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Chapter 891, Part 1: New Function Unlocked

Many memories came rushing back when Zu An heard those words.

He hadn’t fully reacted just now.

He had felt as if his consciousness had been a bit blurry back then, unsure if what had happened was a dream or an illusion.

After Mi Li reminded him, many scenes quickly returned.

He looked toward Bi Linglong and said, “Linglong, thank you.”

Saying ‘thank you’ at that moment felt a bit strange, though.

He even wanted to smack himself in the mouth. Is my brain still not working properly yet

Bi Linglong blushed.

“You already saved me so many times before, so I saved you this time.

Don’t think too much about it.”

Zu An burst out laughing.

Mi Li asked in a strange tone, “What are you laughing about”

Zu An replied, “I remembered a joke from the past.

If a young miss encountered danger in the outside world and was saved by a man, if that man were ugly, she would say, ‘I’m afraid I cannot repay the young master’s life-saving grace; I will work hard in my next life, in gratitude for your kindness.’ But if that man were as handsome as me, then she would say, ‘I’m afraid I cannot repay the young master’s life-saving grace; I can only devote myself to you.”

Mi Li and Bi Linglong were speechless.

Bi Linglong immediately began to cry.

“Did you have to say such degrading things…”

Mi Li also felt that Zu An had crossed the line.

Zu An sighed and said, “Linglong, you were the one who saved my life, so I’m that young miss who was saved! You’re that hero, so I only want to tell you right now… I’m afraid that I cannot repay you for saving my life; I can only devote myself to you.”

Bi Linglong’s tears turned into laughter when she heard him praise her that way.

“You really are annoying! If I knew it was going to be like this, I should’ve just ordered those guards to beat you down back then when I first met you.”

Women might not remember the men who made them laugh, but they would definitely remember the men who made them cry.

She really wanted to bite him right now.

Zu An took her hand with a smile.

“You really did have a high and aloof appearance when we first met.

I was almost dragged down and beaten several dozen times!”

Bi Linglong blushed when she recalled the past too.

Times really changed… Back then, she had only planned to teach him a lesson; but he had never been beaten, and she was instead the one that had been pounded many times by his rod…

Mi Li rolled her eyes when she saw that the two’s hands had already unknowingly linked together.

This brat really was a master at coaxing girls.

No wonder those ridiculously beautiful girls all loved to be around him! Pah, filthy playboy!

After Zu An pacified Bi Linglong, he turned around and gave Mi Li a strange look.

“Why do I remember that you came inside of my body earlier”

Suddenly Mi Li’s finger thrust out and knocked Bi Linglong out.

“What are you doing” Zu An jumped in fright.

“What, you already feel sorry for her Hmph…” Mi Li paused for a moment.

She had wanted to say ‘Did you already forget about the others because you met a new girl’ But she had quickly realized that sounded inappropriate.

“I don’t want her to hear what I’m about to tell you.”

Zu An calmed down when he heard that.

After all, Mi Li’s existence was a secret in itself.

Mi Li hesitated before saying, “I think it’d be best if we just silenced her.

This dungeon trip has been so chaotic.

It wouldn’t be strange if she died here too.

Zu An immediately replied in a panic, “No way, no way! Her identity is special and she’s the crown princess! If she died and I was the only one who returned, the emperor would never let me go!”

“Isn’t that Zhao Ruizhi out there enough” Mi Li rolled her eyes.

“Forget it, I already knew you wouldn’t be willing to do that.

But with my current state, it would be hard for me to make her forget about my existence.

I just can’t really feel at ease.”

“What’s wrong” Zu An asked out of concern.

“Your body was about to break down earlier, so I stabilized your condition in your place.” Mi Li blushed.

Even though she had always been rather strong-willed, something like that still made her embarrassed.

She quickly changed the topic.

“It’s honestly all your fault.

I always end up using a huge amount of soul force to save you whenever I finally manage to recover a good bit of my strength.

I have no choice but to go back to sleeping.”

Zu An’s attention was successfully diverted.

“Is it really bad” he asked.

“I won’t die, but I’ll have to sleep for a period of time.” Mi Li’s tone was rather gloomy.

