu An blinked his eyes.

Is my luck with romance that strong To actually be calledteacher by a beautiful woman like her… Ahhh, it really feels good!

I should have gotten others from the academy over to take a good look.

See how this young lady is willingly calling me teacher with that sweet voice of hers.

Watch and learn, alright

The beautiful woman smiled sweetly as she replied, “Teacher Zu sure has an amazing memory.

I didnt think that you would still remember me.”

Zu An couldnt help retort mentally.

I just saw you this morning though.

Id have to be senile to actually forget you this quickly.

“May I know what business does Miss Zheng has with me” Zu An remembered the warning that Chu Huanzhao gave him earlier in the morning, so he didnt let the other partys beauty get the better of him.

“I was in too much of a rush earlier this morning, so I wasnt able to properly thank you for saving my life.” Zheng Dan raised her hands and shook the lunch box in her hands.

“It happens to be lunchtime, and I had a feeling that you havent had your meal yet.

So, I personally cooked a few dishes and brought them here.

I hope that you can enjoy them.”

“You cooked personally” Zu An frowned with a weird look on his face.

“Miss Zheng, you didnt attend the classes this morning”

Are you insulting my intelligence over here I saw you at the entrance just this morning.

How could you possibly have the chance to return home to cook

The meticulous Zheng Dan was able to swiftly guess what he was thinking.

She calmly explained, “My family has prepared a residence for me in the academy too.

I prepared the food over there.”

“Hm Students can also own a residence in the academy too”

Zheng Dan chuckled under her hand as she replied, “Most people wont be able to, but our Zheng clan has quite a bit of influence in Brightmoon City.

So, were able to get a bit of leeway on this.”

Zu An came to a realization.

Most likely, aside from Zheng Dan, most of those notable young masters and young misses all had their own residences in the academy too.

Pui! I thought that the academy is a sacred place for learning, but it turns out that its purity has been marred by greed too!

“Teacher Zu, may we continue the conversation in your residence If anyone passing by were to see this, it might lead to some negative rumors.” Zheng Dan looked at Zu An with eyes so pitiful that it could melt the hearts of all men.

Zu An was just a mortal man, so he wasnt an exception to the norm either.

He stood aside to let her in while remarking teasingly, “Are you worried that your reputation will be sullied if this matter were to get to General Sang”

Zheng Dan remarked with a sigh, “It seems like Teacher Zu knows about my engagement.

Haa, theres nothing I can do.

In large clans like ours, we dont have the freedom to decide on our partners.”

Zu An was impressed with Zheng Dans ability with words.

She was able to express her helplessness in being forced into the marriage without making a negative remark about Sang Hong.

It looked as if she was making a point, but in truth, she actually hadnt said anything much at all.

Even if others were to hear about it, it wouldnt be a big deal at all.

“Lets not talk about such stuff.

Im here today to thank you for your help.” Zheng Dan looked at Zu An with gleaming, large eyes.

She looked even more ravishing close-up.

Even with all of the beauties around him, Zu An had to admit that the woman before him was incredibly good-looking.

It was no wonder why she was in the Sweetheart Ranking.

It was then that Zheng Dan suddenly took out plates packed inside a wooden bo and began laying them on the table.

She was neither too fast nor too small, and her movements were incredibly elegant.

Zu An couldnt help but be reminded of those valiant Jiangnan women dressed in qipao he had seen on the television in his previous life.

Soon, the table was filled with plates of side dishes, and every single one of them looked appetizing.

It was going to be a delightful feast.

Zheng Dan was particularly proud of this.

Her skill set wasnt just limited to brewing tea; in fact, her specialty lay in cooking.

She was confident in her own culinary skill, though she hardly had any time to cook.

It was only her interest that compelled her to continue squeezing out time to invest in this hobby.

Not even Sang Qian had the opportunity to enjoy her cooking yet.

She waited quietly for Zu An to praise her cooking so that she could respond with words of humility.

She had already scripted out the scenario in her head.

Having played a persona of the perfect young miss of an illustrious clan for so many years, it was almost second nature to her by now.

“Oh, your lunchbox actually retains heat!” Zu An exclaimed as he picked up the wooden box and examined it closely.

Zheng Dan nearly choked on her saliva.

She couldnt understand just what Zu An was up to talking about such meaningless things.

Nevertheless, she still responded with a light smile, “The wooden box is inscribed with a formation that retains warmth.

It isnt anything special.”

“I see.” Zu An nodded.

He realized that he really mustnt underestimate this world.

While it was lagging behind in terms of technological development, they were still able to achieve many things through formations, be it the anti-jerking runes on Chu Chuyans carriage or the ki isolation runes on the dice shakers.

He remembered the Chu clan mentioning something about inscribing runes on weapons too.

It looked like he should brush up on his knowledge regarding this in the future.

Meanwhile, Zheng Dan suddenly realized what was going on too.

Just a month ago, this fellow was still a hoodlum idling his life away.

Its only after becoming the drafted son-in-law of the Chu clan that hes able to come into contact with all of these, so its inevitable that hes still quite ignorant about the items common to affluent clans.

Well, a canary cant evolve into a phoenix just because it has flown to a higher branch.

Despite being filled with scorn toward Zu An, her smile still remained impeccable.

“Teacher Zu, please have a seat.

The food wont taste as nice once they cool down.

Here, Ill pour you a cup of wine.”

“A cup of wine” Glancing at Zheng Dans fair wrists peeking out from her sleeves as she poured out a cup of wine, Zu An remarked deeply, “Havent you heard that alcohol tends to erode ones rationality”


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