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Chapter 889: What in the World

When she saw Bi Linglong’s expectant expression, Mi Li hesitated for a moment.

Then, she took out a porcelain bottle from Zu An’s inner pockets.

“Why don’t you take this”

“What is that” Bi Linglong didn’t suspect her at all now that they were in such a critical situation.

“This medicine is named ‘Bull’s Cream’; it’s a powerful… aphrodisiac,” Mi Li explained.

Zu An had obtained three kinds of those substances from various villains.

One of the other two was ‘Eighteen Spring Winds’, which might be too powerful for this situation.

She wasn’t scared that Bi Linglong wouldn’t be able to take it, but rather that Zu An wouldn’t.

The other was ‘Worries Be Gone’.

It would make others forget about everything that happened in a certain period of time.

There was no need to use it right now.

Bi Linglong’s hand froze next to her mouth when she heard those words.

Then, she glared at Mi Li silently in embarrassment.

Mi Li explained, “The cultivation method Zu An cultivates is special.

Not only can it temper his body, it can save lives through the exchange of yin and yang.

The upper half can save the lives of others through the exchange of yin and yang, while the lower half can save his own life through the same exchange.”

That was what Ying Zheng had meant when he mentioned that he had already passed on the lower half of the Primordial Origin Sutra to Zu An.

Even though Bi Linglong was a young lady, as the crown princess, she had some knowledge about that field from her clan and the imperial palace.

She knew what the exchange of yin and yang meant.

Her face was bright red.

“How can there be… such a weird and sinister method”

“There are too many strange things in this world.

This technique is related to the creation of life, so it isn’t that weird and sinister.” Mi Li picked up the bottle, planning to just force her to drink it.

From her perspective, she didn’t care if Bi Linglong was a crown princess at all.

If it would save Zu An, she would do anything.

Bi Linglong bit her lips.

Her chest rose and fell.

She was clearly currently carrying out an intense inner battle against herself.

Mi Li handed over the bottle again.

A bit of shame flickered through Bi Linglong’s eyes, but she shook her head in the end, saying, “I don’t need this.” She looked at Zu An, her eyes becoming warm and gentle.

“Ah Zu, you saved me so many times.

It’s my turn to save you.” After saying that, she slowly undid her waistband.

Mi Li was stunned.

She retracted her hand.

Since the girl was willing to do it herself, that was the best scenario.

But nevertheless… This kid was always frivolous in behavior and looked as if he really needed a good beating.

How did he get so many beautiful girls to like him

When Bi Linglong saw that Zu An’s condition was getting worse and worse, she didn’t dare to stall any longer.

She took off her clothes, revealing her exquisite collarbone and her smooth and fair shoulders.

She suddenly thought of something and turned to Mi Li, blushing.

“Master, can you… leave, please”

Even though she was willing to sacrifice herself to save Zu An, she was still a maiden.

This was something extremely embarrassing to begin with.

If there were someone watching too, just the thought alone would make her die from embarrassment.

Mi Li thought to herself, Why would I want to watch something like that She had already watched him do it many times with other girls after being around him for so long.

She was already used to it.

Right, what number is it now One, two, three… Hmph, he’s a player after all! She cursed inwardly, but she didn’t trouble the young girl in front of her.

She nodded and walked away.

“I’ll be over here.

Call me if something happens.”

Even though she could choose not to watch, she wouldn’t really go too far away.

Otherwise, it would be bad if something really did happen.

Bi Linglong’s heart was pounding crazily.

She actually wanted Mi Li to go a bit farther away, but she couldn't really say anything else in response to that. At least she has her back to us, so she can’t see anything, right…

She gently caressed Zu An’s cheeks.

Everything that had happened between them appeared in her head, especially the things that had happened in this dungeon.

She suddenly smiled, as if she had realized something.

Her nervousness disappeared.

Instead, her attitude was replaced with decisiveness.