The Yin Yang Five Elements Formation hadn’t actually drained too much of her strength; it had mainly been used on Zu An.

The rebound of Keyboard Come was too powerful.

For the sake of stopping Zu An’s body from breaking down, she had almost lost her own life in the process.

Now that Zu An had woken up, she felt at ease again.

But just as she finally loosened up, a powerful feeling of weakness had attacked her.

“Don’t worry about me.

How do you feel right now” Mi Li was still a bit worried and asked again to confirm Zu An’s status.

Zu An examined his own body.

“Ying Zheng left behind the lower half of the Primordial Origin Sutra in my sea of consciousness.

I’ve already reached the fourth layer.”

Mi Li nodded in praise.

“Your aptitude is incredibly rare.

You were actually able to learn such a profound art so quickly!”

Zu An thought to himself, I didn’t really learn it myself, it was the Keyboard System that asked him if I wanted to learn it.

All I had to do was tap yes. Of course, reaching the fourth layer was still due to his own efforts.

Mi Li continued, “Once the Primordial Origin Sutra reaches the fourth layer, you can send your primordial ki into the bodies of others, helping them treat difficult illnesses.

In other words, as long as you want to, you can already become a divine physician.”

“A divine physician” Zu An became excited.

Wasn’t that something else he could brag about Didn’t everyone from the city back home want their sons to become doctors

“Doesn’t that mean I can treat others without doing ‘that’ in the future” Zu An suddenly thought of something.

Even though the old treatment method felt amazing, he always felt like a scoundrel whenever he brought it up.

Let alone if he ended up running into a man… It was entirely possible for him to have brothers and seniors he would want to save.

Mi Li shook her head.

“The fourth layer of the Primordial Origin Sutra only makes you a doctor; it doesn’t make you a deity.

If you really encounter another instance like Chu Chuyan’s situation back then, the fourth layer won’t be enough.

You’ll still need to use that method.”

“That’s too bad.” Zu An sighed.

“Why do I see a smirk then” Mi Li ruthlessly exposed him.

“What Me I never did that.

Don’t say false things.” Zu An immediately refuted her several times in a row.

“Whatever, enough already.” Mi Li already understood his nature; she didn’t feel like arguing about such a thing.

She asked him about some other things before she finally felt at ease.

“Alright, I’m going to get some sleep first.

I’ll leave the rest to you.” She turned into a wisp of smoke and disappeared into the Tai’e Sword.

Zu An looked worried.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything he could do about Mi Li’s current situation.

He searched through the Brilliant Glass Bead and sighed in relief when he saw that the Eternal Spring Flower was still there.

He had to gather the other ingredients as quickly as possible and help Mi Li reforge her body; she wouldn’t have to go through so much then.

Zu An was about to wake Bi Linglong, but he suddenly thought of something.

He sat down and examined his body’s interior.

When the Primordial Origin Sutra was completed, there seemed to have been a reminder that a new system had been activated.

Of course, back then, he wasn’t in any state to pay attention to such things.

He checked the message and learned that the new system unlocked was the ‘Shop’.

The Shop had actually been open before, but it wasn’t complete back then.

There had only been a few items available for purchase.

The shop was now filled with all sorts of new things, immediately grabbing Zu An’s interest.

He skimmed through the available stock and discovered that the goods were divided into several major categories.

There were sparkling weapons everywhere.

These weapons were practically all heaven grade, and any one of them could serve as the heirloom of a small clan.

In the realm of warriors, they would become even more illustrious weapons of slaughter.

But compared to Zu An’s Tai’e Sword, Poisonous Prick, and Immortal Beheading Knives, even though two of them weren’t in their perfect state, the heaven grade weapons were still less valuable.

As such, that category wasn’t too interesting for Zu An.

But fortunately, he noticed a small row of text stating that the equipment there could be used on his valkyries. I guess it’s not completely useless then, he thought to himself.

Daji’s weapon suited her quite well right now, but he might need to get something for a future valkyrie.

He continued scrolling.

Another major category was 'Materials'.

There were all kinds of strange things, many of which he had never even heard of before.


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