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Chapter 890: Chosen One

The half-unconscious Zu An felt as if his entire body were about to split apart.

He felt as if he were in an endless desert, with a scorching sun staring down on him from above.

He felt more parched than he had ever felt before, as if he might just drop dead from thirst at any moment.

But a sweet oasis suddenly seemed to have appeared in front of him, and he instinctively ran over.

He really wanted to jump straight in and greedily take in all the water.

His Primordial Origin Sutra began to work on its own, and he could feel his body being nourished.

The pain and suffering he had been going through gradually disappeared.

Bi Linglong’s eyes turned red.

Tears trickled down the sides of her fair face.

However, she still firmly held the man in her arms and embraced him gently.

Mi Li nodded from a distance. This brat really doesn’t know how to treasure girls.

He’d better properly apologize to her once he wakes up.

Suddenly, mumbling could be heard in the distance.

Bi Linglong subconsciously looked in its direction, and saw Zhao Ruizhi’s body, that had been lying collapsed on the ground, move.

Then he struggled to a seated position.

Zhao Ruizhi looked around himself in a daze, muttering, “Where am I…” He looked over in Bi Linglong’s direction while speaking.

Bi Linglong was horrified.

Even though the two of them shared no feelings, nor had they ever consummated their marriage, she was still his wife in name.

If he saw this scene, no matter how stupid he was, he would definitely know what had happened!

Mi Li rushed over and tapped Zhao Ruizhi’s acupoint, and he fell to the ground again.

She examined his body and said seriously, “Xu Fu devoured Zhao Han’s split soul.

Zhao Ruizhi’s fractured soul might not have been all that useful to Xu Fu, so it managed to survive.

That’s why he woke up after some time.”

Bi Linglong’s body shook violently.

Her heart had been about to pop out of her chest just now! Even though she found it embarrassing, she still asked quietly, “Then will he be able to return to normal again in the future” Her voice had unconsciously become softer and more charming.

Fortunately, Mi Li didn’t turn around.

Her expression became a bit unnatural, but she still replied, “He can forget about returning to normal.

Because of the possession, his soul has suffered a natural deficiency.

He’ll only be able to recover to his previous stupid self at most, or maybe he’ll become even stupider.

Besides, he’s been injured quite badly.

Without the support of Zhao Han, he might not be able to leave this dungeon alive.”

Bi Linglong bit her lip.

She took out a bag full of various bottles and containers.

“Master, can you help him take these medicines”

Even though she had never really approved of the crown prince, she felt a strange sense of guilt.

She felt as if she had really wronged him.

Saving him was the only thing she could do at that moment.

Mi Li had a rough idea of what she was thinking.

She nodded and replied, “Fine!” She tapped Zhao Ruizhi’s chin and poured the medicines into his mouth.

Gently feeding someone medicine was obviously not her style of doing things.

The fact that she was even willing to do that much was a favor, in exchange for Bi Linglong saving Zu An.

She fed Zhao Ruizhi the medicine while asking Bi Linglong, “So how is it”

Bi Linglong’s face turned red.

She thought to herself, Why are you asking something like that But she still instinctively replied, teary-eyed, “It hurts…”

Mi Li was stunned.

She took a deep breath and asked, “I was asking how Zu An’s body is now; if his condition has improved.”

Bi Linglong was speechless.

She really wanted to crawl into a hole and hide there forever.

However, she replied a bit later, “His body isn’t continuing to break down anymore.”

“That’s good then.

Keep going.” Mi Li sighed in relief.

It seemed the Primordial Origin Sutra was useful after all.

She picked up Zhao Ruizhi and flew outside, tossing him out of the room, and didn’t go back inside either.

She instead sat down by the entrance and began to adjust her own breathing.

But when she thought about all the things that had happened today, all the acquaintances from the past she had encountered, she found it hard to calm down.

Bi Linglong saw Mi Li bring Zhao Ruizhi outside, and knew that she had done so to help her with her embarrassment.

She was extremely grateful inside.

But her thoughts were quickly interrupted by the man wrapped around her.

She couldn't help but tap his chest with her fists.

“You’re really a bad man…”

After some time had passed, Bi Linglong was suddenly shocked by something.

She felt as if there were a black hole inside of her body that was frantically absorbing her life essence! She instinctively wanted to push Zu An away, but she soon thought of something and decided not to.

Instead, she held him gently and mumbled, “I don’t have many years left to live anyway.

It’s okay as long as I can save you.”

She thought that Mi Li had tricked her, that such treatment might actually be a transfer of life essence.

But when she saw her own snow-white hair, and remembered that her life force was already almost gone from using that forbidden technique, it didn’t make that much of a difference if she lived for a few more or fewer years.

This man had saved her without any regard for his own life, after all!

As Zu An absorbed her life essence, she felt weaker and weaker.

Her skin became dimmer in color, even drying.

Her consciousness gradually became blurry.

She thought she was already dead for sure.

However, something unexpected happened soon afterward.

She felt a wave of vigorous life essence pour into her body! Then, her withered body and meridians were nourished.

Her body recovered, and her skin shone with a layer of sparkling radiance.

Even her withered white hair had recovered its previous color.

No, her black hair was now even more beautiful and supple than before!

“What is…” Bi Linglong was stunned.

“His cultivation method is special.

Together with his special blood, he can revive even the dying.

Back then, Chu… Ahem, restoring your lost life force isn’t an issue.” Mi Li had already arrived next to them, unbeknownst to her.

She hadn’t felt at ease, and had come over to check on their situation.

Bi Linglong covered herself with her clothes in embarrassment.

Mi Li pretended to not have seen anything and checked Zu An’s aura.

She sighed in relief when she saw that his condition had indeed stabilized.

Bi Linglong watched from the side.

When she saw that Mi Li didn’t show the slightest bit of awkwardness while examining Zu An’s body, a strange look appeared on her face.

These two really didn’t seem like master and disciple!

Zu An felt as if he had just experienced a long dream.

He had dreamed about too many things.

When he opened his eyes, he saw that Mi Li seemed to be looking at him with an ambiguous smile.

Meanwhile, Bi Linglong was avoiding eye contact guiltily, but still sneaking looks at him, her expression much gentler than before.

Zu An quickly rubbed his own body.

Then, he circulated his ki internally to check his condition.

He jumped in excitement, “Hahaha! I, Zu An, am just too tough to die here! I was able to even survive something like this! I’m the chosen one after all!”

Keyboard Come had always made him experience tremendous pain before.

He had made such a big boast this time, so he had already been prepared to fade away into ashes.

He’d really had no choice back then.

He hadn’t expected to actually survive.

But not only had he survived, his current state was even better than his previous peak! If that didn’t make him the chosen one, who else could be!

Mi Li said mockingly, “Stop acting all smug already.

Your life was saved by Linglong over here.”

She had always referred to Bi Linglong as ‘little girl’ or something similar.

But this time, she had changed the way she addressed her.

After all, this girl had done so much, so she already saw her as her disciple’s wife… or at least one of them.

As a senior, she had to at least do that much.

“Linglong” Zu An was stunned.

He thought to himself, How does Linglong have the ability to save me Then, he suddenly noticed that Bi Linglong’s hair was black again.

He exclaimed happily, “Your hair has recovered”

“Yeah.” Bi Linglong’s pretty face was completely red.

She didn’t know how to explain what had happened.

It was still Mi Li who couldn't continue watching the scene in the end.

“Damn kid, are you stupid or are you pretending to be She’s already sacrificed so much for you, but that’s all you have to say”


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