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Chapter 877: Death Wish

Bi Linglong was alarmed.

She rubbed her teary eyes while examining Zu An’s body.

“You’re really okay”

“I’m fine.

The reaper decided to give me another chance when he saw how broken-hearted this beauty was.” Zu An still felt lingering fear. Thank goodness I asked Bi Linglong to kiss me and not Mi Li.

Otherwise, what I experienced would’ve been something else entirely…

Bi Linglong’s expression changed from tearful to smiling.

She tapped her fists gently against his chest.

“You’re so annoying…”

Mi Li rolled her eyes. Men are all liars.

Zhao Ruizhi’s eyes twitched when he saw the two playing around with each other.

However, he was more shocked about something else.

“Why aren’t you dead” He hadn’t held back at all on his last attack.

Even though he was far from his best condition, killing Zu An should have been an easy task.

“I am the one blessed by the mandate of heaven, shielded by the deities and buddhas alike.

How could someone like you possibly kill me so easily” Zu An was shooting his mouth off like no tomorrow, but inside, he felt quite guilty.

The reason he had survived was through a fluke.

He had encountered a mermaid in that water room and noticed a familiar scale.

It was extremely similar to the one Shang Liuyu had given him back then.

He’d had his suspicions back then, so he had taken it with him.

Who could have thought that it would actually be able to block a fatal attack Furthermore, its effects were even more powerful than the one Shang Liuyu had given him! It was even able to block the emperor’s attack.

Of course, it was still thanks to the Primordial Origin Sutra tempering his body three times.

Anyone else would still have died from the emperor’s blow even if they had such a thing.

He Li and the others were dumbstruck when they heard his reply.

They all looked at him in a stupor. Is this kid really someone chosen by the heavens

After all, he had already done many seemingly impossible things ever since they met in the dungeon.

All of those things made no sense.

Not even a publicly acknowledged genius could accomplish the things he had!

“You scoundrel, you dare to speak about heaven’s mandate before this emperor!” Zhao Ruizhi’s eyes shifted to the broken scale in Zu An’s hands.

He finally realized what had happened and exclaimed, “The Mermaid Imperial Family’s Heart Protection Scale!”

You have successfully trolled Zhao Han for 444 444 444…

But inside, he was full of misgivings.

What the hell was going on This kid had so many miraculous abilities, and he even had the libationer’s Sacrificial Piece and the Mermaid Imperial Family’s Heart Protection Scale.

The mermaid scale wasn’t from any normal royal family member, because one that could block his full powered attack had to at least be at the empress grade.

How did the kid know all of these people

But none of those things were important.

An unpredictable variable like Zu An needed to be removed as quickly as possible.

Zhao Ruizhi’s entire body erupted with golden light.

“Today, this emperor will teach you what heaven’s mandate means.” He reached out his hand and made a gripping motion.

A massive golden hand appeared out of thin air and grabbed at Zu An.

If the fist closed around him, Zu An would immediately be pulverized into ground meat.

Mi Li snorted.

Her sleeve flew out and a red streak appeared.

It tore straight through the golden palm, creating a hole.

The giant golden palm deflated like a giant balloon, scattering into golden light.

Zhao Ruizhi’s eyes narrowed.

“Judging from your use of power, I can tell that you’ve reached the Earth Immortal rank as well.

I didn’t expect for someone else to also be at this level, let alone a woman.

Just who exactly are you”

He Li and the others’ eyes widened in shock.

It wasn’t just a woman, but a young and beautiful woman! How was this possible What the hell was wrong with the world all of a sudden

Mi Li said indifferently, “Beyond man is the heavens, and beyond the heavens are greater heavens.

A frog like you has been stuck at the bottom of your well for too long.”

Even though Zu An hadn’t died, she was still absolutely furious at the emperor.

She decided to help Zu An get rid of him while the emperor was still weak.

However, the moment she was about to move, she frowned.

Her figure began to flicker.

Zu An immediately noticed her situation.

He quickly asked her, “What’s wrong”

Mi Li told him through ki transmission, “My power is dispersing in all directions.

The formation here seems to be absorbing my power.”

Zu An sensed the surroundings.

Sure enough, he saw that there was a faint mist scattering out from Mi Li’s body, then seeping into the ground.

