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Chapter 879: None of You Shall Escape

The sudden development happened far too quickly.

Even He Li and the others felt sincere admiration, even though they were in opposite camps.

This guy, Zu An, is absolutely insane! Every single action he takes is unexpected.

He was even starting to hope that the emperor would be taken down by the attack.

Then, their group would also be free.

However, the black light suddenly stopped.

It was clamped firmly between two fingers.

Zhao Ruizhi sneered.

“I already knew about your strange dagger.

Everything you were doing until now was to mislead me and cover up this attack, right”

The pitch-black dagger made even him feel a strange fear.

He quickly realized how dangerous the thing was, that it might actually possess a tremendous threat.

Even though he didnt know why a dagger would make him feel this way, he wasnt stupid.

He wouldnt take that risk.

Sure enough, Zu An had done all of that earlier precisely because he wanted to use the dagger.

The emperor held the dagger firmly.

The feeling of completely crushing his opponents plans, dominating them with intelligence, made him feel a powerful sense of superiority.

And yet for some reason, he didnt see shock, annoyance, despair, or any other such emotions on Zu Ans face.

Instead, Zu An had a weird smile.

Zhao Ruizhi immediately went on guard.

He quickly blew Zu An back with his fist, and dodgedd off to the side.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

A nick had been made in the front of his chest.

It hadnt been done by that pitch-black dagger, but rather by a strangely-shaped throwing knife.

He saw the throwing knife in Zu Ans other hand, a bit of blood still lingering on its cutting edge.

Zhao Ruizhi frowned.

He didnt know why such a tiny knife had been able to cut through his defenses.

Zu An fell to the ground, unable to crawl back up for a long time.

Blood gushed out from his mouth, but there was a big smile on his face.

“You didnt predict this, did you I wanted to stab you with the Poisonous Prick, and you knew I wanted to do that as well.

I knew that you knew I wanted to do that, so that attack was just to cover this attack… You thought that I was thinking five steps ahead, but I was actually playing 4D chess.”

Zhao Ruizhi had thought that he had completely established superiority in intelligence just a second ago, but now, he realized that he was the one who had been fooled.

Anger filled him, but he still forcefully tried to maintain his appearance.

“Hmph, you pulled that huge stunt just to hurt me with that tiny knife What childs play.”

Zu An sighed.

“Do you really not sense anything wrong”

“What could possibly be wrong…” Zhao Ruizhis expression suddenly changed halfway through his sentence.

He suddenly felt a sharp pain.

It wasnt the pain of labor from his stomach, but rather a pain from his soul.

His soul rippled powerfully, and his head was hurting so much it felt as if it were about to explode!

Now that his attention had been diverted, theFrozen Soul on his hand and the Knock-You-Up-Eyes pain flared up.

Not even someone with Zhao Ruizhis shocking willpower could withstand it anymore.

He screamed miserably and fell to the ground, screaming and twitching in pain.

Bi Linglong instantly reached Zu Ans side.

She helped him up and asked, “Ah Zu, are you okay”

“I wont die.” Zu An wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth while trembling.

He stared at Zhao Ruizhi while using the Primordial Origin Sutra to recover.

What they were competing in right now was time.

Whichever party could recover first would eke out victory.

The throwing knife he had used had been obtained back then from the Eastern Palace when Shi Kun schemed against him; it was one of the Immortal Beheading Knives.

This knife looked ordinary on the surface, but it could wound the soul.

It was incredibly treacherous.

Unfortunately, the Immortal Beheading Knives werent complete, and so their greatest strength couldnt be brought out.

Otherwise, that attack alone would have already erased the emperors soul.

He had been left without any options earlier.

The emperor had already seen the Poisonous Prick before, so he would already be prepared for it.

In that case, he could only use it as the diversion to cover up the Beheading Immortal Knifes strike.

Fortunately, everything had gone smoothly.

“What happened to him” Bi Linglong had never seen the glorious emperor in such a sorry state.

She was overwhelmed with shock.

Zhao Ruizhi was clutching his head in pain.

Golden light flickered around his body from time to time, but at times, chills from the Frozen Soul poison appeared.

“Dont ask about so much.

We need to kill him first.

He shouldnt be able to move for a bit of time.” Zu An urged.

Bi Linglongs face paled.

The emperors power was something deeply imprinted into the minds of those from the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Her first instincts when she heard those words were fear and dread.