“Ah Zu, I like you…” She leaned down and whispered quietly by his ear, as if she were scared that Mi Li would hear her from a distance.

When she saw how his entire body was cracked like pottery, she didn’t dare to waste any more time.

She quickly removed her extravagant clothes, then embraced him tightly with her warm and slender body.

A while later, Mi Li suddenly heard an aggrieved voice.

“Master… Can you… come here” She was shocked. Why is this girl calling for me now But she didn’t dare to show any carelessness, considering the state Zu An was in.

She rushed over.

Her eyes narrowed as soon as she stood in front of them.

Bi Linglong was covering her chest with her dress, but that only made her exquisite body seem even more seductive.

Even someone with as high standards as Mi Li had to admit that Bi Linglong was beautiful.

This Zu An might not be good at anything else, but he has pretty good taste. She coughed lightly and focused her thoughts.

“What is it”

“I… I… He… He…” Bi Linglong opened her mouth, her face completely red from either panic or shame.

She couldn't find the words to explain the current situation.

Even though Mi Li had never experienced this herself, she had experienced the education of the royal family.

Furthermore, after staying by Zu An’s side for so long, she quickly had an idea of what had happened.

It turned out that since Zu An was half unconscious at the moment, and his body was gradually breaking down, it wasn’t like before when just a bit of stimulation would get him to react.

Bi Linglong had already tried her best.

She was the crown princess, so her wet nurses had taught her a bit about these things.

Mi Li almost burst out laughing.

This was what Zu An was proudest of normally.

Who could have thought that he would experience such a thing today But she quickly noticed the severity of the issue.

If she wasted any more time, Zu An might really die.

The problem was, was this even something someone else could help with Bi Linglong clearly realized that as well.

She was extremely worried.

Mi Li’s expression flickered several times.

Finally, she seemed to have made her decision.

“I have a solution.

Wait a moment.” Then, under Bi Linglong’s startled gaze, she turned into a wisp of smoke, disappearing into Zu An’s body.

Soon afterward, Zu An’s eyes opened.

But unlike his usual frivolous expression, there seemed to be a bit of… seduction in his eyes

It was naturally Mi Li who was controlling Zu An’s body.

The two of them had already signed a soul contract.

Together with the amount of time they had spent together, their souls were marked with each others’ auras.

That was why Zu An’s body didn’t reject her.

Mi Li immediately sensed a heart-wrenching pain when she entered Zu An’s body.

Her entire body was in intense pain, and her head felt as if it were going to explode.

She had no idea how he could endure such a feeling.

Mi Li didn’t dare to show any negligence.

She quickly used her own power to help heal Zu An’s wounds.

Her cultivation was great, so she was able to quickly stabilize Zu An’s condition.

But she knew that it was only temporary.

Her soul’s power was limited.

Once that power was used up, he would still die.

As such, she didn’t dare to delay.

She reached out her hands and pulled Bi Linglong into her embrace.

Bi Linglong quickly realized what was happening and subconsciously resisted.


“Don’t worry, I’m only helping him out a bit.” Zu An opened his mouth, but it was Mi Li’s voice that came out.

Bi Linglong was so embarrassed she wanted to dig herself a hole to hide in.

What in the world was going on Mi Li also felt that the current situation was cursed, but she endured the uncomfortable feeling and kissed Bi Linglong.

A while later, Mi Li’s soul left Zu An’s body.

She flew into the distance without even turning back around.

“The rest is up to you.”

Bi Linglong noticed the redness on Mi Li’s face and was confused. Even a soul can blush But she didn’t have the time to worry about anything else, because they had now reached the critical point.

She could clearly hear her pounding heart.

However, she still gently pulled Zu An into her embrace.

Her beautiful brows furrowed, and her eyes quickly filled with tears.

After all, she was only a young lady who had never done something like this before!

Before she could even say anything, the half unconscious Zu An cried out first.

“It hurts!”

Bi Linglong and Mi Li were speechless.


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