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Chapter 887: Scatter with the Wind

Xu Fu hadn’t been worried at all before, and had been watching with amusement.

But when he saw what was happening, his expression finally changed.

The reason why he hadn’t been in a hurry to attack was because he had sensed that Ying Zheng’s strength was less than a tenth of what it had been at his peak.

Thus, Ying Zheng didn’t pose any threat to him.

Whenever he recalled the absolute fear he had felt toward the domineering first emperor, he really wanted to see that fear and alarm on Ying Zheng’s face now that their roles were swapped.

If he went on his knees and begged, that would be even better!

Ever since he’d had to offer the woman he loved to Ying Zheng, there had always been a thorn in his heart.

Even though his plan had succeeded, just the fact that that had happened made him feel a feeling of defeat whenever he faced Ying Zheng.

He was now going to completely change that. 

He even gave Mi Li a look.

He thought to himself, Since you slept with the woman I loved, how about I sleep with yours in revenge Even though Mi Li was now just a soul, it was still possible to do it, right

But the situation had suddenly completely changed! Ying Zheng had actually called in reinforcements! Even though Xu Fu didn’t believe that the soldiers Ying Zheng had summoned could win against him, he didn’t dare to delay any longer.

The endless tentacles in the air turned into a bloody mist and rushed over.

Bi Linglong could smell the strong, bloody foulness of the mist even from far away.

She wanted to vomit.

This wasn’t just the smell of blood; it had also been created from the resentment of countless creatures.

Those who were affected would also become part of that endless resentment.

Zu An’s sleeve swept out, and the scene before him suddenly completely changed.

They were no longer in the previous room, but instead on a massive stage.

Bi Linglong keenly sensed something.

Wasn’t this the plaza they had passed through before they entered the palace

Xu Fu’s attack naturally hit empty air.

When he saw where he was now, his brows furrowed deeply.

The other party had a mass teleportation ability No, this is probably one of the hidden mechanisms he set up in this palace beforehand. 

He quickly became vigilant and suddenly raised his head.

He saw that the originally spacious and open environment had suddenly been filled with black-armored soldiers.

All of them had grave expressions on their faces, their orderly formation exuding a powerful and intimidating killing intent.

What he was most concerned about were the two generals in front.

One wielded a powerful bow, while the other carried a giant sickle blade.

They were naturally Wang Jian and Bai Qi.

“The terracotta army!” Xu Fu exclaimed through gritted teeth.

Now, he finally understood why the first emperor had spent such a long time building the terracotta army.

Many people had gossiped in private that the thought of having the clay army protect him underground was a complete delusion.

But now, it really had happened!

“Long live the emperor! Long live, long live!” The soldiers gripped their weapons while bending down on one knee in unison.

The terracotta army was clearly incapable of speech, and yet the plaza was filled with roaring voices.

Mi Li was left a bit absent-minded.

She felt as if she were dreaming about her past.

During her great wedding, she had also been greeted like this by civil and military officials, as well as countless soldiers.

Bi Linglong was the crown princess, so she had experienced something similar.

However, whether it was in terms of number or grandiosity, what she had experienced couldn't compare at all.

She stared at Zu An’s side profile absentmindedly. I guess he’s pretty handsome when he’s serious…

Xu Fu roared with laughter.

“I was wondering what kind of trump cards you had.

You wanted to win against me with just these clay toys”

Bi Linglong was worried.

The soldiers had only managed to seriously injure Zhao Ruizhi when they surrounded him.

Xu Fu had already absorbed Zhao Ruizhi’s split soul, so his strength was even greater.

These soldiers probably couldn't…

Zu An remained expressionless.

He pointed forward and commanded, “Kill him!”

The Tai’e Sword flickered with specks of light that scattered across the endless soldiers’ bodies.

The half kneeling soldiers all got up, then turned toward Xu Fu simultaneously.

With the sound of heavy footfalls, they walked forward, striking their shields with their weapons.

The noise sounded like the reaper’s war drums, and also like voices that demanded the surrender of lives.

An austere aura flooded the world.

Xu Fu’s expression changed.

He could sense that the soldiers were different from before, so he didn’t dare to show any carelessness.

He controlled his tentacles as he charged, intending to tear straight through the soldiers’ defenses and eliminate Ying Zheng.

The warriors standing at the very front were instantly crushed by the tentacles.

However, the soldiers behind them immediately got into formation.

They continued to swarm toward Xu Fu like an ocean of steel!

In the beginning, Xu Fu was able to easily tear through the enemy army.

Wherever the tentacles went, destruction ensued.