But when she saw Zu Ans wounds and remembered how heroically he had fought, her reason won out.

She gritted her teeth and picked up a fallen weapon.

Then, she walked toward Zhao Ruizhi.

Zhao Ruizhi snorted.

“He Li, kill them.”

“Understood!” He Li instinctively rushed up to Bi Linglong.

He was at the peak of the ninth rank, while Bi Linglong was only at the sixth rank.

At that point, she was even extremely weak after using a forbidden technique.

The difference between them was just too great.

Bi Linglong was blown away from a single strike.

If not because Bi Linglong was too pretty and he had subconsciously held back, she would already be dead.

After seriously injuring Bi Linglong, He Li instinctively wanted to kill Zu An.

Zu An roared, “Bastard He, did all that time you spent cultivating go up your ass!”

He Li roared furiously.

“I might have had to take it if you acted arrogant at another time, but you dare to speak to me this way now You have a death wish!”

You have successfully trolled He Li for 444 444 444…

“Im indeed seriously injured, but isnt the emperor the same Why arent you using this chance to kill him If he recovers, wont that just guarantee your death” Zu An quickly said.

He Li subconsciously wanted to say something, but he was soon stunned.

Wait, youre making so much sense.

I cant even argue against that.

He knew that he was from King Qis faction.

The reason he had been taken in by the emperor was because he might still be of some use in the dungeon as cannon fodder.

But he now knew so many of the emperors secrets, as well as how he had been cuckolded.

Even if he really became the emperors trusted aide, he would still be silenced afterwards.

He had already unconsciously turned around when he realized those facts and looked at Zhao Ruizhi.

Zhao Ruizhis gaze turned cold.

“He Li, Zu An has always been a glib talker.

How can you be misled by him so easily”

He Li chuckled.

“Who the hell does Zu An think he is How could he deceive me But what he says isnt entirely without reason.

Dont tell me your majesty will really let me go after the matter”

“Youre King Qi Manors trusted aide, so after this matter, I can use you as a spy.

That will be greatly helpful to me.

Why would I kill you” Zhao Ruizhi quickly said.

His tone was steady and possessed a mysterious persuasiveness.

He Li figured that argument made sense as well.

He became a bit conflicted.

Bi Linglong crawled to her feet while swaying from side to side.

She weakly said, “You even know about the crown princes possession, as well as all these ugly truths that happened in the dungeon.

Why would he let you go so easily”

He Li suddenly realized that she was right.

What was wrong with him He had actually almost believed the emperor! But he wasnt willing to admit his faults and glared at Bi Linglong.

“Do you think I dont know such obvious things Do I need you to tell me that”

Then, he walked closer and closer to Zhao Ruizhi with a blade in hand.

Even though the emperor looked seriously injured, there was still a powerful pressure emanating from him.

He Li was a bit intimidated.

Zhao Ruizhi frowned and said, “If you dont believe me, then I can make a vow that I absolutely wont harm you.”

He Li hesitated again.

If his survival was guaranteed, then why wouldnt he choose to side with someone as powerful as the emperor

Zu An roared with laughter.

“Did you forget something The elements here are unstable.

You cant even make a vow here.”

He Li felt annoyed at himself again.

He had actually almost been fooled by the emperor again!

When he saw He Lis hateful gaze, Zhao Ruizhi coldly said, “You need to think things through clearly.

If you attack me, it will only be a portion of my soul that dies.

However, my real body will remain.

Do you dare face my thunderous wrath once you leave this dungeon”

He Lis face paled.

Right! Even if I kill him now, thats only a part of his soul! The unmatched emperor will remain.

Ill definitely be killed afterward… As such, he couldnt help but turn around and walk toward Zu An with his blade.

Zu An was speechless.

“You wont believe me if I call you a moron, but this entire dungeon is isolated… As long as you kill him before this dungeon opens back up, the emperor outside wont know a thing about what happened inside!”

He Li was stunned.

So that was the case… His understanding toward the soul wasnt too profound.

If not because of Mi Lis reminder, Zu An similarly wouldnt have known about that.

Zhao Ruizhis expression changed.

He hadnt expected Zu An to know about that.

Looks like this kid planned to kill me from the start.

Zhao Ruizhi was just about to say something again when He Li roared, “All of you, shut the hell up! My head hurts like hell! Stop arguing; isnt this problem easily solved if I just kill all of you”

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