Mi Li quickly applied a seal and adjusted herself.

“I can only do my best to stop this formation’s absorption, but that can only slow it down.

I might not be able to help you against the emperor soon.”

Zu An said in consolation, “Just focus on that.

Leave the rest to me.”

Zhao Ruizhi roared with laughter.

“I thought that you might have been some powerful existence.

It turns out you’re nothing but a soul! I’m going to end you today!” He noticed what was wrong with Mi Li and quickly deduced the truth from what he saw.

Zu An said seriously, “There’s a Five Elements Formation here, and it’s probably set up to revive a powerful ancient existence.

If we fight to the death here, we might only be benefiting someone else.

Why don’t we get rid of this evil formation first before we settle our private grudges”

Zhao Ruizhi exclaimed proudly, “Who do you think you are Even someone like you thinks you’re good enough to fight me to the death I can crush you like an ant first and then deal with that formation.

I’ll have more than enough time.”

He had obviously sensed that the formation was quietly working in the background.

However, his many years as an unmatched ruler made him sufficiently confident to look down on any terrifying ancient existence.

If any showed up, he would just eliminate them.

On the contrary, if he dealt with that formation first and allowed the red-clothed woman to revive, that would only become even more troublesome.

There was no way he would agree to Zu An’s suggestion.

“That mouth of yours is quite slick, but it’s only good for fooling women.

Did you really think you would fool me” Zhao Ruizhi smiled maliciously.

“I’ll rip off that mouth of yours soon, then pull out your tongue.

Let’s see how you’ll talk then.”

Zu An knew that the emperor had already firmly resolved to erase him from this world, judging from his killing intent.

Further talk was meaningless.

As such, he said with a smile, “It seems like you believe everything is in your control, and that no one can fool you.”

Zhao Ruizhi proudly said, “There hasn’t been anyone born into this world who was able to fool me.

Wasn’t even the self-proclaimed schemer King Qi just dancing in the palm of my hand the entire time As for your tricks, I just didn’t feel like paying them any attention.

Do you really think I didn’t know about them”

He Li and the others’ faces were completely ashen.

They had believed that King Qi was heroic and brilliant, and together with so many capable men on their side, seizing the imperial throne shouldn’t have been too difficult.

Yet only after what had happened in this time did they realize just how laughable all of that was.

The emperor was just too terrifying and profound.

He wasn’t someone that human strength could hope to oppose. So what if this Zu An can jump around like a pest In the end, you still can’t escape the emperor, and you’ll only experience a death more miserable than anyone else.

“No one can fool you” An extremely strange expression appeared on Zu An’s face.

“It’s already been many years since you last stayed the night in the Palace of Peace, right”

Zhao Ruizhi frowned and asked, “What are you trying to say”

Zu An didn’t explain anything.

Instead, he said in a meaningful and profound manner, “Your wife really was the best!”

Zhao Ruizhi was speechless.

He Li had been waiting to witness Zu An’s miserable fall, but what the hell was going on now Judging from what he was saying, he had an affair with the empress! It was already ridiculous enough that he had managed to get this close to the crown princess, but he’d even had a thing with the empress

He Li had previously had the fortune of seeing the empress from afar.

That mature and noble beauty had left him with a deep impression. Is this kid trying to defy the heavens For a man to have gone this far, even dying at this point would be worth it, right

Bi Linglong’s red lips were wide open in shock. Zu An and the empress Even though the empress wasn’t the crown prince’s mother, so she didn’t have much of a connection with her, this was just too absurd!

Zhao Ruizhi immediately thought of many things.

One night, he had run into Zu An outside the Palace of Peace.

His thoughts hadn’t gone in that direction before, but now that Zu An had said what he said, the event became full of suspicions.

He erupted into fury.

“You have a death wish!”

You have successfully trolled Zhao Han for 999 999 999…

Zu An’s goal had precisely been to make the emperor emotional.

He immediately used his ‘Knock-You-Up-Eyes’ skill[1].


Item description: When wearing this item, you may select whether to activate the item’s effect when you look at a target.

As long as the target makes eye contact with you, they will immediately experience pain equal to that of delivering a 10-month-old child.

This effect doesn’t discriminate against gender or race.

The pain inflicted by this item will last for an hour. ☜



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