The tentacles that had formed from the special blood pool could absorb the essence and souls of living creatures, leaving him in an invincible position.

Unfortunately, the terracotta army wasn’t alive.

They didn’t have any life essence for him to absorb.

On the contrary, it was precisely for that reason that they didn’t feel fear like normal human armies.

They remained expressionless even as Xu Fu tore through their numbers.

They executed the orders of their generals with robotic precision, maintaining their formation like a well-oiled machine.

Xu Fu gave the commanders Bai Qi and Wang Jian a look.

As people from the same age, he fully understood just how powerful their commands were.

If it were any other general, there would easily be holes in the army’s defense despite its size.

Unfortunately, under the command of the two great generals, the soldiers not only resisted being quickly wiped out, but also continued to maintain their perfect formation as they attacked him.

Fear gradually grew inside of him.

He could no longer continue his brute offense and began to back up.

Unfortunately, as soon as he pulled back, it was as if a landslide had crashed down on him.

He was drowned under an endless sea of soldiers.

Xu Fu roared, erupting with terrifying energy.

He returned to his giant octopus form, clearly about to fight to the death.

His giant tentacles took out a huge mass of soldiers wherever they swept.

At the same time, many tentacles rushed toward Zu An.

Bi Linglong’s face paled.

She couldn't help but remember that the insufferably arrogant Zhao Ruizhi had also been devoured by this monstrous form.

Mi Li consoled her, “Don’t worry.

No matter how high an individual’s cultivation is, before an army, only defeat can await them.”

Wang Jian drew his bow and fired as soon as Mi Li spoke.

Streaks of light tore through the sky, severing the tentacles one after another.

The archers under his command fired their bows as well, and a storm of arrows poured down on the giant octopus’ body.

Xu Fu’s body had been too small for them to fire at before, and he had been fast as well.

The efficiency of arrows in that situation was too low.

Now that he had become a giant octopus, he had thoroughly become a living target.

The octopus roared and roared.

Unfortunately, the arrows weren’t ordinary arrows, and they all had exorcism properties.

Xu Fu soon found that he couldn't take the assault anymore and returned to human form.

“He was forced back!” Bi Linglong laughed.

When she saw Xu Fu’s sorry state, she finally felt a bit better.

“Ying Zheng, if you have the guts, then fight me in a fair battle!” Xu Fu roared in anger and alarm.

Zu An said expressionlessly, “I have the sacred sword in hand.

There is no need for me to fight an ignorant man to prove myself.”

Xu Fu’s breathing stopped.

This was the son of heaven he was fighting against; fighting him alone would really be a stupid choice.

He sighed at the rise and fall of fortunes.

He had plotted for so long, and yet today, it had been repaid several times over.

But there was no way he was going to just stand there and wait for his death.

He turned into a puddle of blood and darted around.

No matter how tight the army’s formation was, they couldn’t stop the flow of water!

At that moment, Bai Qi, who had only been focused on command the entire time, moved.

He turned into black mist and rushed toward the puddle of blood.

Both of them tangled together, and outsiders couldn't join in on the battle at all.

Bi Linglong looked worried.

“Master, your respected self said that this Bai… Bai Qi’s cultivation is far inferior to when he was alive.

He might not be a match if he fights Xu Fu alone, right”

Mi Li had a strange expression when she heard Bi Linglong call her ‘master’ just like Zu An, but she still replied, “Xu Fu has already used up a lot of his strength in his battle against the army.

Furthermore, for some reason, Bai Qi has already recovered all of his strength.

It really is strange.”

A black figure leapt out not long after she finished speaking.

His pitch-black sickle thrust into the pool of blood, hooking around a soul body that clutched its neck in panic as it was dragged out.

Who else could it be but Xu Fu

Bai Qi’s sickle blade flashed, and the soul body’s head tumbled off.

Then, it dissipated into thin air.

He then walked up to Zu An and said, “Your majesty, I am blessed to have not disappointed you!”

Zu An nodded.

“You have all completed the mission you waited ten thousand years to accomplish.

Rest in peace.”

“Thank you for your favor, your majesty!” With Bai Qi as the leader, all of the soldiers knelt down and bowed toward Zu An.

Then a breeze blew past, and they turned into yellow sand, scattering with the wind.

The plaza became bleak and calm once more.

The surroundings warped, returning those present to the room with the altar.

Zu An turned around to look at the two girls behind him.

Bi Linglong asked with a trembling voice, “Ah Zu, is that you” Zu An didn’t reply, and instead looked silently at Mi Li.

Mi Li sneered.

“What, are you going to kill me too now Are you going to continue to seek eternal life through this Yin Yang Five Elements Formation”


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