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Zu An didnt hesitate in the slightest.

He immediately wolfed down the pill, and he instantly sensed a cool sensation spread out from his mouth and surge into his head, his limbs, and his bones.

Next, some black specks began to ooze out from his skin.

This continued for a full hour before finally coming to a halt, at which point Zu An opened his eyes.

He felt lighter, and the world itself seemed clearer before his gaze.

Prior to this, his physical weakness caused him to continuously feel aches and pains in his backs.

Now, he only felt as though his entire body was charged with energy.

His hands and his feet no longer felt cold; instead, they felt warm and toasty, as though he had been filled with vitality.

“So this thing really works” Zu An was delighted.

Even though he didnt know how much his talent had improved by, the transformations within his body were easy to behold.

I wish I started off with this thing.

Despite his lower Ding classification, he had still been able to fill up nearly three of his formations after suffering seven strikes of the Wailing Whip.

If he had taken this Marrow Cleansing Pill first I probably wouldve filled up five, right

A lower Ding class, according to the grading systems of Earth, probably would equate to a D- class, right It really did suck.

Only now did he notice all of the black goop covering his skin.

He couldnt help but give it a sniff, and as he did a priceless expression appeared on his face.

What a stench! He hurriedly ran off to give himself a bath.

After finishing, he returned to his bed to prepare to go to sleep.

He only had 44 Rage points left, so he was already plotting out his next scheme for farming his ATM for some more Rage and hopefully getting some nice things.

His memories were slowly continuing to merge.

The Chu clan held a dukedom within the empire, while Brightmoon City was their fiefdom.

The Chu clan had a total of three children – the eldest daughter was Chuyan, the second daughter was Huanzhao, while their youngest (the son) was called Youzhao.

As for the previous owner of this body, he was born an orphaned commoner who had been raised by his aunt and uncle.

He was known throughout the region as a neer-do-well; aside from being handsome, he had no redeeming qualities.

Zu An still couldnt quite understand why such an awe-inspiring clan would draft such a useless son-in-law into the family.

Its a trick.

There has to be some sort of scheme behind this.

However, considering that Zu An now had the activated keyboard as his trump card, he was much more confident in his future.

He no longer felt as much fear as he had before.

Ensconced in happy thoughts, he slowly drifted off into a pleasant slumber.

Early the next morning.

He was still half-asleep, but a loud ruckus suddenly woke up him.

“Hurry up and rise! The Master and the Madame are waiting for you in the ancestral hall!”

“Shaddup… lemme sleep a bit more…” Zu An hadnt fully woken up yet.

He had been exhausted last night and had went to bed very late.

He turned over, preparing to go back to sleep.

Suddenly, a basin of cold water was poured over him.

With a squawk, he sat up straight, all his drowsiness gone.

Opening his eyes, he saw several clan servants glowering at him.

Next to them was a young warrior who was holding a copper basin in his hands, smirking straight at him.

“Did you throw the water on me” Zu An stared at the young warrior, more memories coming to the surface.

The person in front of him was called Diao Yang and was a junior squad captain in the estate.

In the past, Diao Yang had often caused him plenty of trouble.

“So what if I did Are you really starting to consider yourself one of the masters here I have no idea what the young miss saw in you,” Diao Yang smirked.

Zu An immediately understood.

Given how beautiful Chu Chuyan was, there were undoubtedly many people who lusted after her, like toads lusting after a swan.

Most likely, Diao Yang was amongst their ranks.

Although the difference in status between them guaranteed that he would never have a chance, that didnt mean he could easily countenance another toad getting her.

Wait wait wait! Im not a toad, HE is the toad! His entire family consists of toads!

Diao Yang noticed the mocking look in Zu Ans eyes, which only further enflamed the captain.

“Why are you staring at me What, you wanna hit me Go ahead and try!” He actually stuck his face over.

This useless son-in-law is even weaker than a woman.

I could beat him up with both hands and one leg tied behind my back.

In fact, in recent days he had beaten up the former Zu An quite a few times.

The former Zu An was cowardly by nature, afraid to even complain when others bullied him.

This was the reason why Diao Yangs behavior had become increasingly outrageous.

But… this time, he miscalculated.

This was no longer the same Zu An as before! All he saw was a black blur suddenly lash out and punch him right on the nose, followed by blood immediately beginning to spurt from it.

Zu An retracted his arm, then shook his head.

“Man, whats going on with this world Why does everyone keep asking me to hit them”

“Ill kill you, you bastard!” For a moment, Diao Yangs mind went completely blank.

He never wouldve imagined that this useless coward he looked down upon would actually dare to kill him.

Blinded by rage, he actually drew his saber and prepared to chop down.

Except… Wait a second, how did he suddenly become so strong

You have successfully trolled Diao Yang for 537 Rage!

Right at this moment, a deep voice rang out: “Whats going on in here”

An enormous, mountain-shaped man walked into the room.

The others immediately bowed respectfully and called out, “Greetings, Captain!”

Zu An seemed to recall that this was the chief captain of the guards for the Chu clan, Yue Shan.

Right at this moment, Diao Yang hurriedly ran over and complained, “Captain, we came over to remind him to go to the ancestral hall, but not only did he refuse to get up, he even relied on his status to beat us up! Look at me! He broke my nose!”

Zu An just calmly watched this performance.

Hes pretty good at putting on a show, and Im impressed by his ability to twist right and wrong.

Yue Shan frowned.

He glanced at Diao Yangs bleeding nose, then looked at the drenched Zu An and the copper basin on the ground.

From these things, he was more-or-less able to tell what had happened here.

“Everyone is waiting in the ancestral hall, while all of you are here causing a ruckus Go to the ancestral hall now! Everything else can wait.” Yue Shan snorted.

He really didnt give a damn about such petty matters.

He also knew a bit regarding Diao Yangs personality and was fairly certain the man had deserved the punch.

But of course, he didnt see the need to speak out on Zu Ans behalf.

He himself also looked down upon this cowardly son-in-law; there was no point in offending one of his colleagues for the sake of Zu An.

Zu Ans eyes spun in thought, and then he suddenly collapsed with a moan.

“Urgh! Im badly hurt.

I cant get out of bed.”

“You are hurt” Yue Shan walked over to take a look.

When he saw the lash marks on Zu Ans body, the look on his face changed.

Zu An secretly celebrated his own cleverness in deciding to go to sleep in those bloody clothes.

“Yeah! Last night, Second Miss came to see me and then whipped me repeatedly with her Wailing Whip.”

The looks on everyones faces changed.

Clearly, quite a few of them had tasted the deadly agony inflicted by Chu Huanzhaos whip.

Only Diao Yang was unconvinced.

“Nonsense! You had plenty of power when you socked me in the face.

Theres no way you are hurt.”

Yue Shan said, “Everyone in the ancestral hall is getting impatient.

Lets head there first.

As to exactly what happened, itll all become clear soon enough.

Well pick him up and carry him to the ancestral hall.”

After instructing his subordinates to go find a stretcher, he then instructed Diao Yang to go see the doctor.

Unexpectedly, Diao Yang absolutely refused to do so no matter what.

He just applied a bandage to his nose while insisting that he was also going to go to the ancestral hall.

When Yue Shans back was turned, Diao Yang moved over and whispered by Zu Ans ears, “Dont get smug, brat.

Soon, youll no longer be a member of the Chu clan.

Then, Ill let you know what the wordsa fate worse than death means.”

Zu An was rather puzzled.

Why did this fellow seem so sure about this Was it because he had crawled into Chu Huanzhaos bed on his wedding night But judging from Chu Chuyans reaction, the Chu clan didnt seem to care too much about it… and besides, Ive alreadysuffered her retaliation.

Filled with suspicions, he let himself be carted into the ancestral hall.

The ancestral hall was very large, and in the very center of the back hall was an enormous placard with the words,Hall of Admiration.

Each word was carved deeply and firmly, and a solemn, majestic aura emanated from it.

Below and to each side of the placard was a pair of enormous portrait paintings, each of which had some poems and couplets written to the side.

Judging from their attire, these two were most likely important ancestors of the Chu clan.

Beneath each portrait were incense, name-tablets, and various sacrificial devotions.

There were two seats in front of the incense, and they were occupied by a middle-aged man and a middle-aged woman.

The man was bearded, but his face shone like jade.

He emanated the aura of a suave, gentle scholar.

The noblewoman had arching eyebrows, eyes like autumn water, and hair tied up in a bun using a golden peacock hairpin.

The peacocks plumes were spread wide open, making for a perfect whole with her bun.

This all gave her an aura of luxurious poise.

Zu An knew that these two had to be the current leaders of the Chu clan, Patriarch Chu Zhongtian and his wife Qin Wanru.

When her gaze fell upon him, he instinctively felt a sensation of awe and dread.

Clearly, his previous host was so utterly terrified of her that even now, some of the residual fear remained in the body.

He suddenly noticed that quite a few of the men in the hall were sneaking glances in a certain direction.

Only then did he see that Chu Chuyan was seated next to another young woman dressed in red clothes and a black skirt.

This woman could be described with one word –charm.

Her oval face shaped face looked as soft as butter, and her almond-shaped eyes seemed capable of speech.

Every inch of her oozed an ineffable, alluring aura that was enough to fill any man who saw her with the most inappropriate of thoughts.

Oh my! Shes ginormous! Zu Ans gaze fell upon her chest.

No wonder everyone is staring at her!

The woman seemed to feel his gaze, but she wasnt angered; instead, a hint of a smile appeared on her face.

Her charming smile was extremely infectious, causing those who saw her to subconsciously feel kindly towards her.

According to his memories, this woman was Chu Chuyans dear friend, Pei Mianman.

She was the young miss of the famous Pei clan of the imperial city.

Recently, she had come to Brightmoon City for tourism, and had grown quite close to Chu Chuyan.

There were others situated in the hall as well, but he didnt have enough time to make them all out.

All he could tell was that some had grim looks on their faces, while others had delighted looks of schadenfreude.

A hint of displeasure appeared on Lady Chus face when she noticed how many people were sneaking glances at Pei Mianmans chest.

She let out a gentle cough, seemingly startling the nearby Chu Zhongtian as well.

The latter hurriedly said, “Zu An, do you know you have been brought here”


Its because I climbed into my sister-in-laws bed on my wedding night,” Zu An replied.

“Pffffft!” A peal of suppressed laughter burst out.

Pei Mianman covered her mouth, her face slightly reddened.

Clearly, she didnt expect there to be such a shameless person in the world.

Everyone else stared at Zu An with odd looks in their eyes.

Not only had he done something completely shameless, he was even making them lose face before the Pei clan.

What a wretch he was!

Before Patriarch Chu had a chance to speak, Madame Chu instantly grew so enraged that she threw the teacup in her hand to the ground.

“Miscreant! Are you proud of yourself for having done something so vile” She had always doted fiercely on her two daughters.

Now, one of them had been bullied, and the bully was speaking of it in what was clearly an uncaring manner!

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 254 Rage!

The entire ancestral hall fell silent.

Everyone in the Chu clan knew that while their patriarch was amiable and kind, their matriarch was an extremely irascible person.


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